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27 / F / Blood Pledge Castle
Posted 12/17/08 , edited 12/18/08
We're in the middle of the tempest...Saralegi is contemplating his wonderful job, Murata asks him if all he wanted from Yuuri was his power and that it was sad since Yuuri trusted him as friend.
Shouri too is very angry, Berias goes in front of Saralegi to protect him.


The Maou seems to listen only to Saralegi who tells him to come and with him create a new world.
While he talks Shouri runs to Yuuri, gets him and they fall in the sea.
Murata too falls asking Shinou for his help and after telling Saralegi that they will never give him Yuuri.
They all get transported away.

But they get transported in two different places, Shouri and Yuuri are back on earth while Murata is at Shinou's temple.
Murata asks Shinou why he got brought there, Shinou answers that he should know better than anyone why...

On earth Yuuri wakes up in his room, and the others see him running in the bath.
Apparently he wanted to go back but he is unable to go back.
Shouri says that he used too much maryoku, then he asks him if he remembers everything.
Yuuri doesn't answer back, instead he asks where is Murata, he is sure Murata knows how they can go back.
Shouri says that he didn't come back from Shin Makoku.
Shouri then continues saying that even if they go back, they won't be able to do anything but Yuuri says that if they don't go they will never know!
Shouri then asks him if he knows how much he slept, apparently he slept for 3 long days.

In Shin Makoku the aristocrats are talking, Yuuri disappeared and they all are asking what happened to him and why he didn't come back.
Nobody knows what to do.
Wolfram is alone, Dakaskosu asks him what 's wrong and he answers that it's not something he should be interested in.
Dakaskosu tries to cheer Wolfram up but he doesn't really listen to him.
He is thinking, Yuuri didn't come back, Conrad went to Shou Shimaron but now there are no news of him...
He gets called by Greta, she shows him that Conrad's flowers are blooming.
Dakaskosu sees another new flower between the others, greta explains that it's a new flowers Cheri sama created, it's called "Yuuri's simplicity"
Wolfram notices that it's a flowers that seems to stand happily between the others.
Dakaskosu says he likes it, he feels happy when looking at this flower.
yes, Wolfram thinks, Yuuri was always the one who brought them happiness...he really hopes Yuuri will be back soon because everyone is waiting for him.

On earth Rodiguez sees Yuuri near a fountain falling in the water.
He gets checked also for his maryoku and it seems that it came back. So maybe there is some other reason why he can't go back.
Rodriguez suggests him to go and talk to Bob.
Bon tells him that the problem is in his heart as if there is something that is preventing him to fully want to go back.
Until this thing is resolved he won't be able to go back.
Yuuri realizes that he is scared of Saralegi, this is the reason he can't go back, he realized that he was used by Saralegi.


Saralegi and Berias are talking about Conrad that disappeared from their castle.
Saralegi decides to go back to Shou Shimaron, Dai Shimaron seems to not want to continue the war so they can go back.

On earth as soon as Yuuri enters in his house his mother shows him lots of flowers that are coming from the bathtube.
His mother tells him that the flower have the power to make someone feel better, she is sure that people on Shin Makoku are waiting for him hoping he is fine.
Yuuri screams to leave him alone and runs into his room.
Shouri follows him, he asks him is he doesn't want to go back. Yuuri says he wants to go back but...
Shouri asks him is it's for Saralegi, because he trusted him, Yuuri says yes, he did but he doesn't have confidence in himself anymore.
Shouri tells him he overdid, he tried to prevent the war and overdid, Yuuri says that it went exactly like Saralegi predicted and he hurt a lot of people.
Shouri concludes telling Yuuri that he should rest a little and then to go have dinner after.


An adult Yuuri wakes up, and realizes first that his father looks old.
When he asks about Shouri his mother turns on the tv and he is there, I think he is like...some kind of important figure.
Yuuri is shocked XD
His parents tells him to run or he will be late for his company. While going he asks himself what happened, and apparently the only thing that didn't change was the "loving" behavior of his brother toward him.
During lunch, Yuuri tries to explain Souri that he came from the past, his look might be old but he is an high school boy.
Shouri says it's an interesting movie...but Yuuri continues, it's not a movie, it's the truth, he asks him to help since he is the Earth Maou.
Shouri doesn't know what Yuuri is talking about.
Yuuri continues but Shouri continues to not understand thinking that Yuuri is talking about a new RPG.
Going hom he realizes that nobosy remembers about Murata too and the he disappeared from all his picutres.
He even tries to contact him via phone but it's no use.
He starts to think that this is his truth, a normal family, he is a normal employer, he lives a normal life...maybe it's not so bad after all.

The day after, before leaving while his mother is fixing his necktie, Yuuri sees some flowers all ruined.
Before Miko touches them he stops her and calls them by their names...all of them except for one he can't recognize and doesn't know the name.
Miko continues "Yuuri's simplicity", that flower must have this name for sure.
Then Yuuri apologizes, he says there is a place he has to go, and he will be late.

Then he goes to get Shouri and drags him to the park where Bob is waiting for them.
Bob asks him if he decided.
He says yes, everybody is waiting for him.
Bob continues, it might happen that he will be betrayed and hurt again, is he prepared?
Yuuri says yes,because now he was the one who hurt everybody and also, he doesn't care of many times he will be hurt, he trusts Saralegi.
Bob is pleased and makes him go back to the real universe, apparently he was still in his bed talking with Shouri after eating.
This time Yuuri is able to go back.
Rodriguez then asks Bob what would have happened if Yuuri would have accepted to remain a normal person, Bob says that it would have been the path he chose but in the end Rodriguez too understood that Bob created all that illusion exactly because he trusted Yuuri's choice.

On Shin Makoku Murata welcomes them back with Greta and Ulrike.
Shouri is really angry at Murata but then Shinou says it was him. Before shouri could continue Shinou asks Yuuri if now everything is ok, Yuuri says yes and apologizes for worrying them.
Murata then interrupts them telling Yuuri that while he wasn't around a lot of things happened...

To be continued

it was great
tears i scarced this was it and really quit.
Yuri as always is the best

(truly feeling gunter like)
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24 / F / In front of my co...
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/21/08
thanks for the summary!~
but i really want to know what walatorana was yelling about in the meeting....
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