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Posted 12/19/08
~~credits go to AnimeSuki Forum Sound Horizon thread and to a blog called stardust

Heya ppl!!!!!!! I spent my life off in this research around a month ago... i ddnt hv enough time to place it here, so here ya go!!!

ps.. those in bold are the title of the tracks...

The opening track on Moira is the dramatic Thanatos, a song which tells the story of the God of Death, Thanatos. He sings of bringing equality through death, to a world which is ruled by the Moira, merciless Goddesses who manipulate the destiny of humans. Death shows no boundaries “Kings and slaves, sages and prostitutes” – Thanatos’ death is his redemption to the world; Without him, there would be no equality.

Matryoshka is the tale of the Russian billionaire who rose from a hard life of poverty to riches. He keeps a book from his mother, a poet, which inspires him to become wealthy enough to try to uncover the truths of the epic poem, titled Elefseja. He undergoes an archaeological dig in an attempt to bring this myth to life.

Mythos retells the story of the creation of the world and sets the scene for the retelling of this Myth. It introduces the Gods and Goddesses and the kingdoms of Greece. It also introduces us to the 6 Sisters, Ionia, Doria, Phrygia, Lidia, Aiolia and Docria who bring this tale to life.

Didymoi or Twins, talks of the childhood of the twins, Elef and Misia. The pair are raised by loving, adoptive parents and have lived a happy life so far. It also introduces the character of Scorpius, a soldier who is unlikely to claim the throne without help from an oracle to guide him in war. Scorpius visits the family in a bid to recruit the twin’s father to fight in his army. When the father refuses, Scorpius attacks him and orders the capture of the twins. The twins are kidnapped and taken away, while their parents are left for dead.

The children are then taken to a slave market, or Duloi, in the kingdom of Arcadia where the pair are separated. Misia is sold as an apprentice to the Hetaera (courtesans or prostitutes), while Elef becomes a slave of the kingdom.

We are then introduced to the royal family of Arcadia in the next song, Leontius. Leontius is the First Prince of Arcadia, heir to the throne and wielder of the Lightening Lance. Because of warnings from the Oracle and the impending threat of surrounding nations, a wall is built around the kingdom to protect it. Elef, now a slave, helps build this wall.
We also learn that the twins were in fact the son and daughter of the King and Queen of Arcadia but because they were born during a solar eclipse, the Oracle claimed they must be abandoned. They were given away to a courtier, the man the twins believed was their father.

Misia, having been sold to the Hetaera, Cassandra and Mellisa, is now brought to Ilion to provide service to the priest of Anemos, the Wind God. Her brother, Elef and his friend Orion, are slaves under the priest who is cruel and harsh towards them.
Elef now has the ability to see the shadow of Hades around those who are cursed with an impending, sudden death. Because of this arrangement in Illion, the Twins are reunited. As Anemos is about to take advantage of Misia, Elef and Orion save her and the three escape together, with the help of Orion’s archery skills.
The trio’s betrayal of Anemos angers the Wind God. He and the Rain Goddess conceived the Goddess of Storm, Thyella and she creates havoc for the group who are separated once again, on the high seas.

Misia is found washed up on the Isle of Lesbos by the women there who take her to the poet, Sopia. Sopia notices Misia’s ability to read the stars and guides her in her ability, encouraging her to overcome the torment of her past.

Meanwhile, Elef continues his journey in Horizon, searching for his sister. He and the blind poet Milos, who has followed him, return to the home where the Twins grew up. They find two graves, side by side, those of his adopted mother and father. Milos, dies on the journey, but not before telling Elef to travel to the Isle of Lesbos to gain knowledge from an old friend of his. Elef sets out in search of Sopia of Lesbos.
Rumours begin spreading throughout the Kingdom of the identity of the abandoned Prince, born under the solar eclipse, and the talented archer Orion, a champion in Anatolia

Istoria or History, tells of a world in turmoil upon an outbreak of war. Leontius battles against the Amazonians, but fails to kill their Queen who becomes obsessed with him.
Elef continues his journey towards Lesbos. The Twins miss each other and can feel each other’s presence, having faith they will meet again one day.
Meanwhile Scorpius has gathered all he needs to wage war and sets his sights on Leontius.

