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STEP 2.1: Create your character
Posted 5/7/10 , edited 8/28/11

too vague to be used....
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23 / F / In the forest
Posted 5/7/10 , edited 5/7/10
Character Name: Alisa Mid Nightraven
Clan: Piano Clan
Elemental Power: Spirit
Personality: Kind, and serious, intelligent, and confident. Always supporting others when possible.
Weakness: Have yet to find out her weaknesses
Character's background: Alisa has lived by herself ever since her mother died and her father left her. Her mother died when she was 7 years old. Her father neglected her and didn't take care of her leaving her to deal with everything by herself. Before all that had happened, her father and mother had both taken care of her very well and also taught her how to play on the piano. She had learned for 2 years but, her mother died on the day of her competition. Her mother actually died after the competition when Alisa had won 3rd place. Ever since her mother died, she had taken care of herself and even sometimes have to take care of her father. Her father would always come home drunk and would hit her if she didn't have things ready for him when he asks for it. After living in that kind of life for 2 years, she became 9. One night when she was 9, her father sent her out to buy some liquor for him. She knew that she wouldn't be able to do it but, she didn't dare argue. She took her father's money and went to the nearest convenient store. She went inside and looked around but, suddenly heard a voice. The voice told her that if she wanted the voice's help all she had to do was start a contract with the voice. Alisa didn't know where the voice came from but did exactly as the voice told her to. In just 5 heartbeats, she had changed into an older self so she quickly went to buy some liquor and left quickly. By the time she was halfway home, she changed back. She was about to run home but, noticed a small being next to her. She looked at the small person and the being was introduced as Dawn, the spirit of the element spirit. Alisa had started to relax a bit around Dawn so, Dawn started explaining about everything that had happened. By the time Alisa arrived home, her father had already fallen asleep. When she woke up, she had prepared to go to school but, her father woke up just before she left and made her make him breakfast. She made his breakfast and noticed that her father didn't notice Dawn next to him. She looked at Dawn with a questioning look and Dawn just smiled and disappeared. That day when she went home from school, she found that her father had abandoned her. That day was also her birthday so, she would never forget that it ever happened. Ever since, she had lived by herself with Dawn, the spirit of the element spirit. Dawn is rarely seen anywhere with her but, their minds are always connected. Alisa received her last name from her mother's side of the family as her father didn't have any family anymore.

Her mother is part of a high class family. Her father didn't know this at all. Alisa knew this a bit because her mother always talked to Alisa about her life before meeting her father. Alisa lived as a normal girl and always avoided her mother's family as they might take her freedom away and from time to time she would have to go and help out her mother's family as her grandfather is very sick and her grandmother is dead. Her mother's siblings and children were all trying to kill her grandfather for his inheritance but, Alisa is always taking care of him when they are around. The Nightraven family was her mother's family.

Love interest: Someone who would love me and protect me. He would also stay by my side and never leave me. He would care for me.
Love Story: No found love yet.



Alisa's parents before her mother's death
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23 / F
Posted 5/7/10 , edited 5/7/10
Character Name:Kara Onadahi
Elemental Power: Water
Personality:Energetic, happy, sometimes dark and mysterious.
Weakness:the sight of her parents together such as a picture
Character's background: She was born of a normal family, her father secretly a killer. She was raised normally until the tragedy of when she was 7. Her father had been found and killed so her mother went into a deep depresion. After that.... she finds her mother stained with blood, she had suicided. After that she found her power, the ability to control and use water. No wonder she loved swimming. From then on on cresent moon nights, she realeses her darkness and becomes what is like her father. She likes to sing and swim. She loves to do any sports.
Love interest: A boy who can keep up with her energy, but sometimes knows, and has the courage to, ask her to stop.
Love Story:When she was young, she had a childhood friend, but at the age of 13, they were separated. She moved to Melodia Town and learned to adapt there ever since. Later on, away from town, they meet again, just to say the good-byes that they couldnt say before.(That's when she starts developing feelings for him.
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 5/8/10
Character Name: Hera Valentine
Clan: Violin
Elemental Power: Lightning/Electric (However, she cannot control it.)

Personality: Hera doesn't easily trust people for she has been betrayed (her mother) before. Mysterious, Aloof and Cold at first but, she actually has a temper like a tsundere character. Mostly Silent and Calculative or Analytic, keeping her opinions and thoughts to herself. Due to not be able to control her element, she hides her emotions to make it stable as her powers are connected to her emotions.

Weakness: She fails at cooking and gardening. She's claustrophobic and afraid to perform in front of people so, when she plays her violin, she plays it alone. She's also afraid of using and showing her elemental power.

