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For anyone looking to learn kanji, this uses keywords and stories to help you memorize them. I found it on this blog...

If you plan on using it to practice I recommend you download the text file, when I copy-pasted a lot of stuff didn't come out such as the underlined words to know what the kanji means and almost all of the kanji is missing too...
Anyways enjoy

Kanji Stories Heisig, Kanji no. 1 - 2042

1) 一ONE horizontal line.ひと・つ

2) 二TWO horizontal lines.ふた・つ

3) 三THREE horizontal lines.み・つ

4) 四HUMAN LEGS stick out of a monster's MOUTH - FOUR of them.よ・つ

5) 五KEYS hang by a CANE from a CEILING - FIVE of them.いつ・つ

6) 六TOPHATTED creature with ANIMAL LEGS picks up SIX.む・つ

7) 七SEVEN. Similar to a SPOON, but the horizontal stroke CUTS all the way through. *Primitive = diced, i.e. CUT into little pieces.なな・つ

8) 八Pictograph of the number EIGHT. The two lines if continued could form the "X" at the centre of the number 8. や・つ

9) 九The second stroke kicks out to represent one of NINE baseball players legs as he slides into a base. Note the vertical stroke is drawn first. *Primitives = baseball, baseball team.ここの・つ

10) 十Turn this character 45 degrees either way, and it makes the X used for the Roman numeral for TEN. *Primitive = needle.とお

11) 口This square forms a pictograph of a MOUTH.くち

12) 日DAY. Pictograph of the sun. *Primitives = sun, tongue wagging in mouth.ひ|か

13) 月Pictograph of the crescent MOON as seen through wisps of clouds (popular).When this kanji appears as a primitive on the LEFT side of a kanji, it brings the connation of "part of body", "flesh", or "meat".*Primitives = part of the body, flesh, meat, moon.つき

14) 田Pictograph of a grid of RICE FIELDS. Note the third stroke is from the top downward. *Primitive = brain.た

15) 目When turned sideways, the box in the middle could be seen as forming the pupil of an EYE (popular).め|ま

16) 古This looks like a grave-marker, the ever-nearing destination of the very OLD.ふる・す|ふる・い

17) 吾FIVE MOUTHS have "I".われ

18) 冒With the SUN in your EYES, you RISK not catching the fly ball and a subsequent conking on the head.おか・す

19) 朋Two COMPANION MOONS shine over an alien planet. | FLESH lends a sense of closeness to the kanji for COMPANION. とも

20) 明The SUN and MOON together make for a BRIGHT day (popular).あか・るむ|あか・るい|あかる・く|あきら・か|あか・らむ|あ・かす|あ・くる|あ・ける|あかり

21) 唱A MOUTH, for 2 consecutive DAYS, CHANTS.とな・える

22) 晶SUNS, SUNS, SUNS, everywhere reflect off a SPARKLING wine.

23) 品These three MOUTHS together almost look like GOODS piled up and ready for shipment.しな

24) 呂SPINE. Pictograph of two MOUTHS joined by a line.

25) 昌TWO SUNS shine on a PROSPEROUS man.

26) 早The NEEDLE-like stem (of a sunflower) combines with the SUN on top to spread its arms to greet the EARLY morning SUN, in a kanji-like SUN-FLOWER. *Primitive = sunflowerはや・い|はや・まる|はや・める

27) 旭Stay for NINE SUN-rises in the Land of the RISING SUN or else you'll never get over the jet-lag. | Fittingly, SUN plays a role in RISING SUN.あさひ

28) 世THREE TENS add up to the 30 years of a given GENERATION (popular). *Alternate primitive = leafよ

29) 胃Here we see a medical diagram with the BRAIN on top, and underneath, the PART OF THE BODY which is most prominent, i.e., The STOMACH.

30) 旦The SUN rises up over the horizon (FLOOR) at "NIGHTBREAK" (i.e., The breaking up of night). | Fittingly, the temporal DAY is found in the kanji for NIGHTBREAK (i.e., the breaking up of night).

31) 胆The PART OF THE BODY which gets up every day at NIGHTBREAK is the GALL BLADDER.きも

32) 亘The SUN rises up over the FLOOR of the ground to the CEILING of the sky, thus SPANNING the day. | The temporal DAY fittingly plays a part in the kanji for SPAN. *Alternate primitive = Spamわた・る

33) 凹Pictograph of a square with the top CON-CAVEing in.ぼこ|へこ・む

34) 凸CONVEX.でこ

35) 旧Kids were punished by whacking them with a CANE all DAY long in the OLDEN TIMES. | The temporal DAY finds its way into the kanji for OLDEN TIMES.ふる・い

36) 自If you've ever been around Japanese people, you know that they point one finger to their own NOSE, i.e., The DROP between the EYES, to indicate ONESELF (popular). *Primitive = noseみずか・ら

37) 白One DROP of the SUN is WHITE (popular). *Primitive = white bird, or dove.しろ・い

38) 百The Japanese call the 99th birthday the WHITE YEAR because the kanji for ONE HUNDRED minus the 1 at the top turns it into the character for WHITE. (Popular).

39) 中A CANE is stuck in a whale's MOUTH, allowing fish to go IN and out.なか

40) 千If two lines make a TEN, then three lines = 10 to the 3rd, i.e. ONE THOUSAND. (Popular).ち

41) 舌A THOUSAND MOUTHS combine to make one huge TONGUE.した

42) 升A THOUSAND bent NEEDLES are kept in an old SEWING BOX. Note how the THOUSAND is slightly curved. * Primitive = sewing boxます

44) 昇The SUN tries to set on a needly SEWING BOX and immediately must RISE UP again. | The SUN shines its first light in RISING UP. のぼ・る

45) 丸NINE DROPS make a ROUND pattern. *Primitive = a fat, round baseball player.まる|まる・い|まる・める

46) 寸Using a special HOOKED NEEDLE, DROPS are carefully MEASURED out by a chemist. *Primitive = glue. This is actually an old Japanese measurement called a “sun” it is one tenth of a “shaku” which will appear later.

47) 専A mutant who has TEN BRAINS GLUED together uses them to reach the top of his chosen SPECIALTY.もっぱ・ら

48) 博Shakily holding a huge NEEDLE with DROPS flying out of it is an acupuncture SPECIALIST who wants to become a full-fledged DR. *Primitive = acupuncture specialist (without the needle).

49) 占In a trance, a gypsy holds a DIVINING ROD, and spirit's words emit from her MOUTH, presenting an image of FORTUNE-TELLING. | MOUTH sets the tone in the kanji for FORTUNE TELLING.ト Pictograph of a DIVINING ROD or a MAGIC WAND.し・める|うらな・う

50) 上A MAGIC WAND stands ABOVE a FLOOR.うえ|うわ|かみ|のぼ・す|のぼ・せる|のぼ・る|あ・げる|あ・がる

51) 下A MAGIC WAND hangs BELOW a ceiling.くだ・さる|くだ・す|  くだ・る|さ・がる|さ・げる|した|しも|お・ろす|お・りる|もと

52) 卓Waving a MAGIC WAND and causing SUNFLOWERS to magically appear amidst the audience is an EMINENT magician.

53) 朝The MOON can sometimes be seen through the MIST in early MORNING.*Radical on the left side of the kanji means MIST.あさ

54) 只A huge MOUTH seems to say "if ONLY I didn't have ANIMAL LEGS".ただ

55) 貝The EYE is the body and ANIMAL LEGS are the bottom portion of a SHELLFISH. *Primitive = shells, shell-currencyかい

56) 貞Wave a MAGIC WAND over a SHELL, and it magically stands UPRIGHT.

57) 員Represented by a MOUTH on a SHELL, this kanji has the look of a robotic EMPLOYEE.

58) 見A creature consisting only of an EYE and HUMAN LEGS SEES extremely well.み・える|み・せる|み・る

59) 児In the OLDEN DAYS, when man was changing from beast to man, if a NEWBORN BABE had HUMAN LEGS, it was allowed to live. | The temporal SUN finds its way into NEWBORN BABE.こ

60) 元TWO HUMAN LEGS are given out at the BEGINNING.もと

61) 頁A picture of ONE NOSE with the ANIMAL LEGS representing the moustache, forms a picture of a HEAD, an illustration which also adorns each PAGE of a book. *Primitive = headページ

62) 頑If someone's HEAD always sticks with the BEGINNING idea, then he is very STUBBORN. | HEAD in the sense of "HEADSTRONG" plays a role in this kanji.  かたく・な

63) 凡A storm that is just a puff of WIND and a DROP of rain is MEDIOCRE effort.およ・そ|すべ・て

64) 負BOUND UP with a rope made of snapping SEA-SHELLS, an opponent is DEFEATED. Or think of a CLAMSHELL’s mouth being BOUND UP as a sign of DEFEATお・う|ま・かす|ま・ける

66) 万If your billfold is down to only ONE BOUND UP (by the billfold) TEN THOUSAND yen note, it's time to go to the bank and get some more.よろず

67) 句A captive with MOUTH BOUND UP can only speak in muffled PHRASES. | A MOUTH utters the catch-PHRASE of this kanji.

