GuiLun Fanfiction 16
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Posted 12/16/08 , edited 12/16/08
The next day,early in the morning, Aaron was awoken by knocks on his door.He twists in bed,turns slowly and lazily as he uses his pillow to cover his ears.But the knocks did not stop.Instead in grew louder and was accompanied by his name.
Voice: (knock knock) Aaron!(knock knock) Aaron!

Frustrated, Aaron flings his pillow away, scratches his head and replies in an irritated tone.

Aaron: What is it mom?

Aaron's Mom: GuiGui is here to see you.

Aaron:(confused by still in bed sleeping) Huh? Oh alright...Send her in...(continues to sleep)

As Aaron continued sleeping, GuiGui opened his bedroom door a little and stucked her head in to take a peek at him.Seeing him sound asleep in his cartoon pyjamas again, GuiGui started to giggle.She tiptoed towards his bed and squats down right beside him.She stares at his sleeping face and gently removes his long fringe which was covering his eyes.Then she shouts,

GuiGui:(shouting) OI! YanYaLun!!! Wake up!!!Wake up!!!

GuiGui shakes his arm.But Aaron simply ignores her and turns around so that his back is facing her.He pulls his blanket right up to his neck,sniffs and continues to sleep.Upon seeing Aaron ignoring her presence, GuiGui starts to get angry.She gives his butt a hard slap and starts shaking his body vigorously.

GuiGui:(Shouting) Yalun, Yalun YALUN!!!!Eh!!!!

By now, GuiGui is getting very angry and impatient.

GuiGui:(mutters) Usually when a boyfriend realises that his girlfriend is here to see him, he becomes wide awake...Why is this lazy bum still in bed and snoring away when i am here!!!

GuiGui stands up and puts her hands on her hip as she pouts.

GuiGui:(shouting) Aaron Ya YaLun! You are VERY good! Excellent! Ignoring me! Hmmph! Since you love sleeping more than you love me i shall leave now! Hmmp!

As GuiGui grabs her handbag and turns around to leave, Aaron grabs her hand firmly and pulls her onto his bed.Caught by surprise,GuiGui loses her balance and collapses onto Aaron bed.Her handbag drops onto the floor and the contents spilled out.GuiGui shrieks and tried to get off the bed.But this round, Aaron wraps his arms around her and holds her close to him.She panics and started thrashing about.

GuiGui:(whacking him) Yalun!!! Let go of me la!!!

Aaron:(murmurs with his eyes still closed) Shh...So noisy...If i let go of you, then you will just leave me alone...Would i be so silly?

GuiGui looks at Aaron ready to tell him something important when she realises he was still sleeping!!!

GuiGui:(plays with her finger and pouts) Aiyo!!! (murmurs) What a boyfriend...He still wants to sleep..

Aaron heard what she said and slowly opens one of his eyes and smiled.Then, he pulls her closer and lazily flings his blanket over themselves.He cuddles close to GuiGui and said with his eyes STILL close.

Aaron: Shh...Lets sleep...

GuiGui was shock to hear what he said and turns her head violently to face him and pinches his cheeks.

GuiGui:(angrily) You! Mr Yan Ya Lun!!! I don't want to talk to you anymore! This is your punishment!

Then she turns her head away from him violently. This round Aaron opened his eyes fully and smiled.He got up and placed one of his hands on GuiGui's right and the other on the left.In this way, GuiGui is trapped.Aaron bends close to her and smiles cheekily

Aaron:(Softly) Since you want me to notice you so much...Why not...

Then Aaron moves closer towards GuiGui's face...When their lips were about to touch...

GuiGui:(shouting) EEYER!!! Don't think of kissing me before you brush your teeth!!! SO stinky!!!!!

GuiGui pushes Aaron off her and sits up.Her heart pounding madly.She was about to get off the bed when Aaron pulled her back and held her down by her shoulders.

Aaron: You think you can escape so easily? No way...

Aaron moved swiftly and made his way for Guigui's lips.Then suddenly the door flung open.Panicking, Aaron flew off GuiGui and GuiGui quickly sat up and scrambled off his bed.

Aaron's Mom: Eh...(suspects that something was not right)

Aaron: Mom!

GuiGui: (covers up and smiles forcefully) Don't worry Auntie, I managed to wake that lazy bum up!

Aaron's Mom: (Smiled really wide) Oh...You two sure moved really fast ...

Then, she closed the door.GuiGui made an unsure face as she felt her whole body start to warm up.Aaron stratches his head and lets out a breath..His cheeks and ears tomato red.GuiGui turns to look at him and quickly looks away as her cheeks and ears grew even redder.

Aaron:Eh...I think i will go wash up...

GuiGui:(sees Aaron blushing real bad and giggles) Hehe...Oh...And Yalun?You look really cute in your spongebob pyjamas...

Then GuiGui snatches her handbag and rushed out of the room with her heart beating quickly...

to be continued

Remember i said that GuiGui wanted to tell Aaron something important but he was still sleeping?! What was that something? Stay tune~

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Posted 12/16/08 , edited 12/16/08
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i can imagine arron and gui gui cute!!
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Seeing him sound asleep in his cartoon pyjamas again, GuiGui started to giggle.

haha lols!

haha they are really cute here xD
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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/19/08
haha i love this chapter!!! so kute!!!
and hurry pls i wanna knoe wat gugui will tell him!!!
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hope u will upload soon
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Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/20/08 cute^^ upload soon
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he in his pyjama again!
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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/3/09
Please upload the next chapter soon.. ;D
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Soo kUTe!!
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