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DBSK's popularity...
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
I have to disagree with yu there . No one has the same voice , or the same looks , or the same dancing skills or the same talent . Everyone else hav a different and unique quality of talent .

It is not our decision who should or shouldn't be more popular thn others . At least every other band boys are popular in the music industry .

Plus in my opinion , DBSK is the ultimate boyband atm . All of them hav a different quality of talent and whn yu join these 5 members together , no-one and nothing can stop or beat them or top them off . This is how good they are !
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08

well to answer you question...

not every group is like dbsk...some cant even sing...and only have for dbsk they have looks, singing and dancing.

other differences are:

1. they sing accapella/harmonize with each other. name another asian boyband that does accapella??
2. humble- just because they are popular they are still humble and remain the
same person even after 5 yrs even though they have changed from boys to men...still respecting their seniors and such...
3. teamwork...they understand each other very well...communication is good in the team
also each member contributes to the team so no one is lacking, for instance although yunho is
not the best singer but he is the best dancer in the group.
4. their positive attitude and always striving for no. 1...even though they are popular in korea
they were still worried about their comeback and still worked really hard for on their 4th album.
5. hardwork, i know a lot of artist work hard...but have never seen one go back and forth from japan
to korea like every other week...
6. Language- they know how to speak korean and are now fluent in japanese...not many korean artist can do that....
in addition to knowing the language they have learned the traditions of the culture as well so that they appeal to japanese audience....they even try to crack jokes at concerts to please their fans....they released music in chinese and that helped them gain fans there..
therefore, unlike other boybands in korea they are 'Asian stars' because they attract other people outside of korea.

why do you think so many new boy bands look up to them??
it's because they admire not only their singing and dancing but also their teamwork.

also, of course having fans help...but when they went to japan in 2005 they had to start from the bottom and work their way up cassie couldnt help them first they only had a few hundred fans. in one of the interviews "star show" they talked about their difficulties in japan.
how they had to live there without their families and didnt even speak japanese....(they were only 17-19 back then) they went along with it they started to learn japanese and also changed their took them 2 yrs to get no. 1 on the japanese charts...and during all that time in japan they were still going back to korea perf, releasing cds...etc...and also had an asian tour. And finally this year they got a total of 4 no. 1 on the Oricon charts in their growing popularity in japan, not just because of their popularity but the effort that they put into promoting their music there.

they have also composed and written lyrics to their own music.

if you want different peoples views:

TVXQ In Other Artists’ Eyes

Because we’re in different genres, I’ve never seen them as a competitor. TVXQ is our respected sunbae. Their vocal skills are strong, and we’ve studied much of their performances and choreography. I’ve watched them stay determined to push themselves forward. They really are the perfect sunbaes.

TVXQ has always chased after different music styles, and their members all have very strong talents. Seeing TVXQ’s music and stage makes me feel touched, and they’re a very good influence on us. We’ve also started promoting in Japan, and compared to TVXQ sunbaes, we still have to secure a place. We all like TVXQ very much. We hope this time we’ll use the chance to become more intimate with the members.

If only I was a TVXQ member!
They’re a group that’s hard to believe, with talent that’s shocking.

YG ENTERTAINMENT’S YANG HYUN SOK (During a Big Bang Interview)
Ah! They’re the only singers I admire. TVXQ is really awesome. On the Live stage, they do very well. If they weren’t good looking, they would probably be the male version of Big Mama. Some bias our country’s people have toward TVXQ is wrong.

Choi Min Ho (3 Time Gold Medalist)
If I wasn’t a fan after listening to all of TVXQ’s fourth album, I wouldn’t be able to feel Youngwoong Jaejoong’s singing effortlessly like that. Xiah Junsu has a fine voice.

TVXQ as an idol group is kind of a waste. If they took a step forward, they could also be a group of fantastic musicians. SM doesn’t cultivate idols without talent. TVXQ is the most talented group out there right now. In the music industry, Jaejoong and Junsu are also fine and talented singers. TVXQ really is an awesome group.

MNet 21 Century Artist
I can’t say TVXQ is the country’s best singer. But, being able to harmonize all five member’s voices so beautifully isn’t something many groups can do. This shows that they aren’t just an idol group, but also have the potential to be a vocal group. They truly are the image of idol groups in the 21st century.