68) 肌FLESH blown on by WIND looses its soft TEXTURE.はだ

69) 旬The standard measure of DAYS in ancient China was 10 DAYS "BOUND UP", thus creating a DECAMARON. | The temporal DAY appears in DECAMARON.

70) 勺BOUND-UP and DROP combine to create an image of a LADLE.

71) 的At a carnival booth, you shoot at an imitation WHITE DOVE, and if you hit it, you get to fish a prize out with a LADLE - your reward for hitting the BULL'S EYE. まと

72) 首ANIMAL HORNS growing out of your NOSE reach down to your NECK. くび

73) 乙A fishhook pulls out FISHGUTS.*Primitive = fishhookきのと

74) 乱Sticking their TONGUES out at police, only to be brought under control by police wielding FISHHOOKS, are rampaging RIOTERS.み・だす|みだ・れる

75) 直CROSSED-EYES of a race-car driver are straightened out in surgery with a special FISHHOOK, and can now see the STRAIGHTAWAYS of the race track STRAIGHTWAY (right away), without needing the time to uncross.なお・す|ただ・ちに|なお・る

76) 具A TOOLS with an EYE mounted on it is especially good at completing its job. The TOOL primitive at the bottom of this kanji could be seen of as a table where you keep your TOOLS. つぶさ・に|そな・える

77) 真The TEN EYES of "straightaway" here are used as a TOOL to see the TRUTH.ま

78) 工Represents a carpenter's square, used in his CRAFT of working with wood. *Alternate primitive = carpenter's squareたくみ

79) 左BY ONE'S SIDE hangs a CARPENTER'S SQUARE, to the LEFT, leaving the right side free to do the main work. Notice how the second stroke on the left is longer than the first, to emphasize the left side. (Similar to 10, but with the vertical line curving off to the left. Think of TEN fingers dangling BY ONE'S SIDE).ひだり

80) 右The hand usually hanging BY ONE'S SIDE which is used to put food in the MOUTH is the one on the RIGHT. (Popular).みぎ

81) 有Dangling by one's SIDE is a packet of MOON dust, a proud POSSESSION for all to see.あ・る

82) 賄If you have a lot of SHELL-CURRENCY in your POSSESSION, then you can BRIBE many people.まかな・う

83) 貢Natives of Polynesian island use SHELLS to CRAFT a TRIBUTE to the gods.みつ・ぐ

84) 項A CARPENTER'S SQUARE is used to create the HEADings of a wooden PARAGRAPH.うなじ

85) 刀SWORD.*Primitive = dagger. *When on right, this becomes SABREリ  かたな

86) 刃A DROP of a SWORD is recategorized as a BLADE. | The SWORD lends a cutting sense here to the kanji for BLADE.は

88) 切SEVEN SWORDS CUT.き・る|き・れる

89) 召A SWORD-eater, as he gingerly places a SWORD in his MOUTH, seems almost to be SEDUCING it.め・す

90) 昭In a celestial romance, the SUN attempts to SEDUCE a SHINING star. *Alternate primitive = shoeshine box

91) 則The height of a stack of SHELLS is measured with a SABRE being used as a kind of RULER. | SABRE lends a sense of length to this kanji. *Alternate primitive = rulerのっと・る

92) 副Great WEALTH is used to purchase a huge collection of old SABRES for an aficionado, the VICE-President.(畐ONE MOUTH eats all the BRAINS of various animals, a delicacy eaten by those with great WEALTH).そ・う

93) 別A MOUTH which has been BOUND-UP is suddenly free to talk when the binding cloth is SEPARATED by a SABRE. | SABRE lends a cutting sense to the kanji for SEPARATE.わか・れる

94) 丁NAIL in that STREET sign. *Primitive = nail / exactひのと

95) 町As RICE FIELDS start to multiply, NAILS are used to start building a TOWN (Revised).まち

96) 可Determined carpenter hold NAILS in his MOUTH, saying "I CAN do this all by myself".

97) 頂Instead of hitting the NAIL on the HEAD, you PLACE it ON THE HEAD of this kanji. | HEAD of course appears in this kanji.いただき|いただ・く

98) 子Pictograph of a small CHILD.こ|ね

99) 孔A CHILD fears the HOOK of the dentist probing a CAVITY.あな

100) 了This kanji resembles a question mark, which shows that our knowledge of a given subject is never really COMPLETE.

101) 女Here we find the graceful kanji which represents WOMAN.おんな|め

102) 好A WOMAN is FOND of her CHILD (popular). | WOMAN lends her gentle presence to the kanji for FOND.この・む|す・く

103) 如A WOMAN's MOUTH often reveals a LIKENESS both physically and in her way of thinking to that of her mother.ごと・く|ごと・し

104) 母This kanji contains the outline of the kanji for ONNA (woman), with two dots emphasizing the maternal nature of MAMA. (Revised). *Primitive = breasts.毌はは

105) 貫A MOTHER gives SHELL-CURRENCY to her daughter to go out and PIERCE her ears.つらぬ・く

106) 兄Simply a MOUTH on HUMAN LEGS is how many family members think of the ELDER BROTHER. (Popular). *Primitive = teenagerあに

107) 克TEN TEENAGERS take over a recreation hall by OVERCOMING the attendants.かつ

108) 小Three LITTLE drops. *Primitive = smallこ|お|ちい・さい

109) 少Small - with an extra line for emphasis to extend the meaning to "FEW".  すく・ない|すこ・し

110) 大Pictograph of A PERSON with the horizontal line representing arms outstretched to describe something very LARGE. *Primitive = St. Bernard Dogおお|おお・いに|おお・きい

111) 多In the summertime, EVENING upon EVENING combines to make MANY good times.おお・い

112) 夕EVENING. Pictograph - simplified variation of MOON (and the katakana for TA).ゆう

113) 汐In this elegant kanji, we see WATER in the EVENING is seen to represent EVENTIDE. | Fittingly, WATER appears in the kanji for EVENTIDE.しお

114) 外In the EVENING when imagination runs free, a MAGIC WAND is used to magically transport you from the inside to the OUTSIDE.そと|ほか|はず・す| はず・れる

116) 名Late in the EVENING a soldier identifies himself by using his MOUTH to call out his NAME.な

117) 石The extending ledge of the CLIFF marks the vacancy left by the falling STONE, represented here as a "MOUTH" or square shape.(厂Pictograph of a steep CLIFF).いし

118) 肖In a movie-star look-a-like contest, in lieu of a big star, a SMALL MOON is awarded to the contestant with the greatest RESEMBLANCE to a movie star. *Primitive = fire-extinguisher, candle, sparks

119) 硝ROCK is melted by a FIRE EXTINGUISHER spraying NITRATE. | ROCK help give a hint as to the origins of NITRATE.

120) 砕A ROCK breaks up into 9 x 10 = 90 pieces when it is properly SMASHED. | ROCK lends a SMASHING presence to this kanji.くだ・く|くだ・ける

121) 砂ROCKS which are only LITTLE DROPS are shown to be SAND. | ROCK gives a key hint in the kanji for SAND.すな

122) 削 Long before the invention of the carpenter’s PLANE, people used knives and machetes (or here SABERS) to smooth out their woodwork. If you have ever seen the process, you will have been amazed at the speed and agility with which the adept can PLANE a hunk of wood into shape. Indeed, you can almost see the sparks fly from their SABERS.けず・る

123) 光SMALL, funny looking headdress and the HUMAN LEGS represent a medicine man trying to attract the sun's RAYS. *Primitive = shamanひかり|ひか・る

124) 太The DROP added to LARGE means PLUMP.ふと・い|ふと・る

125) 器Several ST. BERNARD DOGS sit around a table, ready to eat, with their FOUR MOUTHS wide open, gripping UTENSILS. | Since a MOUTH is the usual objective for UTENSIL, it is used in this kanji.うつわ

126) 臭People crinkle up their NOSE at an unwashed ST. BERNARD DOG, thinking, "he's STINKING".くさ・い

127) 妙A love-struck poet exclaims "Among WOMAN are FEW, so EXQUISITE as you". | WOMAN lends her lovely presence to the kanji for EXQUISITE. たえ

128) 省You eliminate all but a FEW things from your line of EYE-sight see to FOCUS on something.はぶ・く|かえり・みる

129) 厚On a CLIFF, getting hot playing under the SUN, a child sheds his THICK jacket.あつ・い

130) 奇A St. BERNARD DOG who thinks he CAN become human is STRANGE.

