Post Reply Kaname being treated unfairly in the anime? (compared to the manga)
Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/18/08
Does anyone else have the feeling that the anime is favouring zeroXyuki whilst kaname is more and more being portrayed as this cold hearted being that just manipulates everyone in comparison to the manga?

For example, in episode 10/11 of VKG, Kaname and Yukki have various talks (which don't all appear in the manga, but that's okay) in regards to what Yukki wants to do. I mean, yukki is sort of determined to do something about zero and not hide away being protected as the pureblood princess. In the manga, we have yukki kissing kaname to reassure him that she has basically chosen to stay with kaname. However, in the anime, yukki just sits there on the bed as kaname walks out the door, and then kaname comes back later on to apologize to yuki about hurting her (as she sits on the bed).

and another thing, why does yuki insist on the "kaname-senpai" instead of "kaname-oniisan" (or even something more intimate.)

I think the anime, since the beginning and now more so, favours zero. Even in series one, you never really felt the love between kaname and yuki, unlike in the manga. And now...Kaname is just completely being left out. and yuki's love for him, is being neglected i think...

but it just me...or does anyone else think so too?
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Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/7/09
I don't think that they are portraying kaname as the bad guy in the anime if they do they are definitely making kaname look so cool on the anime, but I have to agree that the anime does favour the zero x yuuki love team, I guess they thought since the manga shows the kaname x yuuki thing they are also giving benefits for zero fans on the anime As for yuuki calling kaname senpai instead of oniisan, is it not cute because of her love for kaname she refused to recognize him as his brother and prefers kaname to be his knight who saved her 10 years ago
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Posted 8/14/10
Yeah I think Kaname is shown as being awesomer in the Manga.
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