what do you think of life...
Posted 12/21/08

what do you think of life, after watching this drama? any realizations?
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26 / M / Anywhere ^^
Posted 12/27/08
i think life should be lived to its fullest, life is worth living and theres no time for regrets, live your life with happiness and never hold back, just keep going and fight whatever comes in your way
Posted 1/4/09
I completely agree with ichisukoushi. Life shouldn't be taken for granted. You may take life for granted now, but later on in life you will realize that life isn't something you should take for granted. Sadly, people with illness that they can die from realize that more than people who don't have illnesses. After watching this drama, I began to love life more, I spent more time with my family, and I began to appreciate everything in life, even the bad things.
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31 / F / PhiLiPpInEs....
Posted 1/10/09
I agree to you guys,... I think life is the best gift God gave to us,... and we can't waste it,... we'll only live once,... We must do the things that we can do now.... This drama changed me,.... Before, I always think that i'm the only one who's having a hard time, but after i watched this, i realized that there are a LOT more people who's suffering more than me... So I must be thankful and i must not give up, and keep on living,...
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27 / F / Decatur, Arkansas
Posted 1/15/09
how little we take for granted and for what we don't see in everyday life of all the suffering...
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26 / F / Candyland~
Posted 2/9/09
It makes me want to change, you know.
I don't want to waste this life, I want to appreciate everything in this world.
And it also make me want to try harder.
I hope they find a cure someday.
Not only this disease but others too.
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23 / F
Posted 5/19/09

II've realized many thing honestly:]
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21 / F / earth
Posted 7/4/09
yeah.. u see that life is meant to be furfilled to the fullest like if it was the last day ur going to live...
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23 / F / Monochrome
Posted 7/24/09
.life should not be wasted. .you should make the best out of it. everyone is given only one life. .no one should put it to waste just because of some very selfish reasons. .no one should take the life of another or even your own life. .we should all learn to live simply but with a life full of values so that we could live a happy and meaningful life. .life shouldn't be all about the luxury but the things you have did for the benefit of yourself and other people. .problems may come and go in our life but we shouldn't give up in solving it because these problems help us to grow into a more mature person. .life is a gift. make something that is worthwhile and meaningful that will make you be remembered by everyone you love until the day comes when you say goodbye to the world you live in.
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23 / F / Al-Ain - United A...
Posted 7/26/09
This drama was sad
because it's talk about Aya's life
that pain in my heart ..

I think the life cruel with good human..
I watch it in week more than one time .. and I can't forget
sad moments .. that's instilled in my heart ..

I think true Aya now, in sky with kami sama
She find every think want it

1 liter of tears

That is Best sad story

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