131) 川Pictograph of a STREAM.かわ

132) 州3 DROPS in a STREAM separate the STATES of a country.す

133) 順Floating down a STREAM are chopped-off HEADS, indicating the fate of those who don't OBEY the powers that be.

134) 水Pictograph of CANE falling into the WATER, with a katakana FU on the left and a RAG on the right representing the splashing WATER. *Primitive = liquidみず

135) 氷The extra DROP in WATER creates an image of a snowflake-shaped ICICLE hanging from your house.こおり|ひ

136) 永A DROP of WATER comes straight down from ETERNITY.なが・い

137) 泉WHITE WATER bubbles up from a SPRING. (Popular). | WATER of course will appear in the kanji for SPRING.いずみ

138) 原CLIFF SPRINGS give rise to MEADOWS.はら

139) 願As you walk along a MEADOW, a man with a huge HEAD jumps out of nowhere and asks you to sign a PETITION. | HEAD lends a certain organizational sense to the kanji for PETITION.ねが・う

140) 泳A subtle warning, this kanji states that you my head off to ETERNITY if you're not careful while SWIMMING in the WATER.およ・ぐ

141) 沼A poor tourist, thirsty due to lack of coke is SEDUCED by the WATER of a nearby MARSH, and ends up drowning in quicksand!ぬま

142) 沖WATER is deepest IN the OPEN SEA.おき

143) 江CRAFT-y WATER becomes a CREEK.え

144) 汁A LIQUID with NEEDLES in it is a booby-trapped SOUP.しる

145) 潮Added to this is the MIST through which we can still see the MOON as it looms over the incoming TIDE. | WATER of course appears in the kanji for TIDE.しお

146) 源WATER from the cliff-top MEADOW is the SOURCE for the whole community.みなもと

147) 活Certain LIQUIDS on the TONGUE makes it more LIVELY and talkative.い・きる


149) 況When asked if he is going to jump into the WATER for a swim, an enthusiastic TEENAGER says, "BUT OF COURSE".いわん・や

150) 河WATER that CAN make it all the way to the ocean is designated as a full-fledged RIVER.かわ

151) 泊WATER WHITE means you stay OVERNIGHT.と・まる|と・める

152) 湖When the MOON got very OLD, it lost all the WATER that it had on its surface to a huge LAKE on the earth.みずうみ

153) 測A WATER-RULER measures FATHOMS. | WATER provides a hint in the kanji for FATHOM.はか・る

154) 土Pictograph of SOIL. Primitives = ground, dirt, land.つち

155) 吐A MOUTH with SOIL in it SPITS it out. (Popular). | MOUTH of course comes into play in the kanji for SPIT.は・く

156) 圧An artificial CLIFF, as a prop in a play, is covered with SOIL, but can't withstand the PRESSURE, and collapses.お・す

157) 埼SOIL that's STRANGE is found on the CAPE. | The kanji for CAPE fittingly contains SOIL since it is a representation of a section of ground. さき

158) 垣SOIL is covered with cans of SPAM to form an artificial HEDGE. | SOIL is what is SPANNED by a HEDGE in this kanji.かき

159) 圭SOIL is piled on top of SOIL over the ages and eventually flattens down and turns into a SQUARE JEWEL. *Primitive = ivy

160) 封IVY falling off a chimney is GLUED back on, a solution which receives the SEAL of approval from the homeowner.

161) 涯Standing on an IVY covered CLIFF, you gaze out over the WATER toward the HORIZON. | WATER generally represents the dividing line of the HORIZON, thus justifying its presence in this kanji

162) 寺Due to lack of new recruits, SOIL surrounding a BUDDHIST TEMPLE is covered with GLUE to trap unwitting tourists into joining the priesthood, or at least to hear a sales pitch.てら

163) 時In the olden days, looking out at the position of the SUN from a BUDDHIST TEMPLE was the only way to tell the TIME.とき

164) 均SOIL with a DROP breaking its smooth surface is made LEVEL by a LADLE. | The SOIL of the ground is usually LEVEL, explaining its appearance here. なら・す|ひと・しい

165) 火A PERSON who is a human torch has two DROPS of FIRE spraying out from him. *Primitive = hearth-fire, fireplace, conflagrationひ|ほ

166) 炎FIRE doubles itself up to form an INFLAMMATION.ほのお

167) 煩A FIRE on your HEAD can cause considerable ANXIETY.わずら・う| わずら・わす

168) 淡WATER poured on a fiery INFLAMMATION, makes the fire THIN out and eventually fade away.あわ・い

169) 灯A FIRE perched atop a NAIL makes a kanji LAMP. The light cast by a FIRE is included in LAMP.ひ

170) 畑FIRE is used to clear a RICE FIELD on a Japanese FARM (popular).はた|はたけ

171) 災FLOOD and FIRE combine to create a major DISASTER.わざわ・い

172) 灰Huge FIRE under a CLIFF leaves nothing but ASHES.はい

173) 点FORTUNE-TELLER at a CAMPFIRE predicts you'll get SPOTS on your clothes if you get any closer to the fire.(FIRE as it appears when squashed at the bottom of a kanji. *Primitive = cooking-fire, campfire).とも・す

174) 照An old SHOESHINE BOX is thrown onto a CAMP-FIRE to provide some ILLUMINATION to hobos reading old paperback novels. | FIRE casts its light in the kanji for ILLUMINATE.て・らす|て・る|て・れる

175) 魚BOUND UP, dragged through a RICE-FIELD, and fried over a COOKING FIRE, is what usually happens to a kanji FISH.うお|さかな

176) 漁WATER combines with FISH to create an image of someone FISHING.  あさ・る

177) 里The GROUND covered by a RICE FIELD is one RI (about 4 kilometres). *Primitive = computerさと

178) 黒A COMPUTER tossed onto a CAMP-FIRE ends up a charred BLACK colour.くろ|くろ・い

179) 墨BLACK SOIL is poured into a fountain pen, and comes out of the other end as BLACK INK.すみ

180) 鯉A FISH with a COMPUTER in its head is a CARP. How else could they figure out how to swim upstream? | Fittingly, FISH will appear in the kanji for CARP. こい

181) 量Churning throughout the dark hours until NIGHTBREAK, a COMPUTER churns out an enormous QUANTITY of printout.はか・る

182) 厘The value of that whizzy new COMPUTER you just bought has predictably fallen as if from a CLIFF - leaving it with a value of one RIN. (1/1000 of a yen!)

183) 埋Once SOIL gets into a COMPUTER, it's useless, so you might just as BURY it.う・まる|う・める|う・もれる

184) 同At a convention of "The Brotherhood", all the participants wear a HOOD and pledge that when they open their MOUTHS they will speak with ONE and the SAME voice. *Primitive = monk. (冂Hood is similar to WIND, but with the bottom right turned in. *Primitive = glass hood, pheasant glass).おな・じ

185) 洞WATER only, not alcohol, is accepted as a drink by the MONK who is visiting your house and relaxing in the DEN.ほら

186) 胴The PART OF THE BODY most important to the MONK is the TRUNK, where he focuses his meditation. | PART OF THE BODY plays a key role in the kanji for TRUNK.

187) 向The DROP on the HOOD acts as a kind of pointing antennae, while the MOUTH of the wearer informs you that what you are looking for is over YONDER. む・かう|む・く|む・こう|む・ける

188) 尚A very SMALL MOUTH is kept in a GLASS HOOD, as reminder of an ESTEEMED opponent who came to a sad end.なお

189) 字A CHILD in a HOUSE feverishly studies kanji CHARACTERS.(宀Pictograph of a HOUSE).あざ

190) 守Using GLUE to catch an intruder heading into a HOUSE is an alert GUARD.まも・る|もり

191) 完A little pitcher who practices throwing strikes off the side of his HOUSE since the very BEGINNING grows up to pitch a PERFECT game.

