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Posted 12/24/08 , edited 12/25/08
"sure sure whatever"

"Let's go"

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Posted 12/25/08
lets go shopping!
Posted 12/25/08
oooooo! there's this awesome new shop i wanted to go to!Let's go there!
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Posted 12/25/08
okay but i need to buy something for Santa and Snowy!its their christmas present
Posted 12/28/08
hai hai!What ever

*10 mins later*
OMG were gonna be late!Lets run!
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Posted 12/30/08
ya lets run
Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/31/08
*back at the royal garden*(where Suki was crying cuz she had to do the bbq LOL JOKING)*

"ne is it ready yet?"
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Posted 12/31/08
"Yup let's eat!" Suki said.
Posted 12/31/08
"yay!"said Sumi

"i bet you 5000 yen she'll eat the most"whispered Jole to Mika,Meika, and Joel

*me giving Jole a death stare*
Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/5/09
Hanayuki: I think its time, don't you Shimiko?
Shimiko: Yeah! Its time to go to Seiyo academy.
Yaya (Hanayuki's mom): Its time to go to school Hanayuki-chan.
Kukai (Hanayuki's dad): Promise us that you wont be late ok?
Hanayuki: Yes mom, I'll be right there. -goes in car and later arrives at Seiyo academy, she looks at her boy's uniform that she's wearing-
Shimiko: It's good that you decided to wear the boy's uniform instead of the girl's. That would be better since you're different from the other girls. We cant show up yet, until school starts later on but we might meet other guardian characters.
Shimika: Let's check the bulletin board and see what class we are.
Hanayuki: Ah sure then, lets go. -checks the buletting board- I'm in IV- Moon Class this semester huh? lets go there and wait for classes to start. -goes to classroom and sits there and waits for classes to start-
Posted 1/3/09

sagnes512 wrote:


King's Chair:~

Queen's Chair:~Sumi Tajika
Chara(s):~Mika and Meika(Twins), Jole and Joel(Twins)

Jack's Chair:~

Ace Chair:~Kizumi Yamata

Chara(s):~Sunny and Moony

Other Character(s):


Can I be in Easter? O.o
Utau hides her identity though so no one knows she is in Easter
Posted 1/5/09
Classmate #1: Wahh! Hanayuki-sempai you should be a guardian or something. You're so cool!
Hanayuki: (thinking- Guardian huh? Thats what mom and dad were...)
Classmate #2: Oh your last name is Souma. Are you related to Kukai Souma by any chance?
Hanayuki: Well... I guess he's my dad and my mom is Yaya Yuiki-san.
Classmate #3: You should be fit to be the new jack's chair... to bad its for boys. So your parents are both former guardians? Awesome, thats what I call... um cool. Your a transfer student yet you're so familiar with the school already.

Hanayuki: (thinking: I wonder how its like to become a guardian. Mom&Dad said it was fun... but I think I have no chance) *looks down and leaves the classroom and wanders around the school she finds herself in the Royal Garden* Whoa! What is that place..?
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