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Most repetitive anime plot
Posted 12/16/08
1. Guy & girl who obviously like each other, but for SOME UNKNOWN REASON the girl acts like a complete b**** towards him no matter what he does and they end up confessing their love for each other at the most random time. (Clannad is the perfect example of an awesome way to avoid this cliche.)

2. Some random loser guy who fulfills some random prophecy gets an unholy amount of girls to chase after him, but in the end chooses the girl who I described in #1.

3. Childhood friend = failure. Again, for some unknown reason it always seems to be the childhood friend of the main character who just fails at everything. They are usually quiet and are madly in love with the main character, but refuse to confess their love and end up rooting on some random outsider.
Posted 12/16/08
some loser guy has a special power and then he gets all these girls in love with them and then the anime turns into a love comedy
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Posted 12/16/08
Girl + really cool stubborn boy + funny comedian boy

Girl likes cool boy, funny boy likes girl, girl starts to like funny boy, cool boy starts liking girl, girl chooses.

How many people have seen this plot before??
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