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Do you watch VK just to see your fav character?
Posted 1/22/10
I watch it because I like the story and I want to know who Yuuki will end up with..... thought I think I know who..... I just want to know the rest of the story.... love Kaname....
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Posted 1/23/10
I watch it because it find it interesting also I am dying to find out what is next. Like the manga D: I can't stop reading it!!!
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Posted 2/4/10
honestly yes. I have stopped reading the manga a while ago but from time to time I get back just to see what happened to zero. poor boy I really want to know wether he will find happiness at the end, he is the only character that matters to me, I feel very sad for him, probably the most tragic anime character I've seen by far, some times I wish the auther would give him a break!
Posted 3/21/11
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Posted 6/19/11
HELL NO!!! I don't care about Zero and Kaname. I just find the plot so interesting and mysterious in a subtle way.
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