192) 宣In a voice that SPANS the HOUSE-tops, a coming event is PROCLAIMED for all to hear.

193) 宵A HOUSE is surrounded by lighted CANDLES so you can find it in the WEE HOURS. | In a HOUSE is generally where the WEE HOURS are spent.よい

194) 安A WOMAN can RELAX in her HOUSE.やす・い

195) 宴A HOUSE is fittingly a place to have a BANQUET, here prepared by a talented WOMAN. There is an entire DAY making the BANQUET interrupting her RELAXATION).うたげ

196) 寄A HOUSE which is STRANGE DRAWS NEAR in a nightmare.よ・る|よ・せる

197) 富This full kanji for WEALTH shows the huge HOUSE that the WEALTH can buy. | A HOUSE is shown as the place to keep one's WEALTH.とみ|と・む

198) 貯SHELL-CURRENCY which can buy enough NAILS to build a HOUSE comprises a life's SAVINGS.たくわ・える

199) 木This kanji can mean TREE or WOOD.き

200) 林Two TREES make a GROVE.はやし

201) 森Three TREES make a FOREST.もり

202) 桂Contrary to popular belief, JUDAS received an ivy-coloured SQUARE JEWEL for his infamous betrayal, and the location of the payment was under a TREE. | TREE fittingly is found in this kanji. JAPANESE JUDAS TREE.かつら

203) 柏An OAK TREE is painted WHITE to disguise it as a birch, so that it won't be chopped down by foresters seeking the highly valued OAK. | TREE fittingly is found in this kanji.かしわ

204) 枠The WOOD which is 9 X 10 = 90 times more expensive than the picture itself is the FRAME. Each corner of a WOODEN FRAME is NINETY degrees.わく

1633) 梢You climb a TREE, and find a FIRE-EXTINGUISHER at the TREETOP, kept there in case of a forest fire. TREE fittingly is found in this kanji.こずえ

206) 棚A book-end made from WOOD holds up two books about the MOON on a SHELF. (The MOONS almost resemble the binders of books as seen from the side).たな

207) 杏An APRICOT TREE will grow out of a MOUTH that eats too many APRICOTS. | TREE lends a plat like presence in this kanji an APRICOT.あんず

208) 桐A TREE which looks the SAME as someone named "Paul", is named the "PAULOWNIA". | TREE fittingly is found in this kanji for the PAULOWNIA tree.きり

210) 植A TREE growing STRAIGHTAWAY is a fast-growing PLANT.う・える|う・わる

211) 枯A TREE beside a TOMBSTONE gets depressed at the company, so WITHERS and dies. | TREE and OLD both provide important hints in this kanji for WITHER.か・らす|か・れる

212) 朴To use a TREE as MAGIC WAND is thought to be rather CRUDE behaviour.ほお

213) 村TREES GLUED together form the structures of a VILLAGE (Revised).むら

214) 相Sitting in TREES near a border, enemy soldiers EYE each other, INTER-acting in such a way as to create an INTER-national crisis. | The INTER-locking EYES provide a key hint to this kanji.あい

215) 机A TREE which was blown down by the WIND serves as an impromptu DESK.つくえ

216) 本A "cross-cut" from a TREE becomes a BOOK.もと

217) 札All the TREES in a preserve have a HOOK attached to them, from which a TAG is hung, identifying it for tourists and scientists.ふだ

218) 暦In these days of deforestation, as seen high on a CLIFF, each tree that disappears from a GROVE marks another DAY on our CALENDAR. | The temporal DAY lends it presence to CALENDAR.こよみ

219) 案You RELAX after a falling TREE narrowly misses you, and figuring you've got some time left on this world, you go ahead and PLAN your future.

220) 燥A FIRE burns up a NEST, leaving only PARCHED remains. (GOODS shown atop a TREE give a pictorial representation of a NEST).

221) 未A TREE with a SHORT LINE at the top indicates that it is NOT YET ready to be harvested.ま・だ

222) 末A TREE with a LONG HORIZONTAL LINE at the top has grown to its EXTREMITY.すえ

223) 沫WATER travels to great EXTREMITIES when propelled by a huge SPLASH. | Of course WATER is going to found in the kanji for SPLASH.あわ

224) 味The MOUTH is NOT ready to stop tasting that delicious FLAVOUR.あじ|あじ・わう

225) 妹A WOMAN who is NOT YET mature is a YOUNGER SISTER.いもうと

226) 朱A DROP in a scientific experiment has NOT YET changed colour - but if it turns VERMILION, then the test is positive.

227) 株A WOODEN board with VERMILION coloured markings could have been the first "Big Board" of the Japanese STOCK exchange.かぶ

228) 若The FLOWERS leaning to the RIGHT point toward the fountain of YOUTH. (One cross stroke with two downward strokes creates a FLOWER)わか・い

229) 草The "EARLIEST" FLOWER is, of course, GRASS.くさ

230) 苦FLOWER grows OLD, SUFFERS.くる・しい|くる・しむ      |くる・しめる|にが・い|にが・る

231) 寛In a HOTHOUSE/HOUSE OF FLOWERS, a gentle gardener SEES that his plants are growing slowly but is nonetheless very TOLERANT. くつろ・ぐ

232) 薄WATER and FLOWERS are seen in an ACUPUNCTURIST's office, so as to DILUTE the patient's fear. | WATER is not surprisingly found in the kanji for DILUTE.うす・い|うす・まる|うす・める|うす・らぐ|うす・れる

233) 葉Here we see a pretty picture of FLOWERING LEAVES on TREE.は

234) 模A famous impressionist is buried next to a TREE in a GRAVEYARD, and it soon becomes a tradition for aspiring comedians to stand under the tree and practice their IMITATIONS. FLOWERS, each and every DAY, are carried by a faithful ST. BERNARD to the GRAVEYARD of its departed master.

235) 漠Glancing down into a pool of WATER in a GRAVEYARD, you see a VAGUE reflection, perhaps of a ghost sneaking up behind you. | Since things seen through WATER appear VAGUE, it's an appropriate element for this kanji.

236) 墓In a GRAVEYARD, fresh SOIL covers a GRAVE.はか

237) 暮We can distract ourselves from the fate which awaits us all, i.e. The GRAVEYARD, by filling our DAYS with the activities through which we earn our LIVELIHOODく・れる|く・らす

238) 膜The MOON shining into a GRAVEYARD shines through the MEMBRANE of your skin, showing that perhaps you are turning into a ghost.

239) 苗FLOWER-ing in a FIELD is a SEEDLING. FLOWER gives an idea of the plant-like nature of SEEDLING.なえ|なわ

240) 兆These lines actually represent the back of a TURTLE, which in ancient times were read as a PORTENT of things to come. (Popular). *Alternate primitive = tortoise shellきざ・し|きざ・す

241) 桃In our version of the Momotarou story (who was born from a PEACH), the TREE with the TORTOISE SHELL on top is the PEACH TREE.もも

242) 眺An ominous looking EYE is embedded in a TORTOISE SHELL, STARING at you as you enter into a primitive structure in search of a sacred treasure. | EYE lends an unblinking presence appears in the kanji for STARE.なが・める

243) 犬Pictograph - of the huge St. BERNARD DOG standing next to a small DOT of a CHIHUAHUA DOG. *Primitive = Chihuahuaいぬ

244) 状A TURTLE, by having a race with a CHIHUAHUA (instead of a hare), upsets the STATUS QUO. The left side of PORTENT becomes a TURTLE.

245) 黙A pitch-BLACK CHIHUAHUA barks wildly as you pass by, until you suddenly command, "SILENCE!".だま・る

246) 然The MEAT of a CHIHUAHUA, baked on a CAMP-FIRE, is not the SORT OF THING you'd expect in a fancy restaurant.しか・り|しか・し

247) 荻As a forest FIRE rages above, a WILD DOG ducks underwater and breathes through a REED, represented by the FLOWER. | FLOWER gives a clue as to the plant-like nature of REED. DOG when it appears on the left side of a kanji changes to a WILD DOG.おぎ

248) 狩WILD DOGS are HUNTED by the palace GUARD. | WILD DOGS lend a sense of the HUNT to this kanji.かり|か・る

249) 猫A "SEEDLING" of a WILD DOG is a CAT. | The middling sized animal WILD DOG helps here to give shape to a CAT. WILD DOGS love chasing CATS so much that they plant CAT SEEDLINGS so they will have even more to chase.ねこ

250) 牛Attempting unsuccessfully to RECLINE on a bed of NEEDLES in India is an sacred COW.うし

251) 特COWS rampaging in a BUDDHIST TEMPLE are the subject of a news SPECIAL. At the Hindu TEMPLE the COW would be considered particularly SPECIAL.

