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24 / F / in my La La Land~
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
Arioka Daiki x Chinen Yuri

Arioka: I think it’s important to understand and face other’s weakness to be able to have a good relationship with people…. What do you think, Chinen?
Chinen: Yeah, that’s important. Okay, then I’d like to face Dai chan’s wekaness
Arioka: My weakness? What is it?
Chinen: That you talk really cold when we talk on the phone!
Arioka: Didn’t we talk about that before on POTATO? (laughs) It’s not like I’m cold because it’s you. I’m just like that on the phone!
Chinen: Really~? Isn’t it because you hate me~? (pretends to sulk)
Arioka: Don’t worry, that’d never happen ♥ so let’s end this talk (laughs). Okay, tell us Chinen’s way of socializing with others.
Chinen: Hmm, I think you should approach them casually without any planning. Even if you want to be friends with a person, I don’t
think flattering them in a wrong way is good.
Arioka: I agree! By the way, since when have we started talking so friendly like this?
Chinen: I don’t remember! I don’t think there wasn’t any particular reason why.
Arioka: Yeah. That means we get along naturally in a friendly way.
Chinen: I think so. But you’re still mean over the phone.
Arioka: That again!? Then I’ll call you again soon. I’m going to talk so peppy that’ll disgrace my name (laughs).
Chinen: Okay. I’ll report the result on POTATO some day (laughs). Do you have any recent striking thing that happened?
Arioka: I got 93 on my history test in school!
Chinen: Really? Great, that’s our Dai chan!
Arioka: I was really surprised because I wasn’t expecting this much. How are things going for you, Chinen?
Chinen: Waiting everyday for Dai chan’s call (laughs)
Arioka: Hahah! You really have a sense of humor
Chinen: Well, I’m just using this as one of my material and I’m actually not sulking at all.
Arioka: Yeah, I know. Don’t worry! Let’s talk about our determination towards Summary~ to end this.
Chinen: The set is incredible so I want them to notice that first!
Arioka: Yeah. It’s very large-scaled so I want them to look forward to it. I think the big highlight will be flying or the fountain.
Chinen: Yeah, I think the fountain is really amazing.
Arioka: It’s so much that I think the fans who sits by the front should bring a poncho!?
Chinen: It’s very dynamic!
Arioka: There are other highlights and I think the whole show shows the fun side of us for sure. Please look forward to it!
Chinen: Let’s enjoy spending time together! … oh, how about you calling me on the stage during the show? (laughs)
Arioka: hahahah, My voice will be certainly happy since my mood will be high… wait a minute, we are going to finish off this talk with this in the end~? (laughs)
Chinen: Oh well ♥ (smiley)

Yabu Kota x Takaki Yuya

Yabu: Takaki and I are actually the same age but we would’ve never talked easily like this before, right?
Takaki: Because our career experiences are totally different.
Yabu: Yup, I remember you were like “Sempai~♥” to me (laughs).
Takaki: I guess I was a bit nervous. I would never even have dreamt of being able to debut in the same group back then. Now I can
talk to you as just the same aged person.
Yabu: As you say that, you actually adore me, right? (laughs) That’s why you bought the same aroma candle as me, right? The strawberry and vanilla scented one.
Takaki: Hahaha! Yup, I noticed I bought the same one as yours. But that’s not because I was trying to copy you, it was just an accident.
Yabu: I guess I’ll let you leave it as that (laughs). By the way, are you usually shy in front of strangers? Because I’m not…
Takaki: I was fine with meeting people for the first time when I was little but as I grew I guess I started to get shy in front of
Yabu: I see, why is that!?
Takaki: I don’t quiet know myself
(Ⓟⓟ What do you think you need to do to overcome the shyness?)
Takaki: I think people doesn’t have to over come shyness if they don’t want to. I think it’s matter of fate between others. Even if someone can’t easily talk with others when meeting for the first time, but if there’s a fate, I think they can become friends someday. That’s why I don’t think anyone should push themselves too much… what do you think?
Yabu: Yeah, I really understand about the fate. It’s like I can sense who I’ll get along when I first meet them or the sense of “I can get along with them for sure!” comes. I think that’s feeling of fate without realizing it myself.
Takaki: Yup, I really think that’s it.
Yabu: It’ll be fine as long as they have fate. Like Takaki just said, I don’t think it’s necessary to force oneself.
Takaki: You’re right. Power of fate is really strong!
Yabu: It’s because we had fate within the Hey!Say!JUMP members that we were able to be in the same group with these members.
Takaki: Yup. Also, since we are tied together with fate, we don’t have to consciously force oneself to get along with one another.
Yabu: Because we are all connected here (heart), between us 10. And Summary~ which the 10 of us + large number of Jr. do our
best in, is coming up.
Takaki: It’s an honor to perform with us being the main of the show. We wanted to show our fans something over the top so we did our best as much as we could
Yabu: Certainly, I get a bit nervous since it’s a stage formed performance and the fans are staring at you. But, I’d like to make that nervousness a good thing so I can make it an enjoyable time
Takaki: I think people would enjoy the show, since we have sword fights or other intense performances are stored for them. I want to show them something cool that we’ve rehearsed properly until the live show.
Yabu: I hope it’ll become an awesome summer memory to both the fans and to us.

