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Posted 12/15/08
As most of you may or may not know, the second season for Shugo Chara (Shugo Chara!! Doki) has come out. This thread is to discuss if you like Doki (Yay!) or if you don't like it (Nay!). Feel free to share whatever opinions you may have regarding the series, but try not to go overboard. I'll start.

I choose nay for Doki. After finishing the first season, I realized it was three-quarters of useless episodes, most of which included characters that don't appear anymore after that filler ends. There were only about 17+ episodes (from SC 1st) that actually had real plot. However, I feel that the episodes that had real plot in it used the same tricks over and over again. Using this info I obtained after finishing SC, I can almost predict how painfully obvious Doki's gonna end. I also think they're over-doing the character transformations.

Enough of my rant, let's hear your opinions :3
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Posted 12/16/08
I choose yay for Doki >< coz there's alot of extra episodes that appeared in doki that did not appear in manga. So it includes more chars and i like it >,< And also,there are lots of extra things that didn't appear in the manga too. For examples are the Egg that has the question mark on it.(forgot wadds it called ><). Well not much though,but i dun see wadds really bad about Doki ._. So i vote for Yay x)
Posted 12/21/08
Hmm.... I am somewhat in between.

Lulu is a character created by Peach-pit only for the anime, if I'm not wrong, because the manga needs to be ahead of the anime. But I can predict Lulu will end up like the other EASTER workers who quitted. Its like a new enemy appearing one after another is defeated. But of course, there are better episodes too.

I dislike the filler episodes that have characters that do not appear after that episode. Some of those may be necessary to show that X-eggs are still around but this may be a bit too much.

However, doki is getting more interesting with Nagehiko and other plots coming in and can be pretty entertaining. Though, I'm more on the "nay" side.
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