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STEP 2.1: Create your character
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19 / F / dont be a stalker...
Posted 5/20/09 , edited 5/20/09
Character Name: Hikaru
Clan: panio
Elemental Power: darkness
Character's background: Hikaru is a lonely girl who lost her parents at a very young age. She is left with her maids and servents in her madsion. She doesnt have any friends at all because she is rich and owns a huge company. The only thing that she ever loved was her pasion for music and the panio.

Hikaru playing the paino

Normal Hikaru

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F / Somewhere far,far...
Posted 6/3/09 , edited 1/30/10

(I'm sorry if I quoted this,i can't see the image upload if I don't do this,hehehe :sweatingbullets:)

Character Name: Ayaka Harune
Clan:Piano Clan
Elemental Power: Manipulation of Fire, atmosphere and gravity

Personality:Energetic,cares about people a lot,meddles in somebody else business if it isn't right. Loves to make friends.
Weakness:It's better to keep it a secret.
Character's background:
-Before Ayaka was born-
Her mother,Mayumi Okazaki was a famous violinist,and her father, Saburo Okazaki ,a famous pianist.Started seeing each other after Saburo confessed to her in an orchestra,a piano concerto.Saburo was inlove at first sight,cupid stroke his heart with the lovely maiden playing the violin gracefully more than anyone else in the orchestra.

-After getting married-
Before the two was married Mayumi was already pregnant of Ayaka.While they were playing a duet of piano and violin.Saburo thought of a name."Dear,why don't we call the child Ayaka Harune?"the husband asked his wife."My,what a wonderful name,my dear."the wife replied."That is for sure,it means Silky Spring Sound,since she'll be born this spring.".The wife gave his husband a warm kiss for being grateful.

-Ayaka's Birth-
When Ayaka was born,the couple was really delighted.Their daughter had a wonderful smile.The father would always play a lullaby song to the baby,to make it sleep or when it's crying.And the mother would always carry her child,hugging her and kissing her,or even playing with her.

-Ayaka's Childhood-
The girl grew to love music.She knows how to play the violin and piano well.But she loved the piano the most.The husband would tease h er wife."Our child loves piano more than the violin",then he would laugh.The wife would just smile seeing her daughter having fun in playing either the piano or violin.Every Christmas eve,the child would play the piano and the couple will do a violin and a piano duet.The girl would listen and smile.This made the couple really delighted.

-Grown up Ayaka-
Ayaka was growing up and she decided to leave her parents for a journey.Though the mother was really sad they had no choice.But they made Ayaka promise that she'll visit from time to time.Ayaka was delighted by their reply.And when she continued on....She discovered the city of melodies and started living there.

Love interest:Energetic,cool character,playful,caring,helps people when in trouble.Plays the violin so they can do a duet.
Love Story*:When Ayaka,lived in the city of melodies.She came across a street performer.He was playing the violin.He played it really well,Ayaka noticed the piano on his side and started to play it.She lose herself in the violin's rhythm.It was such a lovely piece.When it ended many people clapped and gave the performer money."I like you!"Ayaka said,the boy was rather surprised.Instead of rejecting he smiled and patted the girl's head,"Then,let's know each other very well,shall we?My name is Kazuhiro Kazema.You're a really good pianist."the boy replied."And you're good at your violin,my name is Ayaka Harune."The girl replied with a smile.And now they always perform a duet together."Ayaka,what's your element?"Kazu asked."Fire's my thing."Ayaka replied."Mine's the darkness"he replied with a smile."Cool~!"Ayaka shouted."Hmmm?You really are strange,many are scared of me.","No way,h ow can i be scared with the guy i like."She smiled.(That was one of their conversation as they were performing.)

Ayaka Harune

Kazuhiro Kazema

* I changed it,nyahehehe :POh,another thing,Kazuhiro rejected her and only thinks of her as her little sister which means she's still searching,though she's pretty dense and didn't understand what Kazu meant.
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24 / F / In my anime fantasy
Posted 6/4/09 , edited 8/28/11

too vague to be used....
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24 / F / Somewhere in this...
Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/29/09
Character Name: Yuee
Clan: Piano Clan
Elemental Power: Kill someone with a single touch - Well, its the Death Power Muahaha
Personality: happy-go-lucky teenager, likes to help others, kind and friendly too, a bit shy, and sometimes can be found expressionless or indifferent towards others.
Weakness: Her past and being alone

Character's background:

There once was a young woman, beautiful, kind and sweet. She was in love with a man, a powerful man. Even tho, he was arrogant, selfish and some times he would be a jerk and a blockhead, even closed his heart to everyone and didn't let anyone get pass by that huge wall of concrete, he fell in love. Yes, in love, and with that particular maiden.