252) 告From a sacred COW's MOUTH comes a REVELATION. (Popular).つ・げる

253) 先The mutant COW who walks on HUMAN LEGS marches proudly BEFORE the rest of the herd.さき

254) 洗WATER, BEFORE a meal, is used to WASH up. |WATER is of course found in the kanji for WASH.あら・う

255) 介Two CANES (one curved) are accidentally JAMMED IN to an UMBRELLA in an UMBRELLA stand.すけ

256) 界All the RICE-FIELDS are JAMMED IN to our very small WORLD.

257) 茶Under a huge UMBRELLA covered with FLOWERS and supported by a WOODEN POLE, people sip at TEA.

258) 合This kanji uses MEETING and MOUTH to draw a picture of two pipes MEETING, with one pipe going into the "MOUTH" of the other, a perfect FIT. Everyone gathers under ONE UMBRELLA in a MEETING.あ・う|あ・わす|あ・わせる

259) 塔In some very fertile SOIL, FLOWERS grow so tall that they FIT together to form a huge PAGODA.

260) 王A KING might say "I am number ONE", with the capital "I" used in this instance being visually borrowed from the western alphabet, combined with kanji for ONE. *Primitive = sceptre

261) 玉The DROPS associated with a KING are ball shaped JEWELS. *Primitive = ballたま

262) 宝All the JEWELS in the national treasury are HOUSED in an enormous TREASURE chest. | HOUSE is shown to be the place where TREASURE is kept.  たから

263) 珠KING likes VERMILLION coloured PEARLS.

264) 現The KING, lacking political vision, SEES only the PRESENT.あらわ・す|あらわ・れる

265) 狂WILD DOGS are ordered by the cruel KING to be unleashed upon the LUNATICS.くる・う|くる・おしい

266) 皇As the colour WHITE is sometimes used to represent enhanced status, here it is used to represent a "WHITE KING", i.e., The king in charge of all other kings, thus the EMPEROR.

267) 呈The square of MOUTH mounted on a SCEPTRE creates an image of a television DISPLAY.

268) 全A KING raises an UMBRELLA high over his head during a picnic on a potentially rainy day, to indicate that he "ate the WHOLE thing", and wants to be served even more.まった・く

269) 栓A WHOLE TREE is needed to create a kind of gigantic PLUG. (Umbrella + tree = whole)

270) 理That which makes a KING out of the COMPUTER is its LOGIC.ことわり

271) 主A DROP of a KING is a LORD. *Primitive = candlestickおも|ぬし

272) 注WATER is POURED onto CANDLESTICK to douse it.そそ・ぐ

273) 柱In the famous biblical story, Samson regained his strength when his hair grew back, and knocked down the PILLARS to which he was chained. Here we see that those two PILLARS were composed of a TREE and a CANDLESTICK, respectively.はしら

274) 金The KING sits under an UMBRELLA as each of his vassals presents him with two DROPS of GOLD. *Primitive = metalかね|かな


276) 鉢A hillbilly granny speaks of the GOLDEN rule and quotes from the good BOOK as she gives local boys a BOWL-style haircut.

277) 銅The METAL which MONKS prefer is COPPER pennies, due to their vow of poverty. | METAL provides the flavour in this kanji for COPPER.あかがね

278) 釣A METAL LADLE is used to hold the bait for a fisherman busy ANGLING. | The METAL of the hook used is shown in this kanji for ANGLING.つ・る

279) 針METAL is used to make NEEDLES.はり

280) 銘METAL with a NAME carved into it is an INSCRIPTION (popular). | METAL provides the medium in this kanji for INSCRIPTION.


277) 道The NECK represents a "bottle-neck" (narrow passage) in a ROAD-WAY. みち

278) 導When we accept someone’s GUIDANCE, we permit ourselves to be GLUED to a certain ROAD or WAY of doing something and try to “stick to it.みち・びく

279) 辻TEN ROADS come together to form a mega-CROSSING. | ROAD provides the flavour in this kanji for CROSSING.つじ

280) 迅At a race which finishes at a CROSSING, a FISHHOOK swoops down to take the winner to the victory stand as the SWIFTEST of all. ROAD provides its sense of motion to the kanji for SWIFT.はや・い

281) 造The speaking cow of REVELATION gives up its secrets as we travel the ROAD to understanding the CREATION of the universe.つく・る

282) 迫The bright WHITE lines painted down the middle of the ROAD are subconsciously URGING you to drive sensibly and not weave between lanes.せま・る

283) 逃A tortoise runs clean out of his TORTOISE-SHELL and flees down the ROAD as he ESCAPES from prison.のが・す|のが・れる|に・がす|に・げる

284) 辺A BLADE to cut out a new ROAD, thus allowing access to the local ENVIRONS.あた・り|べ

285) 巡A FLOODED-out ROAD is PATROLLED by police. | ROAD here provides a sense of movement to the kanji for PATROL.めぐ・る

286) 車*primitives = vehicle, car, cart, wagonくるま

287) 連With a CAR on the ROAD you can TAKE ALONG your kids.つら・なる|つら・ねる|つ・れる

288) 軌CARS, NINE in all, passing over the same spot create a RUT. | CAR provides a hint as to the cause of a RUT in this kanji.

289) 輸When going to a BUTCHERS MEETING, a CAR is the favoured means of TRANSPORT. | CAR gives the means of TRANSPORT in this kanji.

290) 前ANIMAL HORNS at a BUTCHER's shop are displayed prominently IN FRONT.まえ

291) 各The persuasive MOUTH tries to convince you that EACH pair of STILTS is perfectly made. Or you could just imagine a pair of human legs stepping on EACH mouth.おのおの

292) 格In the not so distant future, EACH TREE will have an "endangered-species" STATUS.いたる

293) 略A farmer has so many RICE-FIELDS he names EACH with an ABBREVIATION.

294) 客EACH HOUSE provides a home for an honoured GUEST.

295) 額To keep track of all your GUESTS, you imagine their names written on their HEAD, and what better part to do this than the FOREHEAD.ひたい

296) 夏A massive HEAD on a pair of STILTS wanders down the beach in mid-SUMMER. Note that the animal legs of HEAD have been replaced by the WALKING LEGS.なつ

297) 処WALKING LEGS carelessly kick about improperly litter blowing in the WIND which has been improperly DISPOSED.ところ

298) 条STILTS used to climb a TREE suddenly break like a TWIG.

299) 落From EACH FLOWER, WATER FALLS.お・ちる|お・とす

300) 冗The wearer of the CROWN takes too many polls and makes his decisions based on however the WIND is blowing, thus causing his opinions to be regarded as SUPERFLUOUS.

301) 軍A leader wears a CROWN as he rides his VEHICLE into battle at the head of his ARMY. A CAR provides the means of transportation for an ARMY in this kanji.

302) 輝A SHAMAN takes a ride in a CHARIOT wearing a RADIANT smile. You may recall the SMALL combined with HUMAN LEGS, which formed the shaman of the kanji for RAY.かがや・く

303) 運CHARIOTS roll along a ROAD as they CARRY goods to the front lines.  はこ・ぶ

304) 冠In this full kanji representation of CROWN, we find that in the BEGINNING of his reign, an ill-fitting CROWN was GLUED to a young king's head, until he finally got used to the idea of wearing the CROWN.かんむり

305) 夢FLOWERS fall about your EYES and you receive a CROWN in a coronation, all during the EVENING as you DREAM. EVENING slips subtly into the kanji for DREAM.ゆめ

306) 坑SOIL thrown up by a moving WHIRLWIND leaves a huge PIT.

307) 高The TOPHAT and MOUTH replace the antenna of YONDER to create an image of a TALL person who can see way over YONDER.たか|たか・い     |たか・まる|たか・める

308) 享A TALL CHILD RECEIVES many gifts.う・ける

309) 塾TALL CHILDREN who are FAT must sit on the GROUND at tight-budgeted CRAM SCHOOLS.

310) 熟The TALL, FAT CHILD from CRAM SCHOOL takes a hot bath heated by a CAMP-FIRE, and MELLOWS out.う・れる

311) 亭A TALL CROWN held up by a huge NAIL forms an image of a PAVILION.

312) 京Both the TALL and the SMALL are ruled by pronouncements from the CAPITAL.