TVXQ’s five members all have very fine potential. If they focused on this, they could become five groups. Because of financial issues, they were put into one group- this kind of saying doesn’t seem like a rumour. But the five members’ harmonization has become the reason for this kind of good feeling.

Show Music Center PD
TVXQ are the most polite singers.

Tablo (Epik High)
From the beginning TVXQ was with us. Why~~do~~ we have the same thoughts? Seeing the support TVXQ gives us, really lets me see the love between singers. I can still feel it today. Really, I’m very thankful for this in the Hip Hop world.

FT Island
TVXQ sunbaes are very modest. Although they’ve already become Asia’s top idol group, we respect the humbleness they display at all times.

Japanese MC
They’re a very polite group.

Korean MC
Last year I was able to become closer to TVXQ because we did many shows together. As we filmed, I got to know more about their real lives, and they’re a group of hard to find hardworking young adults. Children like them are reasons my mood rises.

Park Joon Hyung
There were a lot of groups in the music industry during that time that disbanded because there were conflicts between members. Today I walked in and saw TVXQ, and knew that nothing like that would happen.

Rain (Singer)
I’m very envious of TVXQ, who is able to have those teen fans anticipating them. After the performances, those teen fans will chase after their cars,and wait for them outside the office buildings. But with my fans, after performances, they say “You’ve worked hard~” I’ve also been asked, “How come you don’t have teen fans?”

Jang Ri In
Before they go on stage, they always have a very stable attitude. It’s like they really have handsome and clear souls.

Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa)
There are many groups coming out these days, and a lot of them look really good. TVXQ stands out among these groups.

K. Will
TVXQ’s vocal talent among idol groups is really the best. Especially their charisma and leadership onstage, it’s really good.

Super Junior
We admire TVXQ, who has been able to successfully make a place for themselves in Japan.

Tony An
After they get onstage, they can bring together all of the audience’s focus. This is the kind of thing we need to bring energy to the music world. From this kind of view, there should be many groups like TVXQ appearing now. It’s not talking about coming out with many groups. More like, there should be more groups with such power to influence. Being able to receive the general audience’s support can also become a good foundation for the entertainment industry.

Jong Hyun (SHINee)
Out of all our sunbaes, TVXQ doesn’t hold back, they’ve done very well. Especially to TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun, I’m very thankful. The first time ew went onstage, he came in person to bring food over to support us, I was really thankful that time.

TVXQ has the most confidence. At the time they earned a lot of fans using the teenage girls style~

Although they’re already top stars, their personality is still very good. Compared to when I was younger, they’re really very kind.

LSM (SM Entertainment)
It’s really a waste~ The kids who could’ve gone onto their solo careers became a group in the end.

Star News
TVXQ really changed the concept of idol groups. All the members have the talent to do solo activities right away.

On the surface, they look glamorous, but in reality, they’ve all been through hardships in life. Truthfully, I really want to go over and give them big hugs.

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (
Source: DNBN + 将爱 + Mr. TVXQ

For me singing comes first. if a group cant sing live than i dont lose respect for them.
the fact that tvxq can sing and dance so well live is one of reasons i like them..
but after being a fan for almost 5 years. i'll have to say that it's also
their attitude towards others and to their fans...they remain unchange by their popularity and
they never forget to thank their fans
each and every time they win an award. they workhard giving
fans 110% when performing.

you dont have to agree with me but that's just my perspective.
please dont judge the group based on their fans.

