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STEP 2.1: Create your character
Posted 1/1/12 , edited 1/2/12
Character Name: Kiyoko Fujita
Clan: Singers
Elemental Power: (Please choose one only. Do not limit yourself to the 4 common ones which is water, earth, fire and wind. You can be as unique as metal) glass(which hasn't helped her often)

Personality: stubborn, tough, distant
Weakness: heartbreak
Character's background: (Make it as specific as you can) Kiyoko used to be a very sweet, innocent girl until her first love did something unforgivable(which you will learn eventually). Everyone had always said she had a glass heart, and now her heart broke. She turned to the one thing she loved more than anything: her singing. At first she learned songs and practiced for days without food until her family dragged her out of her room. They soon realized she had changed completely. Now she was distant and cold. When she went to school, no one recognized her and wouldn't believe it was really her, so they called her Ice Queen. That name spread, and she became famous for the walls of ice she seems to build around herself. They'll never know, but those walls are glass, built from the shards of her heart. The only time those walls "melt" and she warms up is when she sings or hears singing.

Love interest: (No anime character or real life person, just give descriptions and I'll ty matching you with someone.... unless you give a specific cr user who is also part of this group) someone stubborn, kinda tsundere
Love Story:

Picture(s): I'll get it in a minute.
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