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Posted 12/17/08 , edited 12/31/08
Monster's :

Zombies no need to explain you guys know what they can do :D
1.Clots>They were Slow and not very Strong and they can hold on to you for a long time and couldn't move
2.Bloats>They were slow and not strong, but their special power was that they spit acidic goo at you and Also when you killed them, they would explode into a pile of green acid.
3.Stalkers>They were kinda fast and could turn invisible.
4.Crawlers>They crawled on all fours and were very fast. They hit pretty hard too.
5.Sirens>made a blood curdling scream that made your head nearly explode.hey walked slowly and they were in straight jackets so they couldn't attack with hands.
6.Gorefasts>They were pretty strong and fast attackers. True to their name, when they got mad they started running very fast.
7.Scrakes>They had chainsaws for arms. They weren't very fast but they could hurt bad and were hard to kill.
8.scale>They were huge, and nasty. They also had spikey clubs for arms. It took a ton of hits to kill them, and they could kill you in two hits without an assault vest, and four hits with an assault vest. They also ran fast after you made them angry.
9.Elite>They were the same as Fleshpounds, but one arm was a minigun.
10.Patriarchs>They were twice the size of Fleshpounds, and they had a spiky shotgun for one arm, and a spiky L.A.W. for the other arm. The best option was to steer clear of these guys. They killed you in one hit and broke doors down in one hit too.

* i dont have any image of them sorry :P*

Name: Alexander Ryan L. Ruste
Code name: Alex
Ocupation: Police seargent
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Weapon: M4A1carbine rifle , Mp5, Combat knife
Back story: Alexander served as member of the NYPD before the spread of the N4 virus. After the military deystoyed all bridges leaving Manhattan alexander were called into active duty as agent trying to protect the civilian population of the islands five holdouts. Alexander rose quickly to a high rank in what now has been called the Marshal order.

June 28th 2016: a private reserach facility is raided by French police. Despite warnings from the lab technichians, they proceed to release 109 cages people, not aware that they are carrying the highly infectious N4 Virus.

July 2nd 2016: most of Western Europes major cities are under sige from an army of N4 inffected zombies. Desperate to save lives, armed UN biohazard respionse teams are sent in to evacuate the living population. The United states and other major world powers baracde themselves from all eurpoean goods and refugees.

July 15th 2016, UN units move the base of operations to Iceland after the UK finally falls to the virus, it is discovered that the N4 virus can not survive in extreme hot or cold climates.

August 22nd, 2016: All of Europe and south western Russia are claimed by the virus, with 67 precent of the population transformed into N4 infected, 23 precent dead and the remaining 10 precent moved to refugee camps around the world.

December 16th, 2016: Serecronom, the company responsible for the creation of the N4 virus, starts sending reasearch and mercenary teams under UN charter, into hot zones around Europe in hopes of developing cures for the N4 virus.

August 6th, 2017: Sources indicate that a small number of people on the island of Manhattan are showing signs of an unknown illness. Patients who show signs of the illness are hospitalized.

August 7th, 2017: Sources indicate that the behavior of infected personell has become slightly delerious, sometimes a combination of both. Patients have violent coughing fits in which a small amount blood is expelled from the body. All roads leading out of Manhattan are closed by secret government orders.

August 15th, 2017: All doctors and visitors who have come into physical contact with infected personall are now showing signs similar to the start of the illness. As a result, anyone who contracts this illness will be isolated and carefully monitored. A number of patients who have already contracted the illness are behaving violently, such as attempting agrab, scratch, or even in some cases, bite nurses and doctors who come close to them. Hospitals across the island Manhattan are flooding with more patients of the same illness.

August 16th, 2017: Scientists discover that the virus inffecting the population of Manhattan is in fact the N4 virus, miltary forces blockade the harbor as all bridges leading off the island are destroyed, and all tunnels flooded or collapsed. The US military imeditaly start constructing refugee safty camps for the none inffected population. NYPD is taken under control of by the Military.

August 20th, 2017: With the completeion of the five safty HQ's the region around Manhattan is turned into a no flyzone, all non government boats are sunk and planes shot down. The initial entry point of the virus into Manhattan is walled off to prevent the large infecteds from escaping.