Character's background: Hera lived with her family consisting of 3. Her mother, little sister and herself. However, due to financial crisis, she was sold to a couple of people, who are actually in an association of assassins, that uses music for killing people. She was forced to do labor and train in order to be one of them. During these years, she was mistreated because of her weak and small body. Although, she didn't like it. Soon enough, she truly became one of them. Using her violin, she lures her opponents to an area before killing them. Because of her accomplishments, she then joined in the ranks and took higher positions. Due to this, jealousy showed among peers her age and decided to take her down. They all tried to kill her, when her elemental power went out of control as she was defending herself. She had killed all of them. This incident didn't let the association pass this by so, they used her power to their advantage and forced her to train and control the power. After a few years though, she managed to escape on her own. Currently, she is living in the city with her past hidden, as she works in a cafe as a waitress.

Love interest: Someone of high status. A person that the association assigned her to assassinate but could not.
Love Story: She met this person in her assassination mission. When she was about to kill the one she was assigned to, that person stumbled upon the place where she was with her target. Hera ignored him though and continued killing the target easily. When she finished, she still saw the same boy watching her. This annoyed her, as this person could hinder her perfect performed mission because, he might report her to the authorities. Hera was about to yell at him when, the boy promised to keep her secret in one condition and that is to come at the same spot where he found her. In the beginning, she hesitated but complied on a whim. Then, they spent their days, talking with each other, learning then finally falling for each other. When the association found out about this, they ordered her to kill the boy as the boy could be threatening to the said association. Then, she found out that the boy is a son of one of those "authorities" or of high status. As usual, she spends her day with him and found out, she can't kill him and told him to run away instead. She lets him go and told him to forget about her. Then, they got separated ever since until such faithful day that they will meet again.

Of course the association realizes what she did and punished her by beating her into a near-death state. Then, in a few days, she found about her elemental power and then manages to leave the association.


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25 / F / JAPAN!!!!!!
Posted 5/8/10
Character Name:Shiro
Clan: Violin
Elemental Power:Death(as in revive the dead and talk to the dead etc.)

Personality: Shiro is a girl who is hard to trust coz she is mostly alone and mysterious. Cold but nice to people she likes. Lonely becoz everybody think that she is a demon coz of her power.
Weakness:Those who she treasures
Character's background: When her dad gave her a black bunny for her 16 birthday. Before that night everybody loved her and nice to her but after that night everybody suddenly became cold and mean to her. She was shocked from what happen. She stayed in her room hugging her black bunny for 3 days straight without eating nor drinking anything. While she was in her room she had this weird dream that there was a angel in black clothes who gave her the power of Death. Of course she didnt really understand but later on she understood what the angel said. She woke up from that dream. Her family pretend as she never existed and even the whole school pretend she didnt exist.
She couldnt stand the suffering so she moved to a city for from where she lived.

Love interest:Smart cute or handsome and that will protect her even if it cost his life
Love Story:When Shiro moved into the new city she found a small apartment and to pay the rent she played her violin on the streets.She got a lot of money each day coz of her soft a gentle music. One day when she was playing her violin in the park there was a boy who was watching her play she felt like every time she played the violin that this boy would always be wherever she is. She became really close to him and suddenly fell in love with him but one day when she was play her violin that boy didnt come. she heard on the news that the boy that she loved had suddenly gone missing. Shiro was shocked she used her power to talk a the dead to see if he died and the dead said no like that died so she continue playing the violin and got violin lessons. She was aiming to become famous violin player so that the boy would come back. and everybody in her school loved her music they are nice to her but she doesnt hang with them a lot.

Shiro when she is using her power or when she is sad

When she is play the violin

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26 / F / In Your Dreams, B...
Posted 5/8/10
Character Name: Kashu
Clan: Singer
Elemental Power: (Please choose one only. Do not limit yourself to the 4 common ones which is water, earth, fire and wind. You can be as unique as metal) Sound
Personality: quiet and somewhat shy
Weakness: sometimes his own voice
Character's background: (Make it as specific as you can) Kashu was born with the rare ability to use his voice as a weapon, literaly. He can destroy things or heal things. When he was 5 he killed his parents with his voice. This was done by accident. His uncle took both Kashu and Moko in. Moko was raped and abuse by their uncle and Kashu wanted to do something about it. The adults wouldn't listen to him so he took it upon himself to free his sister. His voice shattered the windows, started a tornado, and electricuted his uncle. Moko was caught in the backfire. Mok was able to play the harp and make people move. She was a puppeteer. After this incident, she was taken away by a secret society. Kashu fell in silence and will only use his voice to save his sister.

