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Posted 5/3/07 , edited 5/3/07

For those of you who don't know James the Angry Nintendo Nerd. He reviews really old games that were made by Nintendo and came out for the NES. All of his reviews were on games that were a real pain in the ass to play and/or sucked tremendously. You can probably guess by now why he's called the Angry Nintendo Nerd.

This video isn't really a review but rather him talking about games and movies that had many sequels and how they managed to confuse him...or just piss him off. After watching it I got curious.

1.) What is your opinion on this topic? Why do you think they did the pretty pointless things they did to all those games and movies, especially the last one. You don't have to answer for every single one of course. You can just choose one game or movie that you've seen or played... or just answer for all of them in general.

2.) Do you know of any other games or movie sequels (besides the ones mentioned in the video) that would probably have the same effect on you like they did on James?

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Posted 5/3/07
James is funneh.
Posted 5/3/07
first vid I saw of him was the TMNT review, i lol'd so hard.

cuz I hated that damn game...
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