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What are your predictions for 2009?
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Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/30/08
2009 is gonna be one hell of a gamers paradise
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Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/30/08
The PS3 will have once again backwards compatibility and I don't really mind the price just the compatibility
Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid Snake will be re released for the ds
The Wii will get decent games like Zelda or Kid Icarus remake
The psp will get a decent gallery, there is so much potential
A new era will begin were First Person Shooters no longer will be mainstream and producers will let new ideas come to life and not just the same old deal
Arcades will be cool again
That is what I hope for
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Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/31/08

EmperorKorea wrote:

PS3 #1
Monster Hunter 3 moved to PS3
Nintendo goes bankrupt
Dragon Quest IX for PSP and X for PS3
Wii Chores
Mario creator Miyamoto assassinated by Sony CE Japan president Kaz Hirai
360 does what it does
Duke Nukem Forever doesn't come out
China takes offensive action and World War III begins
Second coming of Jesus
U.S. president Barack Obama passes a law on slavery of whites

Rofl, it's funny cause half of those are possibly true lol. I agree with him 100% on the Barack Obama thing, what's to stop him from doing that? I mean, it's not like the Executive or Legislative Branches can veto that, he's black, instant Diplomatic Immunity lol, though not as much as an Asian 0.o ... Getting back to topic, here's my predictions:
Nintendo finally make some violent games for the Wii (It's about F***ING TIME!)
Dark Cloud 3 gets released for the PS3 only (I hope it doesn't get delayed to 2010/2011)
Resident Evil 5 corrupts the mind of the young into killing black people. (whats new?)
Bill Gates retires from Microsoft to continue his education in HS and College (he said he would, just dunno when)
Nintendo creates a new console called the Pii. The console is in the shape of a π. The controller sockets come from each end of the lines so there's a max of 4 players. They make 200 million copies before they realize there's no space for the harddrive etc. so they bury all the copies in the Mexican desert just like they did with the E.T. video games.
Nintendo goes bankrupt from that stupid guy's idea and they leave the gaming franchise forever (thank God, now it's left with Sony and Microsoft)

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Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09

LemonyPanda wrote:

call of duty 6? altho they're running out of wars...maybe go back to the revolutionary war or something, or at least the civil war

Actually they are going make Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. yes people its been confrimed!
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
It is all about Resident Evil 5
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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/3/09
FFXIII will be delayed
the wii will stay with no real games
most of the ps3 new releases wont do good
FFXIII will be annouced for the Pc
the xbox360 will have almost nothing new
the psp and ds will get most of 2009 good games
people will still buy the wii for a reason that i dont know
most of people the dont have a ds or a psp will game on their pc because consoles wont do good
FFXIII will be stripped down and will be annouced for the wii,ps2,psp,ds,gba,gbc,psone,gbcolor and atari
you will get F in math
your parents are getting a divorce
your girlfriend/boyfriend will leave you
it will be one of the most boring years in your life
Posted 5/13/09 , edited 5/13/09
Its not a prediction anymore lmao.

this year is going by to fast.
i remember when i was celebrating new years.
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F / None of your busi...
Posted 5/14/09 , edited 5/14/09
More MMORPGs that are free<PLS!! come out
New Zelda is announced
New Mario game like Mario galaxy
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