August 31st, 2017: Ghost unit is sent in. The US government initializes Sequence, the plan for evacuating and reinhabiting Manhattan Island.

The five bases mentioned above are HQ (former NYPD police building), Alpha Q (Upper East Side),
Bravo Q (Lower West Side), Delta Q (Buisness district) and Gamma Q (Central Park Subway tunnels)

The Varius starins of the Nerotonin virus are as followed:
N1 (Adrenaline producing drug, causes amnesia in large doses)
N2 (Anti body compound capable of killing small amounts of N4)
N4 (Virus that causes the zombifacation of individuals)

Factions during the story include:
US Military: Soliders, NYPD officers, and armed civilians that command the five outposts.
Serecronom Science Team: A team of scientists sent into the Manhattan zone to study and hopefully find a cure for the N4 virus.
Serecronom Mercenaries: A highly trained group of mercs. payed for by Serecronom to help protect thier field scientists.
Ghost Squad: A US black ops group that take commands directly from the President, sent in to eliminate high level N4 tragets.
And now the story....

Alexander walked through the empty NY city streets. It was rather quiet, A fed was in command of this supply drop off mission. he was due at Delta Q with three crates of food for the civilian and arshal Order population. Alexander felt un easy as the left HQ behind them and watched as he became engulfed in the gigantic wastes of this Ghost Town.
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to start just fill this in and your off..

Code name:
Back story:

Put a picture if you want :D

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Posted 12/19/08
Name: Yuuki
Code name: Fox
Ocupation: assassin
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Weapon: long sword and dagger
Back story: Yuuki was a hired assassin for the goverment and secret cormerations. She's the best there is and she got her code name fox for her ability to kill quick, unseen and quietly. She usually donst like to use guns because of the nose and the weight. Once the N4 virice hit she used her skills to defend major generals, police, and people.

Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/19/08
Meanwhile...Alex is still in the NY streets wondering around for survivors and supplies as he walks into a Supermarket full of dead bodies he See's some rootbear(hes favorite ) in some of the Broken fridge he went close to the fridge slower passing by the bodies Step by Step And there... finaly! he got what he needs and suddenly there's some strange noises and it was the Dead people suddenly woke up and wants to feast on some flesh ....and alex feels outnumbered 1 to 63 zombies at the market theres no chance for him to escape but he has the Chance to fight instead so he took his M4A1carbine rifle and shoot them zombies on the head one by one... but zombies are to many and getting close to alex........and suddenly.....
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Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/24/08
Name: Demo (Shin)
Code name: Shinda
Ocupation: U.S. Force Recon Sniper. (Gunnery Sgt.)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon: M14 Rifle (Silenced), HK G36, HK .45 Pistol

Back story:
Shin is a member of the United States Marines Force Recon Unit. (USMFRU)
Proving himself countless times in stressful situations on the battlefield, Shin was promoted to Gunner Sergeant and placed in the joint operation (MRP) Manhattan Rescue Project as a city sniper.
No living relatives.
No known friends. (Except for his Spotter.)
He was given his nickname "Shinda" durring his time training in the Okinawan forests, for his resourcefulness and his deadly hand to hand tactics.
"Shinda" is a japanese verb for the word "death".

GySgt.Shin Dezz.

Shin's Spotter. (LCpl. Sheryl Yo)

Sitting ontop of a cargo building rooftop near the bay, Shin watched as the helicopter lifted off and flew away.
Looking to his right, he waved at the sniper on the building at the other side of the docking bay, signaling he was in position.
Looking at the ground floor, he could see boat personel scurrying around, getting food crates off the ships and onto the cargo trucks.
Putting a finger onto his speaker piece on his throat he spoke to his squadmates.

"Sector clear, no infecties in sight, continuing patrol." He said as he used his scope to overlook the abandoned streets on the other side of the security gate whcih blocked off the boatmen from the city.

Walking to the other corner of the building, he nodded to his spotter sitting against the wall.
Everything looked normal.
For now.
Normal was always a good sign.
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Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08
Name: Yaorii
Code name: Yumi
Ocupation: U.B.C.S Medic
Age: 20
Gender: female
Weapon: Desert Eagle, Scalpel
Back story: Entered into a Mental Hospital at the early age of 5, in her spare time she liked to read medical books or "operate".
Released from the hospital at age 18, she attempted to get into Medical School, but none would allow her because of her background. Expanding her research by internet, records show horrendous blogs of operation done on unidetified creatures. A year later she gets an E-Mail from U.B.C.S.


