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Private servers!
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Posted 9/4/10 , edited 9/4/10

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]SteadyMaple a New kind of Maple private server![/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR="SandyBrown"]Our Goal: The goal of SteadyMaple is to provide a professional hosted MapleStory private server. The server's administrator, Marat has been running and administrating private servers for years and worked for big companys like Tfn.Gr
Not only will we take care of all Player Equally but we will keep a fun-to-play environment for all. We gaurantee our players no lag ingame and the best mapleing experience possible![/COLOR]

    Active Gms - That know what they are doing and are always around to help.

    [*]Full Functional .com website - On a different server then the game! If anything happens website will be up 100% of the time.

    [*]Holds up to 600+ people, Lag free! - As long as people keep joining we will keep pushing the limits :D

    [*]Beta Tested - Little Bugs. - Closed Beta team worked hard on the server to make sure it is as Bug free as can be.

    [*]Gm and Website Event/Giveaways - You will never feel bored here.

    [*]Fair rules to everyone. - No Disrespect, Racism, Or anything else "bad" of any kind!

    [*]Experienced Admins/Gms always willing to Help - Ranging from Scams to asking simple Questions for the new guy.

    [*]Personal Hack-Protection System - Keeping a hack free game at all times!

    [*]Extra info: [url=""]Extra Server info! - SteadyMaple V82 Forums

[*]And Much Much More!
[COLOR="Green"]Special Reset Formula!:
    [*]No Reset - 75x Exp
    [*]1st Reset - 50x Exp
    [*]2nd reset - 25x Exp
    [*]3rd Reset - 12.5x Exp

[COLOR="Blue"]Our Dedicated Server Specifications:
    [*]Proccessor: Intel Xeon Quad Core
    [*]Ram: 6GB DDR3
    [*]Connection: 1000Mb Up/Down

Convinced to try it out yet? what have you got to lose? our client is hosted on sourceforge! Free users get max speed, Download the game in minutes! Comes with a Custom Installer, Ready to play out of the box. Join us and try it out because once you do, you wont go anywhere else!

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