Inoo Kei x Morimoto Ryutaro x Yamada Ryosuke

Inoo: First is Ryutaro, I have a feeling that you’re actually shy in front of strangers, are you?
Morimoto: Not that much. I can talk to them like “hello, there~” even for the first time
Inoo: Oh, I see. I thought you sort of had a shyness in front of stranger kind of image. How about you, Yama chan?
Yamada: I don’t get shy in front of strangers. I’ve been talking with anyone casually since I was little. How about you, Inoo chan?
Inoo: I’m fine, too. As long as the other person isn’t staring at me with a scary face (laughs), then I’ll be fine.
(Ⓟ What do you think you need to do to socialize?)
Inoo: To not to get scared
Yamada: I think so, too. You’d never know the person if you don’t talk to them and I think you should just go for it instead of being afraid.
Morimoto: Yup, it’ll be fine as long as you go with the flow!
Inoo: Every human beings are nicer than people expect. So, don’t worry.
Yamada: Wow, listen to him!
Inoo: Thanks (laughs) How about talking about the communications between the JUMP members, next?
Morimoto: I had communication between Yama chan since we did joined in the same year.
Yamada: Oh yeah. Since when have Inoo chan and Ryutaro got along?
Inoo: Since today (laughs)
Yamada: Wha!? What do you mean?
Inoo: Ryutaro sat on my lap just a while ago. When I saw that, I thought “Ah, now I’m getting along with him” to myself … (laughs)
Morimoto: … No, that was only because the camera man told me to do it
Yamada: Don’t deny that! (laughs)
Morimoto: Well to be honest, I think I’ve been talking to him a lot since this group was formed.
Yamada: When have Inoo chan and I have been getting along again?
Inoo: I wonder when. I don’t remember (laughs). I only remember I wanted to talk to Yama chan when he joined the Jrs. But I didn’t know how.
Yamada: Really?
Inoo: Yeah. It’s hard to talk with kids who just joined (JE) for me and… Oh wait, does this mean I’m shy in front of strangers? (laughs)
Yamada: Hahaha, that’s true! And we were just talking about how we don’t get shy in front of strangers (laughs)
Inoo: Well, let’s just say those things happen, too !? Let’s talk about what we are doing lately. Is there anything funny that
happened recently?
Yamada: I helped Ryutaro get his contacts out the other day (laughs)
Morimoto: That was helpful but I thought you went a bit too far when you pretended to sprinkle salt on my contacts (laughs)
Inoo: Oh, that was when we were eating together.
Yamada: Yup. But that was just a playful thing I did out of spur of the moment
Morimoto: I don’t really mind but..
Inoo: I feel like these two are always arguing about things like this (laughs)
Yamada: We’re not arguing. I’m just being Ryutaro’s playmate. To make it short, I think this is just one of our way to have a
Morimoto: How is this having communi $%# (messes up)
Inoo: You messed up on the good part (laughs)
Yamada: Well, conversations like this shows how close we are. Right, Ryutaro?
Morimoto: I’ll leave it as that (laughs)
Inoo: I guess we should talk about Summary~ at the end
Yamada: If I’m going to mention my highlight, then it’ll be flying for sure! To be honest, I’m a bit scared of how high we are flying but
I don’t think that would be a problem once the show starts. I hope you’ll look forward to it.
Inoo: You’re right. We should build up things that’ll be fun to watch for people who came us to make them happy. Also, the performance is pretty long so from an health aspect, I want to be careful not to suffer from heat.
Yamada: Yeah, that’s very important! But, I think all of my fatigue will go away once I see the fans during the performance
Inoo: Very true. Because we get powers from the fans
Yamada: That’s what I’m talking about!
Morimoto: We are going to show sides of Hey!Say!JUMP that fans have never seen before!