"You stay here, I'm gonna go in and check it out." My Commanding officer told me.
I nodded, my eyes locked on his and my hand on my hip where my weapon was.
As he went in I saw movement in one of the windows. But said nothing. I waited a few seconds. "ARAHHHHHH !" I heard some screams from inside. Some of them his, "YUMI ! YUMI !" He screamed, I could tell he was having a hard time holding something off. There were a few gun shots but I could still hear struggle.
"..heeheeheehee." I giggled and put my cold finger tips to my lips. The screams subsided and I dashed off around the back of the building where I entered with caution.
Posted 12/22/08 , edited 12/22/08
Alex Pulls out a Granade And throws it Around the Area and Alex Quickly Emptying The fridge then hides Inside and Finaly the Granades Exploded KABOOOMMM....!!!! and the Bomb destroyed Everything including Zombies as all zombies are dead Alex Checks out if there's any remaining Zombie's and it was all Clear so he sit on the side of the Fridge And He Suddenly Remembered WAAAHHH!!!!...... My Rootbear's Nooooo!!!!... its all gone As he Cries like a Baby He hears a Strange Sound Coming from the back...then he gets close to it....really quite and alert...
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Posted 12/23/08

Entering the back of the building I hear a distant explosion. "Sounds like someones having fun.." I said to myself, smiling a little.
"YUMI??" I hear my Commanding officers voice and run off towards it. "Where are you?!" I shout, but then find him leaned up against the wall of the hallway. "..Your hurt." I immeadiatly take out my med kit and start patching him up. "You should be more careful." I give him a serious look, "Our supplies wont last forever." I snapped my kit shut.
Posted 12/24/08
when i get closer and closer i hear some sound's came from the backdoor....i think its a survivor or something Alex take a good look at them by hiding at the back of the empty boxes and i look two people they are not infected but the other one is hurt hope hes not bitten >.< and the other one is a Medic...two people the same uniform as i ask to myself who are they? what are they doing here? are they from the Government? i Step closer i Stomp on a Can...Ting! Tring! Ting! as i move back and hide and hope that they never heard the noise.....
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Posted 12/24/08

"What was that !" My commanding officer said trying to get to his feet. I placed my hand on his shoulder firmly.
"Stay here. I'll check it out." I pulled out my gun and go inspect the area, but theres nothing.
"Must've been a rat or something.." I said as I returned, crouching by his side.
Posted 12/24/08

As Alex hides at the Dark Corner He See's a Medic coming Alex pulled his Combat knife he plans to kill her...but luckily she passes by......Phew! thats close....<Alex said<. then alex just Relax at the the two soldiers go alex plans to fallow them and observe them for Information....
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Posted 12/24/08

"Lets continue with the mission." My commanding officer said. I pulled his arm, helping him up. I nodded, placing both hands on my gun again. I went first, scoping the room out a second time. It looked clear. I cocked my head to the side, and motioned to him it was clear go ahead.
Posted 12/24/08

As Alex Followed them.....Corner to corner as....he encounters a wondering zombie....He pulls hes Carbine rifle to shoot this Bastard..but one problem if he shoots he will be dicovered....and as he returns hes carbine back he pulls out hes Combat knife and Shove the Knife in his head Silently so...the two soldiers will never he continues to follow he see's a unknown being at the rooftops following those soldiers "who might that be? and what the hell is it!?" said alex
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Posted 12/24/08

"There doesn't seem to be anyone here.." I said. There doesn't seem to be any things here either.. I thought.
"Let's jus check the roof." He said. I nodded. And proceeded up the stairs, my eyes on the door. Once there, I stopped and looked at my commander. He nodded, and I pushed the door open for him to rush threw.
Posted 12/24/08

as i saw them go up in that Building where that strange thing is.... and i just followed them for the there the That guy goes to the roof i use my Binoculars to watch that guy Checking on the roof with that girl on the Door covering i watch all the other parts of the roof i saw something hiding on the shadows.....and it was a Clots 3 of them walking slowly to that i observe the girl saw it two...and i leave it to them to finished them clots off....
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