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Posted 12/19/08 , edited 1/1/09
In Avii Cafe you can eat and relax!!All you have to do is upload 5 pictures,fourm posts,wall posts,or invite 5 buddies!!You will recieve a reciept for everything you bought!! RECIEPT COMING SOON!!
here are things you can buy/eat!!!:

-apple tart
-berry tart
-chocolate tart
-kiwi tart


Other food:
-gummy bears
-strawberry delight cake
-chocolate cake
-strawberry cake
-chocolate chip cookies
-chocolate ice cream
-chocolate ice cream bar
-chocolate dounut..(hehehe soo many chocoate!!)
-cotton candy
-frozen banana dipped in chocolate
-healthy stawberry ice cream
-powder dounut
-strawberry shortcake
-mocha bread
-sweeet candy
-small lollipop

-milk carton
-grape juice

Thats all for now but it's enough right??
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