But their love was forbidden, as a powerful man, he could not marry some commoner. That's preposterous! A healthy man marrying a commoner? Not even in fantasies could bring happiness to that couple.

Even with those who opposed their love, they got married.

Not long enough, the lovely maiden got pregnant. And gave birth to a cute child, a baby girl to be exact. Her hair was silvery white as the full moon, and her big blue eyes, shined as the stars. But her eyes changed colors. They were usually blue, but when she got mad or even inexpressive, they turned red. Red as the blood.

And because of her shining hair and blue eyes, they decided to name her Yuee.
The years passed, and that small family was happily living in a small cottage in the country. Not too big nor too small. Just normal, perfect for a newlywed couple with a small child at their care.It was like a dream come true.

But every dream has an ending.
(She's 4 here)
A normal day, the little Yuee was picking up flowers near the forest. She was forbidden to go there without a grown up, but some how, she had a feeling she had to enter. Like someone, was calling her to enter. She grabbed her flowers and of course, her usa-chan and her teddy bear... thus, she entered.

The time passed as she patted the rabbits and cats. She saw a squirrel and ran to it, but she fell into the ground, wounding her right knee. She cried and headed towards home.

She cried and cried.

As she got closer to her house, between her sobs, she called her mother. "Mama, Mama" she called, but no one responded. When she reached the front door, she noticed it was opened slightly. She stopped crying and entered, "Mama?" she asked as she opened it.

But what she found, was her house completely destroyed. She, did not understand why it was like this, "Mama??" she called again. But still no response, she went to her parents room and slightly opened the door of the bedroom. And called her again just to see... Her parents killed, they were bleeding from head to toe (technically speaking of course ^^u).

Her eyes widened and stood there. Speechless, she could not understand why they were... sleeping. She heard footsteps, she turned and saw three huge men, in black. They saw her crying and one of them smirked. While the others looked pitifully at her.

They wondered what should they to her. The man who contracted them said 'Kill them, the husband and wife'. The one who smirked, made a suggestion. "Why not if we sell her? Like that, we can earn extra money don't you think?". The other two agreed and, they took her.

Screaming at her sleeping parents, to save her. Since the were dead, they didn't helped her. She cried her heart out, and did not stop from calling her parents....
After that, she was sold to a man, who was very mysterious. He owned an organization called "Black Moon". Yes, cheesy and weird. The three men who sold her, though he was a crazy otaku fan. But they were wrong, it wasn't an otaku group, it was an Assassin Organization

He was the Leader of the organization, and was currently on vacation.
The years passed by in a flash and the young girl was teached how to be an assassin.
-They showed her to kill, to do not show fear nor any weakness.
-Be ready to kill anything or anyone in her way to make a mission.

Soon, she forgot to smile and the meaning of Happiness. She only knew the meaning of "Death" and "Blood"

Not long after, she ran away from the organization. She could not take it anymore. She wasn't born to kill. Her white skin, bathed with blood. Her soul, in form of a monster, was inside of her. She could not see her face of fear of seeing of what she became.

She ran away, dyed her hair to brown and her eyes were deep blue once again.
She listened the divine sounds the piano created and decided to learn how to play it. She created melodies and played them skillfully. She was very happy for her accomplishment, making music with the hands of a murderer, was... unbelievable.
Not long after, she traveled the world, she decided to spread the music she made and meet new people and places.

On her adventure, she was passing near a forest, when suddenly, she faintly heard music. Such, divine sounds created by instruments, like it was being played by the gods. And that reminded her, the reason why she left was for spread her music.

She entered the forest and walked, walked. After a couple of minutes, she reached the end of the forest and a bright light covered her vision. She tripped and passed the bright entrance. Where, her life was about to be changed once again.

As she landed on the floor, she opened her eyes and she found herself infont of a little town. She glanced behind her, but the forest wasn't there. Instead of it, there was many Sakura trees. She glanced again at the town infront of her, and... decided to spread her music there...

Love interest: Cool, energetic (you know, the normal energetic guy, not the happy-go-lucky type.), caring, sweet and kind. But above all, loves me for who I am.

Love Story: I once met a dashing young man. Cute, energetic and caring, he was very kind to me. But... i couldn't let myself fell in love, once again. I was afraid of being used of. But who knows? Maybe he would have loved me truthfully. I wish i can meet him again... then... my life will dramatically change... once again.



