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23 / F / come and find me...
Posted 12/19/08
Hey,everyone you like can talk here all about vampires......
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F / ^^ doko.....
Posted 12/19/08
Ne!! i love vampires a lot tOo.
aNd i ReaLly WaNt to bEcOmE oNe.
Ne!! YaH KnOw i GoT VaMpiRe ToOtH.
O_O aNd i LoVe ThEm.

LaTeLy iVe BeEn WaTchiNg VaMpiRe KniGhT aNd i ReaLly LoVe ZeRo.
i aLsO WaTcH MoOn PhaSe. iTs PrEtTY Funny ThE GirL VaMpiRe. >o<

i PrEfEr VaMpiRe oVeR aNgeLs.
BuT i LoVe aNgeLs WiTh BlaCk wiNgs!!
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22 / M / Greece
Posted 12/19/08
I love vampires and especially the vampires of vampire knight.I would like very much to be a vampire because I would have very strong powers and my injuries would be cured alone.I love angels too and I would like to be like Suigintou from rozen maiden
Posted 12/21/08
Vampires are so cool~
But whenever they're in a story...
They always seem to be in so much...

I like angels~
Fallen Angels and likewise~
Posted 1/9/09
i LOVE vampires!!! i jus don like it when ppl r saying theyre "creepy" or "scary"
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20 / F
Posted 5/9/09
I luv vampires !! An luckily I am one !! (just kidding) !!
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