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What the real ending of " Iljimae" ?
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Posted 12/16/08

starz12 wrote:

alife and prodection.. lol and magna?? im sorrry but you relly have to edit this..

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38 / F / Philippines
Posted 12/17/08
wrong section - should be in the polls!
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30 / F / Land of the STARS
Posted 12/17/08
of course he didnt die...
How could he?
Even though I was a little surprised by that.
He had already lost so much blood!!!
Whew, thank goodness he lived!
I think a lot of ppl must haf donated their blood to him. Lol

Too bad Boong Soon and Illjimae couldnt end up together. And Boong Soon looks far worse than Eun Chae? That's so unfair!!!

But I like the little kid at the end. He's so adorable. Especially with his missing tooth. Haha.
Like father, Like Son?

And the father died..... Darn, too many ppl died in the show.
But then, I'd rather anyone den poor Jun Ki!!
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F / California
Posted 12/20/08
im sure he's alive, living with his master, and still stealing, and his friends are covering up for him.

the child is NOT iljimae's. It belongs to Danee and his father who died. They married and consummated their marriage before his death. It is so becuz the child says "im just like my mother cuz im tall, and just like my father cuz of my teeth (he lost one in front)". Also, he is named dog poop. which is what the father always wanted to name his kid but danee hated it at first.
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26 / F / Singapore シンガポール
Posted 12/31/08
i believe its number 3.. the bladeless sword~ well.. 5 couldnt be right.. when chae eun return, she asked "how is he?"
which meant she hasnt met iljimae.. (not sure if she realised about yongee being iljimae) how could she have a child? although that child really resembles yongee~

but i think part of it are true.. about he is alive and the people kept it a secret to protect him.. after all, iljimae strike again 4 years later. its in the starting part of the first episode~ (him with new gadgets.. he doesnt have those yet b4 he "rob" the palace. so it have to be after the last episode)
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Posted 1/10/09
I am sure he is alive in the end as ep 1 is a flashback bout the story!! I am Glad THAT he is alive!!! HE is our ILJIMAE.... OUR ILJIMAE!! OUR HERO LOL
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Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09

He died.
When the assasin kills Iljimae, he delivers a deadly one whether or not the sword is blunt otherwise he would not walk away.
In Eng sub of my soju, part where Shi Hoo is on the beach, Shi Hoo says in the sub, his bro died.
B4 dying, Iljimae thinks of the impt events in his life
He did not visit anyone for 4 yrs - very unlike him who treasures relationships
The second shoe is a smaller pair, apparently Bong Soon has reconciled with her dad.
Anyway Iljimae is dead. Who else can she live with.
The ending part is just a flashback of Iljimae's clever thefts and for audience to reminisce. Iljimae has concluded everything after he found the murderer and got the King to promise to clear his family. Hence his real mom is living in freedom.

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21 / M / Singapore
Posted 1/20/09
was wondering why there was no blood.
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F / Malaysia
Posted 1/29/09 , edited 1/29/09
No, Shi Hoo didn't said Yongi is dead but he said his brother would want him to protect the children and how does Shi Hoo knows what are his brother's thoughts unless Yongi is alive? I thought something was odd about what Shi Hoo said about Yongi the first time I watched the drama. I only understood what he said when I watched it for the 3rd time. Actually, there are quite a number of clues given that showed that Iljimae is alive. At the same time people who knows Iljimae personally wanted to cover up for him and protect him so they lied about the incidents that really happened so that made the last episode a riddle that viewers had to solve themselves. One big clue is Eun Chae's maid mentioned to Eun Chae that Yongi is well. So if Yongi is well then Iljimae is alive. If you watched the last episode with the first episode, you will know that Iljimae is alive and well that he began to rob the palace again after 4 years later since the Emperor didn't hold on to his promise.

For 4 years where was Iljimae? He went to China (Qing Nation) with Dae Shik to look for Dae Shik's father.

Aside from the clues from the drama, Lee Jun Ki and the production director of Iljimae also confirmed that Iljimae is alive in their interviews.
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27 / F / Himitsu
Posted 1/29/09
i interpreted as he has died.
the ending just made it seem like you know 'he'll continue living in the people's heart' that kinda thing?
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32 / M
Posted 2/4/09
Iljimae didnt die.. ~!!

The movie director reveal the truth about the ending and he wrote

“Some viewers may have noticed that the sword used by the king’s guard is actually Iljimae’s edgeless sword. Iljimae did not collapse because of that slash but rather because of the blow. Apart from this, the last scene where Kong He (Iljimae’s master) had purchased two pairs of shoes is another clue. One pair is actually for Iljimae.”

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31 / F / romania
Posted 4/7/10 , edited 4/7/10
thanks a lot for explaining the ending i just finished the drama and was heartbroken cuz i thought he died. i didn't see that he was hit with his own blade. thank u !!!!! now i can go on living
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