Post Reply ok randome message time :ok if u culd say anything toany of the naruto characters whi and wat?
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Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/21/08
ok mee... i'd like to tell ...
first id like to tell
Lee: "get a new hair cut! bowl cuts werent in style wen they were created and dont get me started on that outfit dude! ...ewww
Naruto: for 1 hing @$$ )-(*!% ur a ninja that weres orange dosent that afect bing able to hide or somthing?... i mean realy!!! and stop bing a perv huh! im about to slap u silly and leave sakura the hell alone k some1 else will take u althou thats the reason i fear for her sanity!!
sasukae: get ur fat @$$ bac to the leaf village i mean realy ur families dead cry cry cry then get over it and fill the void with friends cus evry1 nos u had some!!
Neji: ok im realy a big fan but... stop bingan @$$ hole!! cant u see that Tenten likes u!!! and all u can do is take her for granted!!!
Tenten:ok hun just go up to Neji and tell him the truth i dont car wat u say im going to tell him if u dont and wuldnt u rather tell him??1!!
Gai:GET A [email protected]!^^!N LIFE @$$ HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jariya:*i take out kunai and throw it with perfect acuracy* YEA I FINALY KILLED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(thats all i can think of rit now o and u can put who evr u want on here even an OC... if u can make it mak sence)
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