Love interest: (No anime character or real life person, just give descriptions and I'll ty matching you with someone.... unless you give a specific cr user who is also part of this group) a girl who is willing to love him despite his dark past and the secrets he holds.
Love Story: he has never been in love, but the future can always change this


Moko (if u ever see her, tell Kashu):
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26 / F / In the shitty wea...
Posted 5/9/10 , edited 6/13/10

not a member of this group anymore
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23 / M / Cookie Land~!
Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/21/10
Character Name: Hikaru Masumune
Clan: piano
Elemental Power: light
Personality: happy, cheerful, kind
Weakness: darkness and is unable to use his powers when he loses his Crystarium
Character's background: His family hated him but he stayed optimistic that his luck was going to change but then one morning his family died from a car accident and that changed his life he then lived with the abusive uncle who thought it was his fault for their deaths but after running away he almost lost his sanity and hope but then he finds a Crystarium which consumes his body with a light that restores his sanity and hope and back to his regular attitude. he then keeps the Crystarium around his neck as a necklace
Love interest: some one who's heart is pure and someone that can take care of them selves as well as others
Love Story: none?
playing his piano:

Using his crystarium power:
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Posted 5/28/10 , edited 8/28/11

playing a role in the second arc. TBA, to avoid spoilers
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21 / F / Not here, nowhere!
Posted 6/2/10
Character Name: Stella Lied
Clan: Violin Clan
Elemental Power: Sound

Personality: I am quite cold as a person. I'm not gullible. It's very hard to sway my thoughts set on a concept. I never explain my actions. I hardly speak unless spoken to. One of the reasons this is so is because I'm always afraid I'll utter something I shouldn't, whether dangerously serious or simply foolish. With this, I am extremely cautious. I seem to mind my own business, but I actually have an immense influence in the city's affairs, just as an anonymous and disguised contributor.
Weakness: I am vulnerable to concerns and feelings towards me, and I am afraid of letting anyone peer into my heart, therefore resulting in my reclusive and enclosed behavior.
Character's background: I'll write this in narrative form. Stella Lied was born Stella Hart. She was born sickly, and not to mention deaf. Over her first couple years of life, she slowly regained health, but still lacked her ability to listen. Her peasant parents were burdened with work, and had a hard time supporting themselves, let alone their daughter. In this struggle, her unnamed parents were psychologically diagnosed with a disease weakening self-control and strengthening impulsive activities. From that moment on, her trigger-happy parents continuously physically abused Stella, until she, at age 6, ran away from home. After 17 days of journeying away from her nightmarish reality, she arrived at a wooden house. She had passed by many houses along the way, but something told her to come to that house. And so she came to live as an apprentice of an odd violin craftsman. Upon visiting the household, the odd craftsman poked her chest with a violin bow, which was sharpened so finely that it pierced her heart. With this action, not only did Stella gain her sense of hearing, she also gained an ability to manipulate sound itself, in such a way that she would soon realize was not just like any other musician could. That was how she began her experience of music. 11 years passed, and Stella was 17. She was not only a professional in the music industry, but also a sorcerer of sound. She could do extraordinary things with sound that others would gape at in wonder, but she sensed that she still had not achieved the true extent of her ability within sound manipulation. At 17, Stella tearfully bid farewell to her beloved violin-crafting guardian, in order to seek her true potential in The City of Melodies. Presently, that was the last time she cried. She changed her last name to Lied, for unknown reasons. It was possibly to influence the public's opinion of her character, but that was only one of the many theories instigated by the community. In The City of Melodies, Stella was a shady character. No one truly knew or understood her true self.

Love interest: If necessary, she would choose someone who would understand her entirely, sympathizing with her at every step.
Love Story: There had not yet been a love story, due to her difficult, antisocial behavior. But there will be one day.

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24 / F
Posted 6/9/10 , edited 6/9/10
Character Name:YURIKO MAKI
Elemental Power: glass

Personality:really clumpsy, cheerful, happy-go-lucky
Character's background: I am 15 years old.I was born on 29th February.So, I only celebrate my birthday every four year. My father and mother leave me in orphanage when I was 5 years old and I was adopted by a woman(now,she is my mom)..I think that it was because I am a cheerful person.Mom is a single mother and she always fell always celebrate my birthday each year(well..she force me to celebrate on 28th feb)and she will give me a piece stained glass.She told me that I can get special power if I connect all the 10 pieces of that stained glass.
When I put all the glass,there was a reflection of a fairy god. That fairy told me that I must save the world from evil forces. I was given power. I can stand the heat and I can be invisible..hehe.. So, I swear that I will protect world with the power that I have..

Love interest: don't know..hoho
Love Story:no love story..i'm still a small girl..

