A New Beginning!
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Posted 12/16/08 , edited 12/16/08
My first Shugo Chara! Fanfic. It's probably gonna be bad, so be prepared!!!

Writer (Typer): Vampire_Chara
Fictional Characters: Chirayu Yukii, Rune Rune, Sekii, Mira, Koko

Chapter 1

Yukii's P.O.V.

Do you believe in magic? I used to and I still do. That is because I have seen guardian characters, and even talked to them. I even have a few. They can change your character. Your personality. Your life. And they obviously use magic, and that's why I still believe in magic.

Thump, Thump. I walk boredly to school, my first day, only to see into this really cute boy with blonde hair! Oops! I trip a few seconds after that sight and Rune Rune, Sekii, Mira and Koko (my guardian characters) fall out of their eggs, tumbling and rolling. The boy turns to look and I blush. Only I think he can see my characters.
"Hello. Are those your characters?" questions the boy with a pleasant voice.
"Y-yes..." Blushing furiously, I nod.
" Would you like to be the New Joker?" asks the boy with his same charming tone.
" Sure.." I respond with uncertainty.
" Nice to meet you, I'm Hotori Tadese," the boy introduces with appeal.
" Chirayu Yukii!" I reply with happiness bubbling inside me.
Tadese then starts talking about the Previous Joker.
"Hinamori Amu was the Ex-Joker, one with awesome power. She had four characters, Ran, Miki, Su and Dia, who had a great friendship with Hinamori-san. Hinamori-san helped us a lot and now that she is missing...I guess we are losing all our power and hope. Hinamori-san is not here right now..because..well..she disappeared. Suddenly. No one knows where she is right now, but my fellow guardians had all given up hope about seeing her again. They all predict that Hinamori-san will never be seen again.."
One tear of his drops to the ground, and I discover why. The Previous Joker, Hinamori Amu, must have been Tadese's love.
"Oh..that's sad. " I assure him in a dejected tone. His love for Hinamori Amu might be too strong, he won't give up a chance for me!
A boy with long, flowing, purple-black hair appears on the scene, smiling at me.
"New Joker?" questions the boy.
"Yes." I respond flatly, wondering how the boy knew so quickly.
"I'm Fujisaki Nagehiko, Jack's Chair," the boy announces.
" Chirayu Yukii" I reply smoothly. No interest in this guy, for sure!
Huh? What? What's happening? For some reason, I catch a sight of a commotion nearby. I hurry to check up on it, and so did the other two boys.
A girl with pink hair and honey-brown eyes is sitting under a cherry blossom tree, wearing headphones and punk clothes. She is cute, and a bit pretty, I have to admit. She glances up and suddenly Tadese darts towards her, giving her a giant hug. Eh?!
"Hinamori Amu.." mumbles Nagehiko, " I missed you.."
Hinamori Amu?! WHAT?! She's back! My Joker career..is taken out so fast?!
"Hotori Tadese, get your giant butt of me," Amu growls with anger.
Tadese, Nagehiko and I are shocked. Specially me. Why would Tadese like a girl like that?!
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