Want to be a Mod?
Posted 12/20/08 , edited 5/4/09

Please Send this to the CREATOR with your Answers below:

Anyone can be a mod, if:

1. You have knowledge about Japan [Writings, Language, Culture, etc] [not necessarily good in Nihongo, just you can help with the group is OK]
2. You can Help the Group to become Bigger.
3. Even if you are not Online everyday, make sure to update, edit, visit and so on in the group.
4. One who Makes good suggestions for the group.
5. knows how to make this group alive and develop without the supervision of the creator and other mods.

Some Question:
1. Do you have any experience? What I mean is are you a mod in a group today or before?
2. Do you think you can help the group?
3. What are your plans for this group?
4. How often are you Online?

Please do the proper [said] to be done... Arigato Gozaimasu!

to anyone who wants to be a mod please sent it to me.
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