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Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08

1. We see Ciel being marked like slave.... was he sex slave? Okay the scene was bloody and yadda yadda but I can not think of anything else so wicked and perverse that those aristocrats have done to such a cute loli boy like tearing his whole innocence as a child other than well...that and torturing him with outmost sadistic intent.

2. We all know Sebastian is going to devour Ciel's soul sooner or later or maybe in the end... they had that contract after all... but what part of Ciel's soul does Sebastian like? Giles of a corrupted/tainted innocent or a pure soul that delves in the darkness for self sacrifice?

Other than that what is your analysis in their relationship? Ciel seems to be too much dependent on Sebastian. What do you think is Ciel's ultimate goal other than bringing justice to the underworld crimes? Ciel looks like he's the one in control at the moment after all.

Sometimes I think Sebastian likes to keep Ciel for himself and not killing him quite, just yet. Even if he shows his demon intent, he looks too loyal and shows too much attention to Ciel's affairs. He even pays attention to Ciel's emotional struggles and such.

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Posted 11/24/09
when i first saw the end to season 1
i had one reaction
i knew sebbastian was ganna take his soul
but i thought it looked like they were going to kiss!!!
then i heard of the secound season coming
and told my friends "i guess they did just kiss!!! yay"

haha joking aside i agree that ciel is too dependent on sebby
but ceil is just 13
sometimes i think we forget that because of how smart and the way he acts
hes also just a human, i could understand him clinging on to sebby

honestly i dont think ceil has a larger goal above reveange and all
i mean it was brutal what happened to him, it would be hard to think of anything else but revenge and all

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