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Posted 12/16/08 , edited 12/17/08
When i was watching the opening fr shugo chara, i noticed the chracter's from gentlemen's alliance cross are not rlly but kinda similar.
Nagehiko and Maora: The same bcasue they were both cross dressers but there reasons were diffrent and there group never found out until like in the middle of the stories.

Ushio and Rima: They are alike bcause Ushio was jealous of Takanari and Rima is jealous is jealous of Nagehiko but. But ushio is a bit gay and Rima is not so yea.

Amu and Haine: They are alike bcause they both like the guy who is in charge od the school. Well technically amu kinda likes ikuto. (btw im a ikuto fan not a tadase fan)

Maguri and Kukai(even though he isnt part of the guardians anymore): There both energetic but Maguri is gay just like Maora. But they both like to have fun etc. lol

Srry fr the Tadase fans i wasnt sure what i would do fr tadase bcause hes nice and always careful of the things and is always looks like a girl (no offense tadase fans)

Hope u like my information comment and tell me if u agree. Have a nice day! ^^

Posted 12/16/08 , edited 12/17/08
OMG you are so right! o_o
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