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Vegans are Eating the Environment
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M / America, Fuck Yeah.
Posted 1/12/09
I beleive in broccoli
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25 / F / Leading your nigh...
Posted 1/13/09

gopherthegold wrote:

I think the animal rights issue is something worth addressing. When overpopulation gets more extreme, a whole lot of animals are gonna get pushed out of existence. No one is gonna want to hear anything about the majestic manatee when people are crowded and starving, all they'll hear is "sea cow yum yum". If we don't acknowledge the other lifeforms as worth sharing the planet with, its gonna get lonely.

AleeceNoTenshi wrote:

JacopeX wrote:

Vegans/Vegeterians are annoying and ignorant as hell when it comes to their assertions in to why they eat plants only instead of meat. If God did not want us to eat meat, why did Jesus himself feed fish to thousands of villagers in the new testament? Why not Broccoli?

Not everyone believes in Jesus

Not everyone believes in broccoli ;)

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