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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 1/9/09
“turn the impossible”

[ this is my fanfic about yamada ryosuke, chinen yuuri and yuuto nakajima]
yoshi- chinen [ paired to sora kaori] [ n0te: i just invented names..]
ryo- yamada [paired to reiko] [ just imagine ur one of the girls! Ne?~]
yukio-yuuto [ paired to luuna kimamoto]


“ oohh!! I can’t believe we are finally going to Japan!” shouted Reiko.
“me too! Me too! Im super excited!!” Sora replied. The girls were shouting with joy..
“ ah! Okay girls! Let’s rock their socks!” luuna shouted with sparkling eyes
“y0sh! Fight-oohhh…..OOHH!” they shouted in union. Then they rode the airplane and flew to japan

“oh..” sora said with mouth open
“ my..” luuna followed (with same reaction)
“God!” reiko shouted. They saw all the sparkling buildings . the girls looked at each other thenn…. “wahh!!---- we are here?” luuna asked.
“uh.. I think so.” Sora replied
“yatta!~ who0~! Let’s go!” Reiko shouted with one hand raised.
“ okay! Ill decide where to go!” said luuna with ‘bossy’ attitude
“ no way! Ur not the lead singer!” shouted Reiko with hands on her hips
“ uuhh..” sora thought. She was just watching them.
“ yosh! We’ll go there!” sora pointed at a place without knowing she already poked the cheek of a cute guy.
“ ita….” The guy whispered and touched his cheek.
“eck!.. gomen ne!” sora replied
“ ah.. it nothing.. (Japanese language ..)” , the cute guy was hurrying and went off.
“ uhh.. is it me or he’s a really cute guy and I blew it off?” sora asked when she turned to yuuna and reiko.
“uh.. yup…” luuna and reiko replied in union..
“ah.. excuse me.. are u ms. Reiko?” a girl asked.
“hai.” Replied reiko
“ im from the hotel your staying . im glad you could speak Japanese” the girl said.
“ oh.. yeah.. I studied Japanese a long time ago..” reiko replied.
“so..let’s go” the gurl answered “ oh. Im mika.” She added.


“ooh!! Look at those!w0w!” luuna pointed at the park and sakura tree.
“hah! Look at those!” reiko pointed at the takoyaki stand “ wah~! I want to eat it!” she added.
The only problem was.. there was a quiet girl..
Reiko and luuna turned around and shouted “ oi! Ms. Lonely forget about Mr. Cutie!” with a big smile.
“uuhh..” sora whispered.
“ I know how to do this” reiko thought. She turned away from the window and sat beside sora.
*poke poke* reiko poked her cheeks. “ I saw a pretty boy outside the window” she whispered.
“ don’t care..” sora replied. Before reiko knew it, sora was already near the window with luuna.
“easy” she thought . then she went to join the two.
“you are really energetic ne?” asked luuna to sora
“kinda.” Sora replied.
“ehem! We are off the bus n0w.. enjoy your stay here!” shouted mika.
“oh. Okay” shouted yuuna,reiko and sora in union, when they saw the hotel (or condominium) they were… kinda shocked..
uuhh…. Big one eh?” luuna asked.
“uh… uh-uh.. *nod.nod*” reiko and sora replied.
“what are we waiting for? Let’s go in!” luuna shouted.
“ok. Room number 306..lets go!” sora said.
“ uhh.. you guys go first.. im just gonna look around” reiko replied.
Reiko was walking in the lobby and she found a strange hidden door .. she opened and went in..
“ EEEEHHHH??!! A-a- rooftop???!!! Is the hotel built up-side-down?! “ she shouted.
“ pls don’t be noisy .. im kinda sleeping here..” a pretty boy said.
“ah! Sorry.. I didn’t know.” Reiko replied.
“ now you know so …don’t talk.” He answered.
“ arrogant psycho!” reiko shouted. She was about to leave but 2 guys suddenly blocked her way. The 1st one was tall! The 2nd?….. well… kind of.. short? Ya know, cute-short type.
“we are just joking!” said the tall guy. “by the way, my name is yukio. Nice to meet you!” he added.
“ ja! We gotta go!” the small guy shouted and went out.
“uh.. sorry for that. It was just a bet.” The ( A.K.A–arrogant psycho-) guy earlier said.
“ah.. I see. My name is reiko” she replied.
“ mine’s ryo…” he answered.