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23 / F / in my motherland'...
Posted 6/11/10
Character Name: Orena
Clan: Singer
Elemental Power: Wind

Personality: Cold and patient,i speak little but i can see to ppl's actions,open minded and discipline
Weakness: sometimes ppl misunderstand me bcoz of my cold character
Character's background: i was born in a noble family..My parents worked lots of hours and they werent home. I grew up alone with my studies and stuff like that,that's why i had to build a cold and cruel personality..! i had no friends,bcoz the other kids were making fun of me bcoz i didnt have my parents...I just have a friend who is my best friend in the same time..Her name is Pacifi..! But when it comes to singing i roooock..!! ^_^

Love interest: Hmm....even though i am like that,i am still a child deep in my heart and i am waiting for my prince..! I like strong and discipline guys that i can rely on and i can be my true self when i m with them..

That's me...

Me composing some songs
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F / 「я є α ℓ ι т у」~...
Posted 1/10/11 , edited 1/10/11
Character Name: Alice
Clan: Piano or singer
Elemental Power: (Please choose one only. Do not limit yourself to the 4 common ones which is water, earth, fire and wind. You can be as unique as metal) -er- uh how about spirit?? I dunno I'll think about it k? WAIT I GOT IT!!!! fear! My elemental power is FEAR!

Personality: Confident, protective, beautiful, misunderstood
Weakness: UNKNOWN
Character's background: (Make it as specific as you can)
I was the only girl that would always be the one you pick out easily and say, she is never going to be like the others in my school. It was in 8th grade and I was up on a stage. It was for a play. The moms and dads stared at me and pointed, but the thing that struck them was, i was pretty. In my school we had uniforms, but I would always were black boots with it, and a dark pink streak in my hair. Then I grew up to the age of 17. I dropped out of school when my mother died. She was killed by a murderer. My father was just lucky, and so was I. After her death it seemed as though my father was crazy. Then one night, he told me to go buy him some beer. And so I did. Which was my first big mistake. He got drunk, which I didn't become aware of. Then he told me to get in the car. And so i did. My second big mistake. We had a big lucky streak, and we made it to this casino/nightclub. I walked in and of course I was old enough. It was terrible. Men just threw around beer and woman sat on their laps. Some people gambled, other stared at me, and other talked loudly. When I lost my father I decided to turn around and try to leave. When I did an 18 year old guy started to kiss me. I ran breaking away and then I noticed my father was in the car again. It happened as quickly as I can tell it. Smoke and screams rose from the lode talking. I realized my father smashed his car into the building. Fire rose and it almost killed me. But for my father, it did. I always wore this cloth around my hand. Because of the burn. But from that day forward, I left behind a secret....

Love interest: Someone who would protect me and never leave my side. Who would risk his life for me.
Love Story: None yet

Unregistered Stranger
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24 / F / U.S.A.
Posted 7/28/11 , edited 8/26/11
Character Name: NAMI KITSUREGA
Elemental Power: SOUND WAVES(pressure in the air)

Character's background: Parents were members of an occult organization, that was linked to a dark corner of the mofiya. They somehow ended up owing that mofiya connection too much money, and couldn't pay it off. At the same time Nami turned 18, her family sent her to a bording school in a different country to escape the reaches of the mofiya, and changed her name. (Originally it was Luka). By the time Nami found out her parents had been murdered, it had been almost a year. At that time, she ran away from the boarding school, and ran into a mysterious pedler on the street. He sold instruments. Seeing that she was alone, he offered to teach her to play. As it turned out, she had a knack for guitar. She performed on the street until a talent service found and tried to recruit her. She refused. The talent thought she wasn't leaving because of the pedler(they thought he was her father) and killed him, trying to turn it into a "mysterious" case. Knowing the truth, Nami fled back to her home country, and swore never to become close to someone again, because evreyone she met or loved eventually was gruesomely murdered. --
Love interest: This character is not into men. She was an interest in strikinglyt honest women, who no mattre what, cling to your heart. Theyre cute, but strong, and independant. As for appearance, she has no prefference.
Love Story:
the last person she loved was a woman who took her in, after she fled back to her home country. they were together two months before she was stabbed to death by a jealous ex boyfriend.
Posted 7/28/11
Character Name: Leirondo Essen Darron
Clan: Violin
Elemental Power: Darkness

Character's background:
When i am still a kid, my parents died. I learned even thou didn't have parents but my grand they did teach me the basics in violin and gave me one. Ever since i was young i knew i was different be-cuz i had a demon inside of me . There i discovered my element. The darkness. Then one day i found this place...

Love interest: none


when was a kid


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