313) 涼WATER is tossed onto the CAPITAL building to REFRESH the moribund ideas of the politicians inside. A dash of WATER helps make things REFRESHING in this kanji.すず・しい|すず・む

314) 景A DAY spent in the nation's CAPITAL reveals some beautiful SCENERY. | The SUN shines brightly, illuminating the SCENERY of this kanji.

315) 鯨A FISH as big as the nation's CAPITAL is said to be a WHALE. | Though not technically correct from a biological classification standpoint, FISH nonetheless appears in the kanji for WHALE.くじら

316) 舎An UMBRELLA over a LIDDED CROCK forms a makeshift COTTAGE.

317) 周The making of a GLASS HOOD involves placing it over a LIDDED CROCK to make sure it has exactly the right CIRCUMFERENCE.まわり

318) 週A "LAP", or CIRCUMFERENCE, along the ROAD of life, is organized by a unit of a WEEK.

319) 士Pictograph of a GENTLEMAN.さむらい

320) 吉A special kind of SAMURAI eschews the sword and, instead opens his MOUTH wishes GOOD LUCK to one and all. The MOUTH wishing GOOD LUCK appears in this kanji.よし

321) 壮TURTLE-SAMURAI are ROBUST Warrior Turtles.さか・ん

322) 荘WARRIOR TURTLES wear decorative FLOWERS on their lapels as they guard a VILLA where political talks are being held. FLOWER lends a sense of a country atmosphere to VILLA.

323) 売A SAMURAI behind a table SELLS CROWNS as his HUMAN LEGS show underneath.う・る|う・れる


325) 覚We are advised that in a SCHOOLHOUSE, everything you SEE should be MEMORIZED.おぼ・える|さ・める|さ・まる

326) 栄In the learning environment of a SCHOOLHOUSE, a poor, dying TREE rescued by students recovers its health and FLOURISHES. | The plant-like nature of TREE is found here in the kanji for FLOURISH.さか・える|は・え

327) 書A WRITING BRUSH drawing the kanji for the SUN creates a picture of WRITING.か・く

328) 津A container of WATER, to a drying WRITING BRUSH, is like a safe HAVEN. (It’s in the place name Tsuwano 津和野)つ

329) 牧A COW is made by a TASKMASTER to BREED. TASKMASTER lends his authoritative presence to this kanji. BREED already you COW!まき

330) 攻A CARPENTERS SQUARE is used by a TASKMASTER on his charges as an outlet for his AGGRESSION. TASKMASTER lends his authoritative presence to this kanji.せ・める

331) 敗A SHELL is berated by a TASKMASTER for FAILING to produce a pearl. TASKMASTER lends his authoritative presence to this kanji.やぶ・れる

332) 枚A TREE is used by a resourceful TASKMASTER as a SHEET of paper.

333) 故In Egypt a TOMBSTONE of an ancient TASKMASTER is discovered by HAPPENSTANCE.ゆえ
334) 敬FLOWERY PHRASES are used by a servant speaking to a TASKMASTER who is held in AWE. TASKMASTER lends his authoritative presence to this kanji.  うやま・う

335) 言LINES above a MOUTH will later become letters which show what it SAYS.い・う|こと


337) 計Harsh WORDS which sting like a NEEDLE are used to draft an unwilling accomplice into a PLOT to overthrow the king.はか・らう|はか・る

338) 獄In an animal version of "Jailhouse Rock", WILD DOGS backup a tenor CHIHUAHUA as they sing into a MICROPHONE at a PRISON show. Inclusion of the rambunctious WILD DOG indicates PRISON time is no picnic.

339) 訂WORDS are EXACTLY as you want them in the final REVISION. | Very often we REVISE WORDS, thus making WORDS a key primitive in this kanji.

340) 討WORDS that CHASTISE stick like GLUE.う・つ

341) 訓WORDS come forth in a STREAM, giving INSTRUCTION (popular).

342) 詔In the same we are interested in a special news bulletin, commoners in the old days were SEDUCED by the prospect of hearing the WORDS of an IMPERIAL EDICT.みことのり

343) 詰WORDS are PACKED into an AEROSAL CAN.つ・まる|つ・める|つ・む

344) 話WORDS from an inventive TONGUE tell a tall TALE.はなし|はな・す

345) 詠WORDS seem to last an ETERNITY to a bored student listening to a RECITATION.よ・む

346) 詩Reciting in front of a MICROPHONE in a BUDDHIST TEMPLE is someone reciting a sacred POEM.

347) 語Seeing a MICROPHONE, I step up and deliver the WORD.かた・らう  |かた・る

348) 読Convincing WORDS can SELL you on something - if you take the time to READ them.よ・む

349) 調Just as a guitarist TUNES his guitar, a singer will sing the WORDS of the song over and over again (kind of a "LAP") to get the proper TUNE.しら・べる     |ととの・う|ととの・える

350) 談WORDS have a tendency to become INFLAMED in fiery DISCUSSION. | WORDS of course figure into the kanji for DISCUSS.

351) 諾WORDS of warning are ignored by the YOUNG as they go and do foolish things without their parent's CONSENT.

352) 諭While trying to take over the MICROPHONE, a drunk at a MEETING of BUTCHERS is sharply REBUKED by his colleagues.さと・す

353) 式An ARROW that is well CRAFTED makes an archer very STYLISH.

354) 試At an open MICROPHONE, the STYLE of aspiring performers is put to the TEST.ため・す|こころ・みる

355) 弐2 QUIVERS are seen laying together, forming the numeral "II".

356) 域The GROUND most familiar to a COWBOY is that of his home on the RANGE.  (Cowboy with his mouth to the floor after the fiesta and ground)

357) 賊Taking SHELL-CURRENCY, by using a NEEDLE to threaten those attending a FIESTA, is a BURGLAR.

358) 栽During THANKSGIVING, one gives thanks for the TREES, assuming one lives on a PLANTATION.

359) 載A VEHICLE on THANKSGIVING carries an enormous LOAD of food to the dinner. | The CAR provides a means of transport in this kanji for LOAD.の・せる|の・る

360) 茂FLOWERS are snatched up by a PARADE of fed-up gardeners, because they have OVERGROWN the whole town.しげ・る

361) 成A PARADE of men marching and shaving with razor BLADES, TURNS INTO a dark alley because the leaders were so busy shaving they lost their way. (Or a parade TURNS INTO a dagger-throwing bout with just one extra stroke to the character.)な・す|な・る

362) 城Resourceful early architects of Incan times were able to take mere SOIL and make it TURN INTO a huge CASTLE.しろ

363) 誠At an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, the act of standing in front of a MICROPHONE often TURNS INTO a SINCERE resolution to break an addiction.  まこと

364) 威A MARCH of feminist WOMEN INTIMIDATES male chauvinists.おど・す

365) 滅WATER and FIRE combine in an unstoppable MARCH which DESTROYS anything in its path.ほろ・びる|ほろ・ばす

366) 減Dropping out to seek a drink of WATER as their MOUTHS becomes dry, the number of participants in a MARCH starts to DWINDLE rapidly. | WATER comes into play here in the sense of a DWINDLING water supply.へ・らす|へ・る

367) 桟Construction workers wear their kid's swimming pool FLOATS as they work on a crickety WOODEN SCAFFOLD.

368) 銭METAL which FLOATS through the economy is the simple COIN.ぜに

369) 浅In the WATER of a pool, children have to ride in a FLOAT if they leave the SHALLOW end.あさ・い

370) 止Moving arm of signpost drops to say STOP.と・まる|と・める|や・む

371) 歩STOP your busy life for a FEW seconds, and go out and take a refreshing WALK.あゆ・む|ある・く

372) 渉To WALK across the WATER is to FORD it. | Of course WATER will be found in FORD.

373) 頻If you endure an aggressive salesman's pitch, it may feel as if someone is WALKING on your HEAD, because he says the same thing, REPEATEDLY.しき・り

374) 肯A FOOTPRINT on the MOON shows what can be accomplished when people reach an AGREEMENT to do something.

375) 企The man leading a group of people on the beach cries "STOP, we shall plant the UMBRELLA here!" And UNDERTAKES to put in the ground.くわだ・てる

376) 歴A GROVE OF TREES at the top of a CLIFF has a STOP SIGN in front of it to prevent desperate students from leaping off it once they see their CURRICULUM for the next semester.

377) 武A QUIVER contains enough arrows to STOP an oncoming WARRIOR.

378) 賦SHELL-CURRENCY must be paid by WARRIORS in a LEVY needed for better uniforms.

