Final Fantasy Chronicles: Echoes of Time
Posted 12/18/08
I Myself Like Rpgs As Much as The Next Person, This Game Looks Awesome as Hell and It Gives Wii a Chance to Prove Themselves, But Can it Make the Drastic help that Nintendo Needs? I don't Know about You, But I say it can get it done, if The Game isn't broken, as in playability

Here are a few screen shots for DS..

So far these are the Ds Graphics and PLays of the Game, So Far it Looks Sweet, Not to mention That You Can Connect Not Only Wifi through Ds, But You can Connect and Play with Wii Owners as Well So its alot of good things Coming out of this, Anyone want to see the Japanse Trailer of the Game Check it Out here...

For The DS and Wii Users, The Japanese Version Releases On January 25th Along with the Ds Version So for those who Are in Japan Or Have Japanese Wiis You can Grab it,

For the American Users, The Game Release March 25th Along with the Ds Version as Well So You Can Pick up the Copies as Well,

So Final Question, Do You think this game is Good Enough to People That Wii Can Make some Awesome Games as Well? and be able to Show one of the Wii for Stronger Points?

The Choise is Yours...
Posted 12/18/08
Correction the Games Releases The 29th of January for Japan and The 29th of March for the USA
Posted 12/19/08
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