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Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/19/08
I went to se7en’s single pre-release party in Seattle and here is my story:

It was snowing and getting very cold. Me and my friends arrived around 10pm, we talked, had some drinks and did some people watching (there was this guy who looked like a pirate lol) The DJ played the same songs over and over again, there is only so much Justin Timberlake I can take. Se7en showed up around midnight and sang 4 songs “You got me now” (I found out the name of the song later I don’t remember the MC saying the song title), “Money cant buy me love”, “Lalala” and “Girls”. He did some cute talking between songs. He greeted everyone in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, that was super cute. I had a side view for most of the performances and he looked really good but a lot skinnier then he was right before coming to America (I miss the muscles) but he was still really hot. He looked comfortable performing and it looked like he gets along well with his dancers. Around 12:20 it was over, he had sang his songs and it was well worth the wait. Around 1am he came into the V.I.P room and walked right passed my friends. He had to stop for a minute right in front of me and his head was turned away but his elbow was kind of sticking out towards me. At that minute the crazy fan girl in me almost came out, I thought “just touch his arm, it doesn’t matter”. My hand could have even been moving towards his arm I don’t really remember but then I said to myself “you are not that type of person, you will not molest se7en, you hate that type of person.” and then it was over he was siting in his booth and I was ready to go home. As I was getting ready to go to bed I was going over the way se7en had presented himself and the people he was with (mostly the pirate), I started to like him a little less. To me he came off a little cocky (and not in a good way) but at the same time I loved it all so I was really confused.

The next day at the autograph signing; Again it was snowing and cold, me and my friends got in line as the verizon wireless staff were shooing people out of the store and in to the newly created line. There was a radio station there playing music (repeating some songs, oh how I hate that) and trying to get the crowed pumped by giving out t-shirts. Even though it was cold they were nice. The verizon wireless staff also was trying to keep the fans pumped by giving things out and talking about the night before. They gave out hand warmers (I love them for that) they played some se7en music but it was only like 3 songs played over and over again. I just wished they would have played more but the staff were really nice. Se7en came about a half hour early, I’m guessing because of the snow and they wanted to be nice to all us poor freezing fans. The staff had everyone chanting SE7EN and then his white limo pulled up. I started recording and se7en’s little entourage came out of the limo then finally se7en himself. He starts to come out and he does this cocky little head thing and weakly waves to the crowd. I loved it but I also hated it and I thought “OMG coming to this was a big mistake because I’m really starting to dislike him”. He went into the store then came out a few seconds later to tell us just to wait a bit more and to meet him inside. I was starting to get over disliking him because it was sweet of him to come out and talk to us. As people were coming out of the store after getting their autographs they looked really confused and would just start heading to their cars, so I was pretty worried. When I was finally inside the building waiting in line se7en looked right at me and then turned his head away without even a nod or anything! The reason why that killed me was because at the club when se7en was performing he had looked straight down at me and then quickly turned his head away and then in the V.I.P room when he was walking in he looked straight at me again then quickly turned his head again. So at that point I was really sick of the hole turning away without even a head nod or smile! Now I was just one person away from getting my Se7olution c.d signed. My 14 year old sister was in front of me, her and se7en were having the cutest conversation ever he was talking in a very gentlemen like manner the hole time and she was nervous so it was super cute. I will try to recite some of the stuff I remember:

Lil sister: It’s my birthday (this is when I started listening so I don’t know what they said before that)
Seven: Oh it’s your birthday, Happy birthday.
(Then he started singing happy birthday in Korean as he was writing it in Korean on her poster)
Seven: Do you know what this means? It means Happy birthday. (Smiles)
Lil sister: Thank you (or something like that)
(Then some other stuff I don’t remember because I started watching the pirate dude)
Lil sister: Your a really talented artist.
Seven: Thank you, how long have you listened to my music?
Lil sister: Oh I don’t know it feels like forever.
Seven: (he smiled) Oh (and then he laughed a little)
(after he was done signing the poster he held her hand and then (I think out of fear) she stated to pull away, he just kept holding onto it. Then (I think) he said happy birthday again and she said thank you again. He let go of her hand, she waved and walked away kinda dazed)

