Noriko's Dinner table
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Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08
OMG i watched this movie at sinced its licensed on crunchy. Its an amazing movie, I got confused and questioned if this was really Suicide Club 2, and it was. It tells you all of how the suicides happend and why. And the 2sisters. Noriko and yuka turn into Mitsuko and Yoko cuz of Kumiko (i forgot her name it was sumn like that) then omg rental family wtf, so were the 2grandmas rentals. At the end...i dont get it. why did Yuka leave? was she gunna be just like her sister. and is Noriko,her father and Kumiko gunna be a family now? wat im kinda confused can sum 1 help me? is there gunna be antoehr 1? i hope so
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