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Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09

Assault911 wrote:

Note: This Topic wiII change everytime.

I know that why the Naruto / Bleach characters are getting powerful, cuz they do tons o' training. Then how does the OP characters get stronger anyways, they never train, they just fooling around on the ship, how the hell that they getting stronger?

Zoro train every minutes/second he got...
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Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/9/09
They do have training in their ships, it is just that we don't see it.
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Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
for someone who had to trained mostly was zoro... and the rest had using the fight as their time to get more stronger... some of them usually only training if they had faced a powerful enemies, like luffy did before he going into enies lobby... i think there's a reason why'd Oda only show zoro who had to training his body all the time when all the crew just having fun for all days... it's bcz zoro's obsession is just getting more stronger so he can make his dream come true... another reason why won't Oda not showing all the crew trained was it'll spend a lot of time just to do that... the story must go on with or without we saw them training...

anyway, i have been thinking bout this:
luffy: beating all the opponents (training)
zoro: training his body, and beating all the opponents (obviously training)
nami: make a new map (her training to be a maker of world map)
usopp: make a new weapon or bullet, and shooting some coral (his training to be a great sniper)
sanji: make a new kind of food from all things he've found ( his training to be a great chef)
chooper: make a new medicine (his training to be a great doctor)
robin: read a new book and expand her knowledge from everything she heard ( her training to be a great scholar *i dunno how to said that*)
franky: make a new weapon and new ship's inventory ( his training to be a great shipwright)
brook: honestly, i never saw him training in any kind of training... maybe he's training so hard to become a skeleton joker or pervert man... hahahaha...
Posted 3/1/09 , edited 3/2/09
well they get stronger through their adventure, each arc they have an more powerful enemies, if u compare it then yes... without training they have the journey to help them get stronger
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