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Posted 12/15/08 , edited 12/15/08
Check these out! aceserve brought this to my attention~
1(Yasashii Hoshizora):
2(Jounetsu wo Himete, Utau's Transformation Lunatic Charm music):
3(Yamiyo wo Kakeru Kuro Neko, I think Ikuto's Transformation Music):
5(Futari no Kyori):
6(Christmas no Machi):
7(Tojite Shimatta Tobira):
8(Hinamori Ie no Oshougatsu):
9(Shugo Chara Swing):
10(It's Party Time!):
11(Guardian Sanjou!, the music used when the Guardians arrive, etc.):
12(High Speed Action, used when trying to catch X-Eggs):
13(Arashi no Mae):
14(Kimochi Karoyaka ni!):
15(Arawareta Shoutai):
16(Mie nai Kyoufu):
19(Kokoro, Okufukaku):
20(Chiisana Ippo, usually used during touching moments or remembering moments):
21(Saaya-sama to Oyobi Asobase):
22(Tohoho na Ketsumatsu, this one should seem really familiar to you :D):
23(Oitsu! Owaretsu!):
24(Happy Family, usually used when Amu's with her family):
25(Hizashi Furu Machi):
26(Bishitto Iu wa yo!):
27(Oh Dere Mademoiselle!):
28(Konpeki no Yoru, an Ikuto song~):
29(Nadeshiko no Mai):
30(Ware wa Ou Nari):
31(King's Chair):
32(Chiisana Ou-sama, usually used when Kiseki announces something):
33(Royal Garden ni Youkoso, should sound really familiar to you):
34(Sunao na Kimochi de):
There are much more than that(67 altogether, I think, and this is hurting my back ), but here are 34 of them! Tell me what you would like to be in the group. I might add more tomorrow.
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