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Posted 12/21/08
Just as the title says, Introduce yourself!!

Here I will go first!!

Hi everyone!! Im aj-chan...I luv to read,write,draw,and do the computer!!(laptop actually)
I like the color green and purple and i luv to meet new friends!!
Nice to meet you alll!!!^^
Posted 12/21/08
im mia angela labradores
proud member of this great group
woot! im a marisian! i luvv my school!
also a student at the royal academy of dance
im a filipina by the way
i also take voice lessons
member of the pep squad, dancers guild, and the glee club at my school
pres. of my class
and a girl who loves to photoshop!
well, that's all for now
i hope that we could all be friends!
Posted 12/21/08
hello all! :D

NAME: Jenni
AGE: ???
HOBBY: photoshop, reading, writing, cr, being lazy and random! XD
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22 / F / Pluto
Posted 12/22/08
hey there~

I'm animemusiklover AKA loli-chan :3
i ♥ animanga and gimp/photoshop...i lyk red and purple
i also lyk reading novels and day dreaming
..i'm a plutonian[or plutonese] and i lyk voodoo dolls :D
i hate bitter stuff and pink....:D
LOVE, LOLITA, LOLLIPOP :D[my L word instead of live love laugh o.O]

i accept any buddy requests..and group requests..:D
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F / Singapore
Posted 12/22/08
I'm Iku that's all, nothing to say
I really gtg that's why
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26 / M
Posted 12/22/08
hi, i dont really want people to know my real name, so u guys can just call me by my Username (ToLOVE-Ru)
if you haven't notice yet already, i luv To LOVE-Ru
i like mostly comedy/romance animes, but also like action packed animes as well...
im terrible at photoshop, so just decided to join this group to request some graphics
Posted 12/22/08
hey everyone! i'm saskia, i'm dutch love anime like making avii's (although they're not as great as aj's and jenni's) love playing forumgames (there aren't any yet in this group! :sweatingbullets:) and i like meeting people!
btw i can be very randomn BEWARE...
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F / .withyoualways.
Posted 12/30/08
im veronica..
but everyone calls me vee or min minn >w<
im 16 yrs old...
bday june.14.1992
i REALLY want photoshop..
but sadly my parents wont let me use it..
cuz they say im cant do it!! =3=
underestimating me rite??
but watevs..
im a random,
friendly, weird, fun
carefree person!!:)
Posted 12/31/08
Hi people I'm Nathalie, I'm dutch and love to read manga and watch anime ^_^
I'm a cr lover ;-)
and I'm totally into my bf ;-)
I like making new friends so let's become friends! ^_^

XxX Elinia
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