As a baby

When i found my house recked

I killed the first time

My old self

My first time playing piano

Me now

And once again, i wrote a lot... srry
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24 / F / westisthebest.
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 10/28/10

not a member of this group anymore
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21 / F / In a box
Posted 6/9/09 , edited 7/6/09
Argg so hard to choose what clan @[email protected]
Character Name:Lunar Tsukine (False Name:Luna(In RPG Forum only))
Elemental Power:Angelic Ice(Ice with Light properties within them),Angelic Water(was born with water,but after she lost her family,her water magic turned into ice,making her unable to use water anymore)

Personality:Quiet,mysterious,most of the time APPEARS happy
Character's background:Lunar is a descendant of a high-class music family that have perished into flames of a huge fire at her house.Leaving her the only one of her kind of blood,she grew up alone at a young age.She hides the fact that she is from the Tsukine family,and tells people her name is Luna.She has an incredible music talent,but her only interest is her voice.Her songs hold a soothing pain and sorrow.She smiles a lot,but not all of them are filled with happiness.She forces herself to smile a lot.

Love interest:Someone who can play melody alike hers and can understand her feelings.
Love Story:None i guess =o

Past(Before the lost of her family)

Current(Right now,years after the lost of family)

Dressed as a Noble

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M / 灼熱地獄跡
Posted 6/10/09 , edited 8/28/11

playing the role of the 1st student
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21 / F / in front of the m...
Posted 6/13/09
Character Name: Ishisawa Riri
Clan: Flute Family
Elemental Power: water and ice

Personality: just like naruto -- energetic, honest -- but little calmer n cooler
Weakness: Darkness n Leaf powers
Character's background: she is a water goddess, but when she discovered her power, her power comes to healing by water. then she teleported to Fantasy World, n must face an antagonist. After a moment she arrived at a city n met her adviser, the city was came into a war by the antagonist. She worked as healer, and she succeeded as a healer hero. She saved many people with her water healing power. Then later, she learnt to control ice power and with some hard work, she won from the antagonist.

picture :

credits to Lulo3. i took it from her profile >< but, pretty much like this. she plays harp.

thankyou for reading the form, Hime-sama
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21 / F
Posted 1/16/10
Character Name: Aiko Sawada
Clan: Guitar
Elemental Power: Fire

Personality: She is calm, kind, and understanding.
Character's background: Yuuki came from a family that has a distaste for music, so naturally they don't allow Yuuki to learn any instruments or listen to any type of music. One day at school, she heard a beautiful sound coming from the music classroom of her old school. She found out that the thing that made the sound was called a guitar, and it sounded like heaven in her ears. She saved up her allowance and secretly bought a guitar. She taught herself how to play, being careful not to play loud enough for her parents to hear. One time, late at night, Yuuki fell asleep in the middle of her guitar practice, and the next morning her parents became really angry. They packed up Yuuki's stuff and kicked her out of the house, telling her to never return.
Love interest: Looking for someone who can always be by her side, and supporting her whenever and whatever.
Love Story: (time will tell)
(when she was living with her parents, always looking out the window for a miracle)

(a present picture, where she is happily living in the town)
Posted 1/22/10 , edited 8/28/11

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22 / F / France
Posted 5/3/10
Character Name: Mari Felicienne Rosseau , nickname Faye.
Clan: Piano
Elemental Power: Time

Personality: Usually smiling and cheery, but when fighting, she becomes stoic and does not care how many people she hurts in the end.
Weakness: Lollipops and candies~ <33
Character's background: (Make it as specific as you can) Felicienne was born in the streets of France year 1701a direct descendant of Monarchy. The Rosseau family was then assassinated and Felicienne was the only one left alive - or immortalized. Since her family's elemental power is Time, after the assassination, it was a mystery how her time stopped and she still looks sixteen, though she is 303 years old.

Love interest: Someone who can play instruments with strings (e.g. guitar, violin) and is usually silent, but understands her and likes her just the way she is. Is courageous and strong.
Love Story: Felicienne and her love interest didn't as sweetly as anyone can imagine. In fact, in their first meeting, they ended up fighting with each other! And the more often that they met, the more often that they said they hated eachother, a peculiar feeling grew, and as time passed, Faye realized she was slowly falling in love with the person she least expected to fall in love with.


Felicienne playing the piano in the older days:

Felicienne in her 1700's French ensemble:

Felicienne in other clothing:

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