379) 正This pictograph represents a FOOTPRINT "toeing the line" in an example of CORRECT behaviour (popular).ただ・しい|ただ・す|まさ

380) 証WORDS, if spoken by someone who recalls the events CORRECTLY, can be damning EVIDENCE. | WORDS are often used as EVIDENCE.

381) 政A politically CORRECT TASKMASTER shows you the error of your ways if you deviate from the proscribed POLITICS. TASKMASTER lends his authoritative presence to this kanji.まつりごと

382) 定To properly MEND a fix-me-up HOUSE every weekend requires great DETERMINATION. さだ・める|さだ・まる


384) 走SOIL must be MENDED after being RUN over by thousands of runners in a marathonはし・る

385) 超A method of SEDUCTION which is so effective it actually seems to RUN and catch the "seducee" TRANSCENDS the run of the mill tactics.こ・える|こ・す

386) 赴In a marathon, a MAGIC WAND blocks RUNNERS, and raises up to allow them to PROCEED with caution.おもむ・く

387) 越Participants in a RUNNING PARADE shed a DROP of sweat as they struggle to SURPASS one another.こ・える|こ・す

388) 是A DAY is spent MENDING clothes, JUST SO you have something to decent to wear that night.これ

389) 題The "TOPIC" of the day is kind of like a newspaper headline, which must be chosen "JUST SO", such that people can nod their HEADS in agreement as the read the TOPIC.

390) 堤Although it is popularly thought the little Dutch boy saved the DIKE by placing his thumb in a hole, what he actually did was place a clump of SOIL, JUST SO, to plug the leak, and then ran for help. SOIL plays a roll in DIKE because that is what many have been built from.つつみ

391) 建Due to lack of material, frustrated architects finally throw up their hands, and use WRITING BRUSHES piled upon one another which STRETCH toward the sky to BUILD a skyscraper.た・つ|た・てる

392) 延A DROP of sweat drops from aerobics participants as they STOP and STRETCH during a PROLONGED workout.の・ばす|の・びる|の・べる

393) 誕At a Christmas party, revellers sing into MICROPHONE, and then PROLONG the fun by not going home, in a celebration of the NATIVITY.

394) 礎Found in a GROVE next to the entrance to your favourite ZOO is the CORNERSTONE of a building which used to be there. STONE of course is found in the kanji for CORNERSTONE.いしずえ

395) 婿Next to the WOMAN he is to wed, in a ZOO, because that's where they met exactly one MONTH ago, stands surprised BRIDEGROOM. WOMAN as usual is present in a kanji relating to marriage.むこ

396) 衣At the top we see a TOPHAT. At the bottom, folds of a GARMENT, spit into 2 and 2.ころも

397) 裁At the first THANKSGIVING, to ensure they had the very best CLOTHES for the historic occasion, the pilgrims enlisted the services of an accomplished TAILOR. CLOTHES of course appear in the kanji for TAILOR.さば・く|た・つ

398) 装In the spirit of making a fashion symbol from an animal, such as an alligator or a horse, the newest symbol is the Warrior-turtle line of CLOTHING, the latest in casual ATTIRE.よそお・う

399) 裏A COMPUTER wearing a TOPHAT & SCARF is an android, as you can see if you open him from the BACKうら

400) 壊Getting SOIL in his POCKET during a tough race is a DEMOLITION derby driver. | SOIL is included in this kanji due to the idea of something being DEMOLISHED right down to the GROUND. (Different to the book)こわ・す|こわ・れる

401) 哀A poor little boy from a Dickens story wearing a tattered TOPHAT and SCARF, his MOUTH open in hunger, presents a PATHETIC sight.あわ・れ|   あわ・れむ

402) 遠DISTANCE-MARKERS on the ROAD show the DISTANCE travelled. (Lidded Crock + scarf = mileage marker)とお・い

403) 猿Wielding a CROCK-POT against WILD DOGS who are attacking his master, all while wearing a SCARF, is a pet MONKEY. | The middling sized animal WILD DOG helps here to give shape to a MONKEY. さる

404) 初When a spy dons a CLOAK & DAGGER for the FIRST TIME, he is hooked for good on the thrill of "the game".うい|はつ|そ・める|はじ・め|はじ・めて

405) 布A TOWEL hanging BY ONE'S SIDE as you walk to the shower is referred to as LINEN.ぬの

406) 帆A TOWEL makes only a MEDIOCRE SAIL.ほ

407) 幅A TOWEL with a WEALTH of information on it is a HANGING SCROLL recovered from the past. | TOWEL lends it sense of length to this kanji for HANGING SCROLL.はば

408) 帽A TOWEL used to protect EYES from SUN is a CAP (popular).

409) 幕GRAVEYARD combines with TOWEL to create an image of the final CURTAIN. | The TOWEL fits nicely in this kanji for CURTAIN.

410) 幌A TOWEL blocking the SUN over a SHAMAN is a CANOPY. | The TOWEL fittingly plays a role in this kanji for CANOPY.ほろ

411) 錦GOLD and WHITE buttons flashing on a TOWEL create an image of a BROCADE. METAL provides a hint in this kanji for BROCADEにしき

412) 市All the vendors dress in TOPHATS and wave TOWELS to attract your attention at the local MARKETいち

413) 姉The WOMAN who sells things at the MARKET is your ELDER SISTER. あね

414) 肺A type of MEAT being sold in a the MARKET are the LUNGS of some animal.

415) 帯BELT BUCKLES combines with APRON to create an image of SASH.おび|お・びる

416) 滞For some reason a SASH has been left in the WATER of a STAGNATING puddle. | WATER sitting too long in one place starts to STAGNATE.とどこお・る

417) 刺Attached to a TREE with a BELT is a SABRE, representing a THORN. | The pointed SABRE provides a hint in this kanji for THORN.さ・さる|さ・す

418) 制COWS put on BELTS to carry SABRES as they undertake a revolt against the cruel SYSTEM of slaughter

419) 製The SYSTEM for marketing CLOTHES to the very rich insists that they be MADE IN the best fashion houses.

420) 転VEHICLES are lifted up to a RISING CLOUD by a tornado as they REVOLVE madly in mid-air. | The wheels of a CAR provide hints to the meaning of the kanji REVOLVE.ころ・がす|ころ・がる|ころ・げる|ころ・ぶ

421) 芸Throwing FLOWERS into a RISING CLOUD is a new TECHNIQUE for forecasting the weather

422) 雨The CEILING of the sky makes you grab a TOWEL due to getting drenched by the (four) DROPS of RAINあめ|あま

423) 雲RAIN combines with RISING CLOUD to create the full image for CLOUD. くも

424) 曇In an elegantly simple kanji, blocking out the SUN is the CLOUD of CLOUDY WEATHER.くも・る

425) 雷RAIN over a RICE-FIELD indicates THUNDER.かみなり

426) 霜FROSTY, the snowman, plays the role of a bad guy as he takes a form which is "INTER-" rain and snow, i.e., FROST, and spoils some crops.しも

427) 冬WALKING LEGS slipping on the ICE are a sure sign of WINTER.ふゆ

428) 天A holy ST. BERNARD DOG tries to jump through the CEILING straight up into HEAVEN.あま|あめ

429) 橋TREES are used by guardian ANGELS to quickly form a BRIDGE for their unknowing charges.はし

430) 嬌A WOMAN who is "pretty as an ANGEL" is very ATTRACTIVE. | WOMAN lends her graceful presence to the kanji for ATTRACTIVE.

431) 立Pictograph of a vase STANDING UP.た・つ|た・てる

432) 泣Needing WATER for its plants, a VASE starts CRYING.な・く

433) 章The first one two put the SUNFLOWER in the VASE wins a BADGE.

434) 競Two TEENAGERS balancing VASES on their heads bump chests as they each VIE to knock the vase off the other's head in a teen competition.きそ・う|せ・る

435) 帝STANDING with CROWN askew, a bath TOWEL around his waist, is the great SOVEREIGN, called from his bath for an emergency.

436) 童STANDING on top of a COMPUTER is the JUVENILE delinquent/computer hacker of your neighbourhood, as usual performing some kind of antic to draw attention.わらべ

437) 瞳The EYE of a JUVENILE contains a PUPIL. | EYE fittingly appears in the kanji for PUPIL.ひとみ

438) 鐘Made from METAL, with the crack put in it when a JUVENILE delinquent tried to steal it, is the Liberty BELL.かね

439) 商In this Las Vegas-like image, a VASE/pot of gold sits atop a CANOPY/tent, inside which HUMAN LEGS dance atop a square MOUTH-like table, all of which urge you to go ahead in and see if you can MAKE A DEAL - with a blackjack dealer.   あきな・う

440) 嫡In a wry commentary, it's stated that the WOMAN in your life who is an ANTIQUE is your LEGITIMATE WIFE.

