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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 2/27/09
Ok! I like this pic and the girl in this pic. I am also a fan of candy. I want this to be my next avi for me. My challenge is who can make a candy themed avi with the girl in this pic for me.

1. It has to have candy in the background and border.
2. It must have the girl in this pic.
3. It must say mewbunny.

The winner's avi will be shown in the group. The deadline will be March 31.The prizes are you get to be a mod and come up with a next avi for the group for March. You will also get a cercificate for participating.

P.S. if you are already a mod don't worry about the 1st prize. I'll let you decide the next avi instead.

So no pressure! Good Luck!
Posted 3/9/10
Ok never mind about this. This is closed.
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