-----LET’S GO TO SORA!------
“uuh… luuna.. im going down for a walk.. could you stay here?” sora asked.
“sure.” luuna answered.
“uuhh.. I cant remember the guy’s face anymore..” she thought then…
“OUCH!” sora shouted.
“ahh! Sorry!” the guy apologized. They looked at each other and pointed at each other.
“ ah!! You’re the one earlier!” they shouted in unison.
“don’t copy me!” they shouted again… in unison again..
“ im not!” ( sorry.. they are really harmonized..)

gomen na minna... this is all for noww.....

i left my fanfic ntbk in school.. and school starts at jan. 5.. so.. ill post part 2 by jan. 6..gomen!~

okay so.. gomen if i just posted the chap.2 today! haha.. here you go!!


Guy- you are pissing me off!
Sora- your pissing me off to0! shortie!
the guy was stumping his feet and went off. sora gave him the "i thought you were nice " look. then suddenly, the guy turned around

Guy- The name's Yoshi! and it's not Shortie!, shortie...
then he walked away...
Sora gave him the "ohh.. so your nice" look. then she snapped and
Sora- SHORTIE!!!?? WHO'S A SHORTIE HERE?! IM EVEN TALLER THAN YOU...( well, he didnt heard her anyway..)

--------LUNNA'S PLACE..---------
* knock knock*
Yukio- hey Yoshi!! i know your there!!
luuna opened the door then,.
Luuna- uuh.. who are you?
Yukio- im sorry! wrong room... im in room 305.. well, WE are...
Yukio- BTW, im Yukio..
Luuna- we?
Yukio- oh.. me, Ryo, and Yoshi, anyway, im sorry for the bother, if ya have questi0ns,i'll be.. you know where..

then he walked away.......
Sora saw luuna by the door and called her name...
Sora- uh?? why are you outside? had any guests?
Luuna- oh.. it's okay.. im Luuna...
Luuna- ah? OH!! its you Sora! i thought it was Yukio.
Sora- yukio?who is that?!
Luuna- uuhh.. the guy next door.. he's with yoshi and ryo.
Luuna- uh.. yah.. why?
Sora- he's the shortie who is pissing me off! *sigh*
Yoshi- i told you.. its yoshi (a guy from her back talked)
Sora- uuwaaah!~haha... im KIDDIN... mr.. S------YOSHI
Yoshi (POV) - hmm... wateva kiddo..... * stares *
Sora- what>?!
then Yoshi just wlked away....
luuna- uuhh... miss lonely is in love with mr. cutie!


gomen! ive got to update another fic!

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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/21/08
aw coolness!!
to bad you left ur ntbk.. *sighs*
anyway.. thanks for sharing your fic here!!
I'm looking forward on reading more of your fics!! ^-^
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/21/08
Hi, mo-chan!!Nice One u got here!!haha..Keep on writing ne~!
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/21/08
waah! zyzy chan!!!
i like it! hidoi na~u left ur ntebk...
anyway, i'll patiently wait for the next part.
and baka me...i told u that i'll be the first to comment
but well...theyré pretty fast!..haha...
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/21/08
awesomeness fanfic^^ Sora so funny with the other cute guy..they harmonized^^ so awesome! cant wait 4 the part 2^^
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/21/08
uwaaaa!! nice nice nice!!!!
bad thing you forgot your notebook!
awww... kawai so.... anyway hahaha ill wait for jan 6!!
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
aww! thats so cute!
they harmonize!! :3
kyaaa! more<3
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
ahah it's like it alot!! so sad..taht left it!! demo..i'll wait for it!! hehe
Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/2/09
hai!! ill be posting it in JAN. 6!! its JAN.2!! yay!~ 4 more days!
Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/2/09
wee~ mo-chan!!! hehe 4 more days~
cant wait fore nxt chappie!!!
Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/2/09

preppygothika wrote:

wee~ mo-chan!!! hehe 4 more days~
cant wait fore nxt chappie!!!

yay!~ arigato gozaimasu...!!!
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
chappie 2 is nice!!! (:
hehe LOLS sora and yoshi were not good on terms ne ^-^

wee~ keep on going ne!!!
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Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
ohhh whee!
I love this!
keep up the good work
can't wait for the next part!!!
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Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/10/09
you already posted chappy 2!!
Yoshi the shortie!!
love it!!
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