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Well, I have a four way tie between




And, of course
-the captains keyring for the captains cabin on the ship that sails down the river Danube

Sorry if I got that last one a little off, I can never get it exactly right. Also forgive my dodgey spelling :)

So what are some of your favorite words?
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taking pleasure from another persons misfortune

dont like its meaning but it sounds cool when u say it

light bulb but the literal translation is 'glowing pear'
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What people say after they sneeze. Like in english people say "Bless you", but in german it's something really funny.. which i don't remember..
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@joker_dude: It's "Gesundheit!" (<- literal translated "Healthy!") or sometimes "Helf dir Gott" ( <- literal translated "God should help you!") ^^

"Massenkarambolage" is a serie of crashs... multiple crash would be a good translation i guess.

I looked it up on the dictionary and another translation would be "pileup" or "massive freeway pileup"

My fav word: Well ... thats a though one 'cause there are rather normal for me ... i guess "Danke (sehr)" is the word(s) i use the most.
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helf dir gott? who says that ? its totally old!
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sun-chan09 yes, ich think so too
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