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Most painfully misunderstood people in anime/manga/vn history
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Posted 12/27/08

BlazingRb wrote:

faithkiller wrote:

I want to kick everybody who just said makoto

sirously i think he should have been minced alive slowly and painfully as possible

you wanted to kick me?

hypothetically and Annonomously yes
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Posted 12/27/08
Dio Brando

Sure he killed his own father but he deserved it
And yes he killed and slaughtered hundreds to thousands of innocent people
Im also aware that he destroyed the lives of many for his own amusement.

But come on,he only did it because of his fucked up childhood.


Sure he's a bastard
and yes he's tried to kill Shiki so many times
im also aware of what he did to Sacchin

But he only did it because he was driven insane! (by who? that would be massive spoilers)

Emiya Shirou (Archer)

Sure he's an asshole
And yes he can be a little extreme when it comes to solutions
Im also aware of the fact that he's trying to kill off Shirou

But give the guy some slack,being a counter guardian was basically the worst possible nightmare!
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Posted 12/27/08
i say Keitaro from love hina, poor dude getting beat up cuz of all the girl in the house misbehaving (lucky bastard get beat up by cute girls)
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