anyone knows how to speak japanese??
Posted 12/19/08
i want to learn japanese 'coz i'm going to japan next year!! (T^T)
Posted 12/19/08
Yeah, anata wa kawaii...neee!! anata no koto suki! :O!!

w/e floats your boat neee?! just saying...that this is the wrong kawaii section, and almost 100% sure it's a dupe. gomenasai!


btw, just to answer your question.. ~ this is a list that popped up about online jap courses ;)

although this is for free and not that bad, i think it's best if you get jap lang. courses irl...with a teacher who actually masters the language and can help you with the pronunciation, etc.

i doubt that you'd find someone on here who'd be willing to teach you japanese for FREE...and wasting his online time on someone he doesn't even know and on top of that no bargain from it.

Posted 12/19/08
Posted 12/19/08
Question answered.
There's Translate for me threads in the forums as well to use, if you're interested =]

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