Now it was my turn, I put my post-it down that had my name in English and Korean (in line they passed out post-it’s for you to write your name on so Se7en would know how to spell it, I think) Now keep in mind that the hole time I was telling myself “He has really nice lips, Do not tell him to eat more, do not say you love him, DO NOT CALL HIM OPPA. This is what I can remember:

Me: I want you to sign this (I was holding my c.d on the table)
Se7en: On this (points at c.d) or on this one (points at poster)
me: This (I started to open the c.d to find a good picture and then he started to grab it)
me: Wait! I want to find one (a picture) that you don’t have to write on your PRETTY face.
Se7en: ah oooh (I don’t think he liked me saying pretty because he said oh very weird)
me: There (I found the right one and pointed at it)
Se7en: Whats your name?
Me: (I said my name and then he said it wrong, surprisingly people do say my name wrong even though its not that hard so that was normal. I said it again and he repeated it correctly, he wrote it really fast and then when I looked down it was in English but I wanted it in Korean even though I didn’t tell him that before he signed it. oops)
me: No write it in Korean. (I said it more whinny then I would have liked and then I pointed at the post-it)
Se7en: oh (He got kind of nervous like he had done something wrong (I felt so bad) and he quickly wrote it in Korean right in the middle of his name that he signed on my C.D and he put a exclamation mark at the end of it, I thought that was funny.)
Me: Thank You.(He placed his hand over my hand on the table squeezed a little and the first thing I thought was WOW YOUR WARM I put my other hand over his and squeezed a little too, he looked up at me)
Se7en: Thank you.
Me: ah Yeah thank you. (I picked up my c.d and as I was backing away from the table I said)
Me: You were really good last night.
Se7en: Oh you were there!
Me: Yeah (I’m walking away now)
Se7en: I think I remember you. (he had to rise his voice a little because I was a couple feet away at this point)
Me: Oh really because you didn’t look at me(!)( I don’t think I said it that rudely but my friends said I did, I had stopped walking away now and was almost in the middle of the room)
Se7en: Oh um no I saw you and your friends (he looks at my friends in line) girls with the long hair (or blond or both I don’t remember but I think he was trying not to say white lol)
Me: Oh yeah. (Not believing him)
Se7en: Yeah I did.( He looked like he wanted me to believe him, so I did)
Me: Ok (nodding head) thank you (I could have said have a nice day but I don’t remember). (I started to walk again)
Se7en: Yeah thank you. (a security guard came up right next to me and said)
security guard: I’m sorry we need to keep this area clear.
Me: Yeah that’s cool (but then I remembered my camera) I just need to get my camera (but then I remembered that my friends behind me still needed it, I asked my friend to remember it she said she would)
security guard: I’m not trying to be a bad guy or anything.
Me: Oh no your not (I was already done talking to se7en he was the one that kept the conversation going lol) Thank you. (When I got home and my mom asked me how it went I told her I was asked to leave by a security guard lol. I then walked over to my little sister to wait for my friends and realized that I didn’t even get a poster because I was to busy making Se7en nervous to get one, dang it)

After my friends were done and we were leaving the store I looked at my little group and we all had the same confused looks on our faces as the people before and I finally got why, because when its happening it feel like forever but then when its over you realize that it was so short and “what did I say?, what did he say?” comes into your mind but by the time we made it to the car we were all freaking out about how hot he was. After it was all over I was more in love and proud of se7en then ever before. I decided that the cocky se7en was just a nervous se7en and he handled everything really well......"Ohthatsright 12/19/08"

This is what it looked like when we were driving home but I would definitely do it again.

Se7en signing for someone:

Se7en holding my lil sisters hand as she was pulling away:

My older sister has big lips and when she walked up to se7en she licked then just not thinking and then se7en licked his like a chain reaction:

And here is the pirate:
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