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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 3/8/09
We'd love to know more about you!

Favorite Pastime:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Food:
Etc: [Add anything else you'd like to share! =w=]

For me, it'd be..

Name: Sarah
Nickname(s): Mae or Chuu-Chii.
Age: 14
Birthday: January 11
Likes: Hello Kitty, striped stockings, nail polish, pandas, sorts of animes.
Dislikes: Posers, stealers, spiders & crickets.
Favorite Pastime: Drawing & graphic designing [:
Favorite Movie: Series of Unfortunate Events
Favorite Food: Strawberries & pocky
Etc: Aside from drawing and graphic designing, I spend some of my free time painting my nails. xD
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Posted 3/7/09
Nickname(s):don't have one but you can call me amu
Birthday:May 15
Likes:I like to watch anime and read manga lol
Dislikes:i dislike people not talking to me
Favorite Pastime:don't have one
Favorite Movie:Twilight
Favorite Food:chinese food
Etc: my fav anime is shugo chara lol
Posted 3/8/09
Name: Coco
Nickname(s): Don't have any
Age: 14
Birthday: February 10th
Likes: Reading, watching anime, playing video games, hanging out with my friends
Dislikes: I don't like it when people start yelling at me or keeping secrets
Favorite Pastime: Sorry it's kind of personal so i don't really want to say it...
Favorite Movie: Twilight
Favorite Food: Pizza
Etc: I enjoy being on Crunchyroll
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Posted 3/14/09
Name:Kay chan
Age:double digits ; (:
Birthday: may 28
Likes: almost about everything
Dislikes:anything related to mean,haters.
Favorite Pastime: meeting u mae (:
Favorite Movie:fri. the 13th
Favorite Food:asian food
Etc: [Add anything else you'd like to share! =w=]

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Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09
Name: jeanne
Nickname(s): it's in my profile.
Age: 14
Birthday: february 28, 1995
Likes: boys&girls
Dislikes: everything
Favorite Pastime: chatting.
Favorite Movie: m2m[many to mention]
Favorite Food: all.
Etc: none.
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24 / F / TankRank, on Eart...
Posted 3/31/09
Me! Me! Me
Name: Makati
Nickname(s): Kati
Age: (2009) 16th
Birthday: 13th June
Likes: ANIME! Especialy School and Adventure genre!
Dislikes: porn *I felt it disqusting!
Favorite Pastime: When I look blankly to blue sky~
Favorite Movie: August Rush (About prodigy child in music)
Favorite Food: Asparagus Soup!
Etc: I'm may be teen, But sometimes I could be like pre-school child
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Between reality a...
Posted 4/24/09 , edited 4/24/09
Name: I just go by Juppie here
Nickname(s): Dach, Dachy, Dacey, Jubjub, Seal, Seaweed, Syd da Knee, Hoshi Hime, Pie-chan, etc.
Age: 12
Birthday: August 5th
Likes: Books, video games, GIMP, flowers, shiny things, the ocean, the sky, stuffed animals, anime, art
Dislikes: Bad smells, medicine, violence, some bugs, nightmares, bullies, etc.
Favorite Pastime: Hmm...Reading or daydreaming.
Favorite Movie: Howl's Moving Castle
[b[Favorite Food: Cheesecake, bread, noodles
Etc: Hmm, there's a lot, so I won't say anything, I guess.
Posted 1/22/11

Name: Emily Artemisa Chan
Nickname(s): Misa
Age: 20
Birthday: 15 jan
Likes: books , yummy food, vocaloid, anime, cosplay
Dislikes:ecchi ppl
Favorite Pastime: drawing or up here on crl
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter 1-6
Favorite Food: picked jellyfish, chicken rice, chicken cutlet

i'm slightly eccentric, and weird ^^
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