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Please introduce yourself ex:

Why you joined:
Fav food:
Fav color:

In this group we will have poetry contests every week, Art contests, and best pic uploaded!!XDHave fun!!!
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Name:Kenkyo,Kyo,Lslover(any of those)
Why you joined:Hello!!!!i created this group!!!!lol!!no im not preppy.
Emo,goth,punk,freak,etc:freak....maybe everything....
Fav food:CHOCOLATE!!!!!(in general)
Fac color: purple!!XD
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Name: Suki or Salo
Why you joined: Because me and Kenkyo decided to create a random group :D
Emo,goth,punk,freak,etc:....a little bit of everything....but im just me :P
Fav food: Chinese!!! yum^-^
Fav color:Neon green, Black, Red...(blood yay!!) and purple.
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Why you joined:i was invited
Fav food:chinese
Fav color:grey
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22 / F / I'll tell you onc...
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Name: Dani-chan, Dani, Deathninja,or Paco, (dont ask how I got it)
Emo, goth, freak: Mostly freak xP
Why you joined: Because Im cool like that, and meh friends made it so I wanted to join!
Fav Food: Anything with sugar or really sweet,... to make it shorter, CANDY!
Fav color: Neon green, pink (Yeah!), purple and black
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23 / F / Inside Leo's soun...
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Name: brookie-kun or just brookie
Why you joined: my friend invited me and this club looks really cool
Emo,goth,punk,freak,etc: im not really emo goth or punk, but i luv their style!!
Fav food: japanese
Fav color: green, BLACK!! yellow, blue, grey,
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Name: tallman
Age: 17
Why you joined: was invited
Emo,goth,punk,freak,etc: Emo
Fav food: anything spicy and pizza :P
Fav color: these combos. (red+black) (pink+black)
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Name: Mao
Age: 16
Why you joined: um idk felt like it xD
Emo,goth,punk,freak,etc: Emo/Punk
Fav food: Fried Chicken
Fav color: Black, Pink, Gold, Silver, Red, xD 2 many!

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22 / F / in ...... death n...
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name: Avonlea

age: That's a secret

why you joined: My buddy invited me and it sounded really cool

emo,goth,freak,etc. ummm im not sure probsbly freak or emo but im just me...

fav. food: ice cream

fav. color: Black WAIT THATS NOT A COLOR!!! I guess it's purple! ^_^
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