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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/18/08
RAIN's "Six to Five" clothing brand line

Rain will Launch "Six To Five" Dec.23-2008
source: JTune Creative


Rain was transformed as a fashion model, he showed off his muscular figure worth a million dollar

Rain, singer, whose fashion pictorial was revealed by ‘Six To Five’, clothing brand, under JTune entertainment, Rain’s agency.

Rain returned from Cebu of Philippine after shooting his ‘Six To Five 2009 S/S’ fashion pictorial, he assimilated the stylish & traditional casuals clothes which are significant of European sensibility, and he nicely expressed his classical feeling filled with a chic and temperate edge.

Rain took his impressive pose that he spreaded the logo of ‘Six To Five’ and showed it, and his figure worth a million dollar made the clothes of ‘Six To Five’ show up more.

Meanwhile, as ‘Six To Five’ launching show, considered to be ‘the fashion concert of the new ideas’, is arresting eyes of the fashion and concert concerned, it is expected to show the attraction of 4 colors, red, blue, white, and black.

Rain is going to show his fantastical fashion show harmonized with each color concept and to give a mini concert with his remix version songs never heard before.

JTune entertainment, Rain’s agency, said, “Rain’s best card is in progress for giving his fans the best present at the end of the year. What Rain’s concentrating his energies on this concert like all night meeting or dance practice is out of all knowledge.”

This concert’s curtain will rise in the 4th hall of Kintex, Ilsan on the 23th from 7pm, all the super luxury vip stars are expected to join and celebrate it.

credit to NewsEn
Translation by rain bird//rain-eu ll nana555 @ sexybi
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/21/08
omo!!!omo!!!!omo!!!! so so so great oppa!!! avi!!! waaaaaaaaaah!!! yaaaa!!! !!! Six to Five!!!
oppa!!!! star bizzz!!!!! great!!! wanna this in the u.s hope it's i'll be famous !!! wanna buy some jeans!!! shirts!!!.... ok!!!
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Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
[Jan-10-2009]Six to Five, Rain's clothing brand, is coming soon

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Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09
Jan-30-2009]The teaser of 'Six to Five' on-line shopping mall is opened

'Six to Five', stylish traditional casual brand, is due to open its on-line shopping mall on February 25, following the launching show last December23.

Rain bear hood T and Rain bear T shirts are restrictively expected to be sold as an event in remembrance of the on-line shopping mall opening.

And, not only will the basic goods be shown on Six to Five site, but specially Rain Line will also be constructed and be shown in Style Guide section of the site.

Six to Five which had received the spotlight through the new idea launching show combined a fashion show with a concert, closed provisional contracts with 10 off-line road shops and is expected to open more than 20 shops, Sinsege & Lotte department stores including road shops located in Jeonjoo, Cheonjoo, and Daegoo, and etc, throughout the country until March.

source : forrain
Brief translation by rain bird
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Posted 2/1/09 , edited 2/1/09
I am going to Korea this year...does anyone know the exact location of Rain's store Six to Five?
Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/3/09
i wanna go dis summer!!! where is it exactly???? is it seoul?
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Posted 2/25/09 , edited 2/26/09
can't wait for the website to update!! i will soo be purchasing something
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Posted 2/28/09 , edited 2/28/09
[Feb-27-2009] <The finally settled notice>about 6to5 Rain autography party


Saturday, February 28 :
Lotte main shop -11am
(The autography party is due to be held in " the elevator hall for the view" on the first floor of Lotte main shop.
The waiting place for the customers who want to participate in the autography party, is about the revolving door.)

Sunday, March 1 :
Cheonahn Yawoori department store -2pm.
Cheongjoo branch shop - 5pm.

Friday, March 6 :
Sinsege main shop : 11am
Jeonjoo branch shop -5pm.

Saturday, March 7 :
Daegu branch shop : 2pm
Jinjoo Branch shop : 6pm.

Sunday, March 8 :
Lotte Nowon shop : 11am
Dawjeon Eunhaengdong branch shop: 4pm.

*To participate in the autography party, customers of each shop have to stand in line at the entrance outside the shop. The first customers, for 30 minutes, can get a chance they meet Rain.
We hope to you to keep order at the dictation of security guard because each shop doesn't have enough space.

credit to :
Brief translation by rain bird


[Feb-27-2009] Six To Five (6to5) will be rushing into the marketing.

'Six To Five (6to5)', J.Tune Creative's stylish traditional casual brand, which has been spotlighted due to Rain's participation in its project & design, opened the shops, following, the full-scale marketing will be begun.

6to5 which has made a constant effort like a design contest, netizen vote, and asking general customers to the launching show, announced that Rain who has been in activity as a designer and model will be going on a marketing tour to the department store and the shop across the country, that is making the fashion industry tense.

Starting with Cheongjoo shop last 13th, 6to5 which has brought total 5 shops, Jeonjoo shop, Daegu shop, Sinsege main shop, and etc, has experienced rapid growth in sales, with publishing Rain's fashion sense.

The odd sight ever happened that a big crowd who want to see Rain's fashion sense was gathered each shop and the customers standed in long line to pay the bill. It is demonstrative of Rain's high presence.

Especially, in Sinsege department store located in Myungdong which is a fashion center, Rain's high popularity as a world star was realized that both domestic and foreign customers crowed into the shop.

With 'the professional on-line shopping mall' open ahead off, as part of a project event, 6to5 is expected to sell the selected '6to5 Rain line clothing' and 'SF teddy items' till March 8.

The schedule of Rain's autography part is as follows.
Lotte main shop on February 28, Cheonahn Yawoori on March1, Jeonjoo&Daegu on March 6, Lotte Woolsan & Jinjoo on March 7, and Lotte Nowon &Daejeon on March 8.

credit to Fashion Journal
Brief translation by rain bird
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Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/12/09
Do they have a web site?
if they do can somebody please tell me, i want to see the clothes.
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Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/21/09
his clothes for this are way too small for me..I'm on the hippy and thick needs to upgrade the sizes for gals like
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