For some reason tvxq fans always seem to be so organzied...
not just the hardcore korean fans...but also their fans in Peru
and Argentina...all over the world...
they're crazy about tvxq too....for instance celebrating junsu's's on yt...
anyways there's just something special about this group that can attract
people to them...and that's not a bad thing...think of them as a group
that is promoting kpop and korea around the world.
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
what different about them are, they all compliment to each other. Each other weaknesses covered by others band members and tat why they all seem so perfect. some boybands where there members have similar power and charm and they do not compliment each other. dbsk more like a family tat stand on their own but at the same time they need each other like family do. that why they so popular because of there ways of showing their gratitude to each other.
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
Okay, I have a comment. :)
I believe that DBSK is actually one of those bands that people believe are just famous because of their looks. I believed that as well, yeah they are good looking and all. But see before I use to hate these guys, every time I saw people going OMG DBSK. I was like what's so great about them. They are probably one of bands that are just looks no talent. And was I wrong.
Okay I have to admit I think they are good looking BUT not only are these guys good looking, they actually do have talent. They can sing decently live actually make that sing really well live. Their voices are really amazing, accapella. They also experiment with different varieties of music like one minute its pop the next its rap, r&b or even techno. Some of them are really decent composers/song writers as well. They can dance pretty well and they actually have really nice personalities. I believe these guys are really hard working as well, so I think they have the right to be at the top. Like half the time these guys are sometimes sick or they have something wrong with them but that doesn't stop them. For example one time Yunho had something wrong with his ankle, I believe during a concert yet he kept on going til the end. He kept on going til he couldn't even walk anymore. After the concert his ankles were so swollen he had at least a whole week or a month, I think on crutches. I don't exactly remember the details.
But not only that, some of them had a hard past life, like Yunho and Micky. Even though they had a difficult time they still made it to the music industry. So, that might be one of the reasons why everyone is so fond of them.
But hey, that's just my opinion.
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23 / F / Malaysia
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
don't compare artsits with different genres
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
You all have such strong opinions! In other words, you all write so much that I'm not willing to read through all the posts! hehe ;P

They're alright, I guess. I just hate it when people try shoving DBSK down my throat just like Con-prop 8 shoving religion down homosexuals. Lol, bad analogy? Perhaps but you get the point.
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25 / F / singapore
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
i think DBSK's vocals are pretty good esp junsu
most cass love DBSK because of their looks
and another reason SM always made them wear clothes that will reveal their upper body =.=

i'm not their fan but i happen to like some of their songs ^^
and i have to admit i really like their vocals & they DO have talent

BTW when you open threads like these.. cass would be coming here praising their dear DBSK like gods lol
i've seen too many cass like this ....
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24 / F / "Fairy Tale"
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
What sakura89 said.
That is how i feel too, but she expressed it much further and detailed than i can.
Seriously, that is how i feeeeeel. Thanks for explaining it like that sakura89
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08

ringo_seijin wrote:

annabanna wrote:

But you know other artists have been working hard as well not only DBSK....and dbsk isn't the only group with talent there are tons of other ones that are even more talented....

and thanks I will use that pic

yes, i agree with you.
there are a 'gazillion' of other singers out there, definitely wayyyy more talented than the dongbang boys, but perhaps just a little lacking in the looks factor.
and probably because of this lack in looks, they never get the chance to become popular, or worse, cut an album. (esp those pub singers)
BUT, those fangirls of them insisted that the dongbang boys arent popular because of their looks.
i reckon that they're not being very honest.
yeah, so all in all, yes, the dongbang boys are overrated. esp here, in CR.

The only reason I even started listening to DBSK is because I heard a song that Yoochun was singing, and his voice felt like..water rushing over my skin. It was very soothing. Same with Junsu.

If you look at polls on the looks of DBSK,usually Yoochun ranks last. But he is my favorite. And I think he is the most handsome. I think the looks factor is overrated, especially because I don't find the most popular (Jaejoong) that attractive at all. *shrug*

But yeah..I seriously cannot think of any other groups that have better voices. Who do you think sings better? Just out of curiosity. (The only one who could use some work is Yunho, but he has improved with time.)

PS: I'm not a Cassie, I'm just an enjoyer of music.
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08

really well expressed post! I actually read the whole thing, and it was really really right on the button how dbsk was described.
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08

hime_chama wrote:

jgal16 wrote:

hime_chama wrote:

but still i feel quite disappointed that they simply disbanded over money issues. it's such a waste.
perhaps HOT is the first boyband to start the hallyu wave, but i think ShinHwa kinda fortified it and brought it to a higher level?
i have many friends who know Shinhwa and yet doesnt know HOT nor DBSK, nor other korean boybands.
now, back to the dbsk topic.
now that we roped in HOT and ShinHwa, don't you see some similarities?
they all debuted under SM. so perhaps the qn, why dbsk are so damned popular when they're just like any other talented boybands...
perhaps it's the marketing strategy of SM Ent.?
okay, fangirls don't quote me and give me another 1001 reasons why dbsk's popular because of their own talents and nothing else. i've had enough of that.