Through Sopia’s guidance, Misia becomes a Miko, or shamaness of the Star Goddess and is now known as Artemisia. She is able to foresee the destiny of the star signs Leon (Leontius), Didymoi (Elef) and Parthenos (Misia). Scorpius and his soldiers visit her shrine at night, seeking Misia’s guidance as an oracle. Misia is unwilling to aid in Scorpius’ destruction and war and refuses to help.

Because of her resistance, Misia is killed in Parthernos by Scorpius who leaves her for death in a pool of water. Though dying, Misia accepts her death as the wish of the Moira and does not resist her fate.
Sopia comes to tell Misia that a young man with similar eyes had arrived to visit her but Misia has already died. Elef becomes aware of Misia’s death and the two share a farewell, Misia speaking to her brother from another realm she has passed on to.

Eleuseus explains how after Misia’s death, Elef becomes changed and seeks revenge over the Moira and the Kingdom of Arcadia. He creates an uprising of the slaves and becomes their leader Amethystos.
While this is happening, battles continue in Arcadia. Because of the rumours surround Orion, Scorpius seeks him out. The two battle and Orion is severely wounded by Scorpius. Believing that Orion may be his brother, Leontius seeks revenge and manages to kill Scorpius.

Elef/Amethystos and his army of slaves target and wage war on Arcadia, advancing towards the Kingdom during the next song, Iromachia. The Queen of Arcadia, knowing Elef’s true identity, pleads with Leontius not to fight but Leontius leaves before his mother can reveal her shocking secret.
Orion dies of his wounds, inflicted by Scorpius and the wall which Leontius helped build is brought down by Amethystos and the slaves. Amethystos and Leontius meet up and the two brothers duel. The Queen tries to intervene but is mortally wounded in the process and Amethystos shows no mercy in killing Leontius. The Amazonian Queen, who is obsessed with Leontius, cannot bear his death and attacks Amethystos who swiftly kills her.

[Telos] After conquering Arcadia, Elef sets his sights on the relentless Moira in an attempt to avenge his sister’s death. The myth ends as Elef opens the gates of Hades, advancing upon the Moira. We are left with the question of whether or not the Goddesses will live or die in the final song, Telos.
As the story ends, the Billionaire’s wife comes to inform him that she is pregnant with twins. The Billionaire is overjoyed and decides to name the twins…

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Posted 12/19/08

Thanatos- the song has this somewhat eerie aura. i like the way the operatic voices and orchestra go along with the rock music.
One of my faves... u can watch the pv in youtube or until i can upload it here. :)
Matryoshka- this is song is ironically "happy" when it portrayed a somewhat sad story
Mythos- i love the way the 6 goddesses were introduced
Didymoi or Twins- i found this song really cute, especially in the part where the twins had their dialouge. i found myself pitying
the kids when they were captured.
Duloi- i was left wondering what will happen to the kids.
Leontius- this song was pretty majestic. Although i didn't have the english translation, i can tell that Leontius must be a pretty
clever and noble guy.
Ilion- My second favorite. I was so looking forward to how they will meet again.
Lesbos- the song has a gentle aura...
Horizon- this one sounds kinda hopeful and somewhat a bit sad.
Istoria or History- no comment.. :]
Artemisia- this one really focuses on Misia and is a pretty quaint song!
Parthernos- MY FAVORITE!!! i almost cried on the farewell scene! i loved it so much, i repeated it a 100 times a day!
Eleuseus- One of my faves. But it is somewhat a bitter song (to me)
Elef/Amethystos- It was totally climactic!! I was like--- WHOAH!!!!!!!!
Telos- TOTALLY HANGING ENDING!!!! I was like NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (oh but wait, were they really reborn??? =_=)
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