Yaotome Hikaru x Nakajima Yuto x Okamoto Keito

Yaotome: I wonder who’s the most friendly/open to others from these three?
Nakajima: Wouldn’t that be me? I can casually talk friendlily to strangers. But if you look at it from the bad point of view I can be too
cheeky (laughs)
Yaotome: Ooh, that can also be it (laughs)… is a joke but I think it’s true that Yuto is the most sociable. And Keito is shy
Okamoto: Yeah, I’m not good at talking…
Yaotome: But Keito makes up that part by giving presents for no reason or try to have a conversation unexpectedly. I don’t know why but he gave me a cat toy the other day (laughs). But I understand that’s Keito’s way of showing “I want to get to know you
Nakajima: Sounds like Keito, that was s a very laid back story. Hikaru kun has a strong impression of communicating with everyone
Yaotome: But I’m actually shy
Nakajima: … I see Hikaru kun commenting like that in magazine a lot (laughs). To me, I don’t think you are shy at all… (whispering) but I bet Hikaru kun will say “I am shy!” when he hears my comment…
Yaotome: I am shy! (laughs) Because when I was in a taxi with Keito for the first time, we were both shy that we didn’t talk at all and it was so awkward (laughs)
Okamoto: Oh yeah, that happened. I remember I was thinking “what should I do… what should I talk about…” (laughs)
Yaotome: It was still okay since there was a TV in the car but I think I would’ve fainted if it was muted
Nakajima: hahaha, I didn’t know such a thing happened
Yaotome: Also, I think my shyness have leaked out to the Jrs because they’re trying to be nice by talking to me (laughs)
Nakajima: But, Hikaru kun leads everyone during group works. For example, when a member couldn’t comment well you casually make a follow-up comment and heat up the place… it’s just what he would do.
Yaotome: Well, age wise I’m suppose to be the one who gather up the group so I don’t think I should be saying stuff like “I’m shy.”
Also, I do think I have to seal up my shyness in front of the camera and work toward being more active/positive.
Nakajima: Oh, I think that’s important too! Because in a work like this you have to think “I have to go more forward.” Keito, I think being shy is good but I think you should be more active when you’re working.
Okamoto: Yeah. I’ll do my best to step up a bit!
Yaotome: then let’s talk about recent happenings next.
Nakajima: We are all into playing chess lately. I started after Keito taught me the rules, and it’s actually really fun!
Yaotome: It’s totally different way of using our brain than shogi [Japanese chess] so it’s fun because it’s new. On top of that, Keito is really good at it.
Okamoto: Because I’ve been playing it for a long time
Yaotome: Of course he’s good, he did live in the home of the chess (?) (England)
Nakajima: I think this chess boom will continue for a long time
Okamoto: What are you guys think about Summary?
Nakajima: I think the key is to think about being a performance rather than a concert. I truly feel I want to make something enjoyable seeing for the audiences.
Yaotome: In this performance, each member learns a new skill and they are suppose to perform it. I want the audience to look forward to whatever that’ll be performed and I think it is our duty to perform something that won’t be disappointing, so I want to put all my effort into it and get ready by practicing.
Okamoto: It’d be nice if the audiences enjoys it
Nakajima: Yup. When you think about it, the audiences who comeswaits outside of the stadium until the opening, right? I’m so glad about that!! We should all give back to their devotion!
Yaotome: Let’s do our best until the end with the power of 10 combined!

Credits 2: smalltownburns @ livejournal
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Posted 12/22/08 , edited 12/22/08
Inoo: Ryutaro sat on my lap just a while ago. When I saw that, I thought “Ah, now I’m getting along with him” to myself … (laughs)
Morimoto: … No, that was only because the camera man told me to do it

Yaotome: But Keito makes up that part by giving presents for no reason or try to have a conversation unexpectedly. I don’t know why but he gave me a cat toy the other day (laughs). But I understand that’s Keito’s way of showing “I want to get to know you

that was soOoo cute!! ^-^
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F / 東京
Posted 1/21/09 , edited 1/22/09
Dai-chan got a 93 on his history test~
Lol, my friend got me this magazine for my birthday, and I couldn't stop squealing. xD
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