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Posted 12/17/08 , edited 1/10/09
kk well i found this on AF
not really supposed to repost this so ill link and give samples ^^

basically every so often on the official LOB website Frank and ShanMei post 'blog entries'

and TKA subbers have been translating them sooooo here is a new entry:
7 January 2009 – Shan Mei

You and I

You and I
What actually is our relationship??

Why is it that you keep bullying me?
Why do you keep making me angry?
But why do you keep lying in order to help me out of a tight situation?
We were so close that night...
So close that our lips almost touched...
Why is it that my heartbeat would accelerate...
Although in the end I stepped on your foot...
It was all because I wanted to relieve the tension...
If you really came any closer...

7 January 2009 – Frank

What kind of dream is this?

What kind of dream is this?
I dreamt that a huge mouse was pestering Doremi.
I didn't care if I was frightened of mice!
I rushed over to save Doremi!!!

What is this? Why would I feel so protective over Doremi?
Why am I so concerned over her relationship with Jin En Hao?
Why am I so concerned over every single detail of her life?
Why is it that each time we walk together,
I would have a kind of...
feeling that I am being pulled in over to her side?

That night when I was with Doremi,
Why is it that the moment she comes near me...
I will... I will feel like I wanted to give her a kiss?
Unless...Unless I really do like Doremi?

P.S. Regardless, I will not like mice because of Doremi!

its cute huh? it really helps me to understand the charaters better~ also sometimes they give spoilers of the next epis ^^!!! Lol

kk heres the eng translated link:

and here:

lol but if u know chinese u can even post on their blogs. and apparently sometimes theyve anwsered! ahah
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Posted 12/18/08
this is not related to the thread..
is there any site where i can
learn mandarin?
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wow. that's... hardout
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