If your asking me then ill copy my post from earlier

Maybe because they can sing, dance and have good looks all at once... also they have good personalities and has stayed humble even when theyre at top already.And I can tell they have passion for music and the job they are doing, even though theyre dead tired they still manage to smile to give fans a good show. They also give you a variety of genres like SMP, ballads, acapella, techno, jazz, so you never get bored. They can write their own music and play instruments. And the thing that made me love them even more was their background story of how they started from nothing like jae and yunho being homeless, yoochuns america struggle before going to SM.. it made me realize that they have really worked hard from scratch having absolutely nothing to becoming famous and rich and it suprised me that they manage to still stay humble.

Some groups can sing but can barely dance, some groups can dance but can barely hold a note, some groups only have a few good looking people.

Alot of people work hard but not alot of people travel back and fort from japan to korea almost every week and perform atleast 2 or 3 times the day they arrive, had 3 concert tours going at once and can still perform well even when sick.

SM Ent. marketing strategy would not work if they are promoting talentless people.

and talented people can't climb to the top under a lousy agency/record label.
and they're all singers who has cut albums already, so we can actually leave out the 'talent' or 'x-factor' part. do you seriously think that those agencies will put in funds for the debut of a bunch of talentless people?
they got scouted, they had their debut, they've cut albums, they've acted in dramas, they've performed in musicals etc.
i think to a certain extent everybody in the entertainment circle has some talents, if not, the agencies wouldn't want them.
thus, SM Ent. wont be promoting talentless people in the first place. neither would YG, DSP etc.
and since they started from scratch with absolutely nothing to their name as from what you've stated, all the more they will remain humble. sorry to say, there's no need to be surprise over that. only those who have not tasted bitterness in life will not understand the meaning of humility.
moreover, with the scary anti-fans breathing down their back, i dont think any korean artistes in their right state of mind will dare to behave arrogantly? (sorry if i'm wrong about this)
perform well even when sick, sick as in cold? flu?
wilber pan, minwoo, and hyunjoong all finished up their concert even though they got injured. wilber and minwoo got some knee cap injury and leg injury while huynjoong dislocated his shoulder.
quoting wilber, 'as an artiste, even if i were to die, i will die on stage.'
lousy translation, but that's roughly what he has said.
i'm not saying dbsk sucks, i like JaeMin couple and junsu too.
but they're definitely overrated by fangirls' godification.

i agree, in korea cassie does overrate them and of course every artist works
hard right??not every artist have as much pressure on them as dbsk...being called 'the best asian group', it's not just cassie who considers them the top group, tv shows have given them that title when every they mention tvxq because of their success is cassie that only one to blame?

also, in japan they had to work their way up even with out SM...
at 1st they were had a couple hundred fans but slowly they worked their way up to
no. 1 on the charts after 2 yrs of hardwork...the fact that even though they were discouraged
by their failed attempts in their 3 yrs in japan and yet they still strive for the best even when down
shows their determination. Now they have gain more confidence in by learning the language as well.

their friendship is incomparable to any other band...unlike Jewelry or SS501
they will not be a group if one of the members drop out because to them they will always and
only be a group of 5, each member contributes equally to the group. i cant name a band that
is as close as dbsk.

just because they're overrated doesnt main they dont deserve their popularity and fame.

there are some groups that dont deserve their popularity under SM and the other big labels but dbsk is definitely not one of them.
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29 / F / ChocoTown, Oregon
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
DBSK is very very popular.. they're the only living being in japan's top fad list LMAO
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25 / F / Underground Palac...
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
DONG BANG SHIN KI is not overrated. <--- period

They are just popular because they have dis extraordinary charismatic features and golden voices.
and one thing..
Hello?! THE MOST HANDSOME GUY IN ASIA is a member of DBSK. (duh)

stage name: HERO

^ when I first saw him.. I thought that he is a gay or something but when I searched about him..
I got hooked.

I promised they are different from those artist you've seen.
Just start watching der mini dramas..that's wer I start.. and now, I'm one of their loyal fans. ^_^

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25 / F / Underground Palac...
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
wow, I felt like I want to cry. I've read all of the post and you guys are so touching.
You really support them. cassies = teamwork.
If DBSK have the chance read dis.. I'm sure they'll be happy. how people view them as great artist. *sniff sniff* LOL
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30 / F / Singapore
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
I think their popularity is overrated.
Yeah yeah, they can sing, they can dance and they look good.... but other boy bands also have that....\
It just an excellent marketing by SM entertainment....
and of course, thanks to those crazy fan girls out there who I bet bought at least 2 copies of their albums to boost their album sales..... and still continue on to persuade their friends to buy DBSK album too....
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