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Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/5/09

kurai_tsuki92 wrote:

butterflies_in_my_stomach wrote:

could we see a sample? of what you drew? it would help us know what the exact problem is... ^___^

Basically the things I drew, are pretty bad. I want to learn how to shade clothing and make them look realistic. Also I really need help with learning how to draw hands, shoes and feet. I'm okay with body structure and the face, I think.

Sorry the second pic is kinda blurry.

ok so... I hate looking for tutorials... that's Mysty and Vagelio's thing.. I'd rather blab based on what I experienced on my own and I'll try to be as explicit as I can ^____^

first, the clothes..

start with the body, draw it first and then consider it a mannequin that you have to dress up. apparently, I can't upload a pic here, to show you a work in progress of mine...
anyways, as I was saying, draw the body first, with its pose and its curves and then dress it up. the clothes may be tight on the body, or like one size bigger etc. the shading depends, of course, on where the light is coming from and what makes clothes realistic is the folds, which I guess depends on each piece of clothing. the best way to learn about this is to analyze all kinds of pictures, particularly from fashion magazines and stuff. take each photo and try to "guess" the body's shape under the clothes (and I don't mean anything kinky about that... :D) and how every fold and every shadow is molded on the shape of the body. I guess the best model is yourself... if you have a full size mirror, just stand in front of it and do all kinds of poses to see how clothes and folds change according to your your pose.

and now the hands...

when drawing hands, you have to keep in mind the basic anatomy of the hand... like... there are 5 fingers, right?

the thumb has 2 phalanges, whereas the other four have 3 phalanges each. the middle finger is the longest, the index and the ring finger are almost the same size, but the ring finger is slightly longer, and the thumb and the pinky are about the same size.
the shape of the hand varies on each person, but keep in mind the curve between the index finger and the thumb.
again, you are your best model. just study your hands, see how the fingers fold in different poses.

as for the shoes & feet... =____= I suck at that too.... I guess it's best to study an anatomy textbook (same goes for hands), it'll probably answer a lot of your questions better than I have... :D

so.. this is it... if all my blabbing was for nothing, just let me know and next time I'll keep my mouth shut... ^____^ (or... my hands off the keyboard... :D)

Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/30/09
I'd to know how to make really pretty dresses and skirts cuz that's my weakness in drawing
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