441) 適ANTIQUES being sold by the ROAD-side is considered SUITABLE by the town officials only if the seller is wearing a three-piece suit.

442) 滴WATER from an ANTIQUE faucet DRIPS all night long.しず・く|   したた・る

443) 敵As a weapon of last resort, ANTIQUES are taken by a loyal TASKMASTER and thrown at the oncoming ENEMY. | TASKMASTER lends his authoritative presence to this kanji.かたき

444) ヒ SPOON differs from SEVEN in that the first stroke does not cut across the second.さじ

445) 北Two people sitting on the ground, back to back, huddle against the NORTH wind (popular).きた

446) 背NORTH and PART OF THE BODY here combine to create the kanji for STATUREせ|せい|そむ・く|そむ・ける

447) 比In a marketing test, a sample is put on each of TWO SPOONS in an attempt to COMPARE the taste of competing products.くら・べる

448) 昆After our DAYS are over, our living conditions will be undoubtedly be COMPARED to their own by our DESCENDANTS. | The temporal DAY somehow lends a connotation to this kanji for DESCENDANTS.

449) 皆COMPARE the WHITENESS of clothes to make sure they ALL have properly cleaned.みな

450) 混The word MIX conjures up the image of a SPOON rapidly gyrating in a LIQUID. Now put it outside under the SUN and double up the SPOONS to accommodate the increased size, and you have the world's largest MIX. | WATER is useful when you need to MIX things.ま・ざる|ま・じる

452) 渇WATER after a SIESTA slakes a THIRST. | WATER will of course be found in the kanji for THIRST.かわ・く

453) 謁The speaker turns up the MICROPHONE when he notices that a SIESTA is being taken by the entire AUDIENCE. | WORDS are often spoken to an AUDIENCE.
454) 褐The CLOAK worn during a SIESTA is BROWN.

455) 喝A MOUTH after a SIESTA is HOARSE.

456) 旨A SPOON lowers food into a MOUTH WITH WAGGING TONGUE because it's so DELICIOUS.むね

457) 脂FLESH grows FAT if you eat all the delicious FOOD. | Ample FLESH plays a key role in the kanji for FAT.あぶら

458) 壱The SAMURAI selling CROWNS here is allowed to be SEATED because he has just become the number 1 salesman. (Roman Numeral I)

459) 毎EVERY PERSON has a MOTHER. (Popular; RECLINE here is used as a variation of PERSON).ごと

460) 敏EVERY TASKMASTER must be CLEVER as a fox. | TASKMASTER lends his authoritative presence to this kanji.

461) 梅A TREE pops out of EVERY PLUM you try to eat.うめ

462) 海EVERY drop of WATER leads to the SEA.うみ

463) 乞A beggar RECLINES pitiably on the ground, reaching out his HOOK, BEGGING for a few pennies.こ・う

464) 乾A MIST is BEGGED for by those suffering under a DROUGHT.かわ・かす|かわ・く

465) 腹FLESH of the ABDOMEN DOUBLES BACK during sit-ups.はら

467) 複A magician lays a CLOAK over something, then DOUBLES it BACK, revealing a set of exact DUPLICATES.

468) 欠RECLINE with a HOOK combines with PERSON to demonstrate a LACK of sleep. (Yawn as a primitive)か・く|か・ける

469) 吹A MOUTH YAWNS, first taking in and then BLOWING out some air.ふ・く

470) 炊A cook COOKS by means of YAWNING FIRE.た・く

471) 歌Uninspired rendition of the CAN-CAN evokes a YAWN from the audience, so the dancers break out in SONG to try to save the day.うた|うた・う

472) 軟If a CAR LACKS airbags, a crash will be far from SOFT.やわ・らか|  やわ・らかい
473) 次If ICE is LACKING, people will go to the party NEXT door.つぎ|つ・ぐ

474) 茨A beautiful FLOWER stands NEXT to a prickly BRIAR patch. | FLOWER gives an idea of the plant-like nature of BRIAR.いばら

475) 資On a kanji balance sheet, we find that the SECOND column shows the SHELL-CURRENCY which represent a company's ASSETS.

476) 姿It's projected here that the SECOND WOMAN in a man's life probably has a nice FIGURE. | WOMAN lends her graceful shape to the kanji for FIGURE.すがた

477) 諮The NEXT completes the picture of WORDS from the NEXT MOUTH to define CONSULT WITH. | WORDS and MOUTH both fit nicely in this kanji for CONSULT.はか・る

478) 賠SHELL-CURRENCY is offered in return for keeping a MUZZLE on what he knows, as COMPENSATION to a potential witness.

479) 培SOIL, by a farmer using a MUZZLE as a makeshift plow, is CULTIVATED. | SOIL set the scene in the kanji for CULTIVATE.つちか・う

480) 剖SABRE is used to DIVIDE in this kanji. Add to this the MUZZLE placed on a poor student who must wear it until he figures out how to do long DIVISION.

481) 音STAND on SUN - and make loud SOUND!おと|ね

482) 暗The SUN is extinguished with a sudden, great SOUND, then DARKNESS. くら・い

483) 韻A SOUND store EMPLOYEE speaks in RHYMES.

484) 識If instead of speaking normal WORDS, someone blows constantly on a KAZOO, he may soon be DISCRIMINATED against.

485) 鏡The full kanji for MIRROR incorporates the polished METAL which could have made the first MIRROR.かがみ

486) 境Thrusting from the SOIL at various intervals along a BOUNDARY are MIRRORS to scare away intruders who suddenly see themselves reflected.さかい

487) 亡A TOPHAT and a HOOK combine to create an image for DECEASED.  な・い|な・くなる

488) 盲The EYE which has PERISHED is BLIND.めくら

489) 妄Wandering madly about an institute for the insane, having seen all her loved ones PERISH, is a WOMAN who suffers from DELUSIONS that they may be still alive.みだ・り

490) 荒FLOWERS PERISH in a FLOOD which LAYS WASTE to everything it touches. あら・い|あら・す|あ・れる|

491) 望PERISHING FLESH is the usual result of a warlike KING'S AMBITIONS. のぞ・む

492) 方A TOP HAT is BOUND UP to a stick, and used to find the DIRECTION of the wind.かた

493) 妨A WOMAN at whom all the COMPASSES in the world for some reason point at hangs out a "do not DISTURB" sign.さまた・げる

494) 坊Covered with SOIL after exploring all day in the woods with his new COMPASS is a little BOY. | DIRT somehow seems appropriate in the kanji for BOY.

495) 芳A FLOWER which has a COMPASS on top smells like PERFUME.    かんば・しい

496) 肪Pointing to the nearest store where MEAT is sold is a specially-made COMPASS is carried by someone who is grossly OBESE.

497) 訪With hastily scribbled WORDS and a COMPASS, a young diplomat sets out to CALL ON an important dignitary. | WORDS provide the flavour primitive in the kanji for CALL ON.おとず・れる|たず・ねる

498) 放A COMPASS held by a TASKMASTER is used to find a slave accidentally SET FREE. | TASKMASTER lends his authoritative presence to this kanjiはな・す|はな・つ|はな・れる

499) 激The WHITE WATER of nature's forces SET FREE in paint a picture of the enormous VIOLENCE of an ocean storm. | TASKMASTER lends his authoritative presence to this kanji.はげ・しい

500) 脱FLESH by the DEVIL is UNDRESSED. | Bared FLESH is plays a key role in this kanji for UNDRESS. ぬ・く

501) 説Mischievous WORDS of the DEVIL spread untrue RUMORS.と・く

502) 鋭A piece of METAL held by the DEVIL is probably a very POINTED pitchfork! | METAL provides its harsh feel to the kanji for POINTED.するど・い

503) 曽In a scene from a horror movie, HORNS sprout from BRAINS and a TONGUE wildly WAGS IN MOUTH as a victim who was FORMERLY one of the good guys has his body taken over by an alien.かつ・て
504) 増The full kanji for INCREASE notes that SOIL INCREASES rapidly if not swept out on a regular basis. | SOIL wryly plays a role in this kanji for something which rapidly INCREASESま・す
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