What are your favorite songs?
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 12/17/08
My favorite songs are:
New Future - Full Moon wo Sagashite
Myself - Full Moon wo Sagashite
Eternal Snow - Full Moon wo Sagashite
Love Chronicle - Full Moon wo Sagashite
Antoinette Blue - D. Gray Man
Wish - D. Gray Man
Changin' - D. Gray Man

~songs with very sad meanings.... tragic.....
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M / Earth
Posted 12/17/08
Posted 12/17/08
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28 / M / Somewhere is Bang...
Posted 12/17/08
name: God Knows....
Artist: Aya Hirano

go on my profile for the song.....
Posted 12/17/08
well i like listening to Toradora opening and ending rite now , kinda addicted to it ><
and oso Kuroshitsuji Opening.
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M / Crapsack World
Posted 12/17/08
Since Brylle had beat me to the punch, might as well list my fave songs.

Ai Senshi(Gackt version) - Mobile Suit Gundam
Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi - Gunslinger Girl
Fly me to the Moon - Evangelion
Ode to Joy - Evangelion (Inset song)
Red Fraction - Black Lagoon
Rise - Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig
White Reflection - New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
I'll Trust you Forever - G Gundam
Tomorrow -Full Metal Panic!
Rewrite - Full Metal Alchemist
Himegoto - Vandread
Mission (Fuga) - Area 88

Meh.... My list goes on and I'm too lazy write it all down.
Posted 12/17/08
Duplicate as above

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