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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 1/16/09
... all successful organizations and groups have their own official logos to boast of ...
... one such successful organization is crunchyroll ...

... aNimE-LaNd is just a new group ...
... but what the heck! it's always free to dream, right? and anyone has the right to dream BIG! ...
... so why not dream for the STARS!! ...

IN CHARGE: pop_buzz

- Open to all Anime-Land Members (Creator and Mods will not be qualified to join)
20 December 2008 and will run for 2 months
- All entries to be posted in this forum only
- Comments regarding the entries from other non-participating Anime-Land members will be welcome; comments from non-participants may or may not affect the result of the contest
- Absolutely NO SPAMMING
- Deadline for submission of entries will be on 25 February 2009
- 1 Winner will be chosen via forum votes
- a special forum will be created especially for voting alone; no votes are to be casted in this forum; votes posted in this forum will not be counted
- VOTING will start 26 February and will end 26 March; until the voting officially starts on the given date, forum for votes will be locked
- CREATOR and ALL MODS are required to cast their votes on the last day for voting,
26 March, so as not to influence the votes of all the other members; after voting I will be immediately locking the forum so no further votes may be casted
- Votes from CREATOR and MODS will be equivalent to
- Winner via forum votes will be announced 30 March 2009
- Winning Logo will be the official Anime-Land Logo
- Winner will receive a special Anime-Land Badge and user name will be posted in the group's main page as well as Anime-Land's "HALL OF FAME" - a special page which will be created where all winners for all Anime-Land contests and their works will be posted

... for any questions, please feel free to PM me and/or tictac..
... looking forward for your entries ...

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