ya just a fanfic~~about gakuen alice
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Posted 12/22/08
sorry if its not good bec its my first fanfic

ok heres chapter 1 ~~

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

chapter 1~mikan's arrival

during class inchou was talking to hotaru,

inchou: hotaru you said u had a bestfriend right??the place were u came from?
hotaru: yeah..
inchou: what was she like??how does she look like?how does she act??
hotaru:well..first of all shes ugly,stupid and clumsy,but shes a hardworking girl...
inchou:hehehe s-she seems interesting..

hotaru and yuu come to the teachers office right now,hotaru and yuu come to the teachers office right now.....they announced

inchou:why are they calling us?
hotaru:i dont know...

(meanwhile in the teachers office)

narumi:mikan you stay here for a while ok
mikan:(in her head)yes!!finally i can see my hotaru!!!
mikan: was soo lonely when she left and she told me that shes never going back again..

mikan :ne ne hotaru!!!ur my bestfriend do u know that??
hotaru:(smiles a little)(whispers)i know
mikan:huh?did u say something hotaru??
hotaru:no...and stay away from me u monkey faced girl
mikan:w-what did u just say?!?!?(tries to punch hotaru but failed insted got hit by hotarus machine that she invented)
mikan:(flies into the air and land on the ground)ahhhh!!!ouch!!!
mikan:hotaru!!!ur soo mean i thought we were bestfriends?!?!?
hotaru:i didint say anything..
mikan:(starts to cry)h-hotaru u-ur so m-mean....(cries more)
hotaru:....(bends down and pulls mikans cheeks)u look uglier when u cry,i never had a bestfriend as ugly as u are.
mikan:..(looks at hotaru,and smiles)ok den!!(wipes out her tears)is this better??
hotaru:smiles a little


mikan:ohh!! its grandpa!!hotaru see u tommorow!!(runs and says bye)
hotaru:smiles a little

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
mikan isrunning to hotaru's house...
mikan:hotaru!!!!!!im here!!
mikan goes inside hotarus hous and sees hotaru's mom crying
mikan:hotaru's mom whats wrong??
hotaru's mom:hotarus gone!!!they took her too.....why does she need to go....(cries louder)
mikan:n-no way..
mikan runs to their school finds a turtle like machine and has a letter on its mouth

mikan:whats this reads the letter

its says
dear mikan

monkey faced mikan, im going to a school named alice academy....i wont be coming there anymore i am now going to live in that school u can write me letters if u want to.i dont know if i can visit u or not i also dont know when i can write to you again.you dont need to worry about me.thats all i can say
ok bye now.

to :monkey faced girl


mikan:n-no way......hotaru...i thought we were bestfriends forever.....(starts to cry)w-why are you leaving me now???

drops the letter and sees something pop out
mikan:picks up the paper and sees 1 photo her garanpa took while they were asleep
and reads the letter its said:

you can keep the turtle and also heres a picture soo that u will not forget me....

mikan:hotaru!!!!!!!!!!!!!you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~meanwhile in the limousine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

guy:whats wrong?


thats all for today!!!pls tell me if its nice or not hope u like it
Posted 12/22/08
that was goodd
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Posted 12/23/08
ok heres chapter 2~

mikan:hey camille!!why do i have to meet natsume?!?!?


natsume:yeah..the main character is too ugly..

mikan:what the hell did u say!!!ur ugly too u know!!!!

natsume:and who said?

mikan:.....oh yeah!camille!!!why cant i meet ruka-pyon first!!i dont wanna meet natsume first!!

camille:but i like u to meet natsume first...


camille:ok lets continue then lets start where we stopped in the last chapter..

guy:whats wrong?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end of flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
mikan:?(started crying)no!!i cant cry!!hotaru wouldnt like it!!!(whipes tears)

looks at the door and thinks "hmmm maybe if i take a walk outside i might forget what happened back then.."look at the door again and finally stands up and opened the door and went outside.mikan started wondering around the school.

mikan:wow!!!!its soo big!!hmm...i wonder if hotaru always get lost in this school??
mikan:sighs out loud.

acidentally bumps to a guy drinking juice,the juice fell on the guys shirt

mikan:ahhh..im soooo sorry!!!i wasnt looking where i was going..
guy:why werent you looking?!?!
mikan:......i-im very sorry
guy:you think you can get away by just saying sorry?!?
guy:you have to be punished soo you'll learn your lesson
mikan:aa..no way!(stands up and runs away)
guy:hey!!get back here!!!you brat!!(started runing after mikan)
mikan:(in her head)OMG!!what should i do?!?!?im being chased by a guy!!what if he uses his alice on me?!?! i dont even know whats my alice yet!!!narumi-sensie didint tell me yet!!what will a do!!
guy:oi!!get the hell back here!!(uses his alice,his alice is he can controll peaple as long as he already touched them)
mikan:get away from me!!!!!!!!!!
guy:dammit!!why wont my alice affect her?!?!i cant controll her?!?!why is this happening??
mikan:(in her head)dammit!!i think he'll use his alice on me!!!what should i do?!?!

mikan runs faster and faster untill the guy chasing her couldnt catch up anymore....

mikan:puff..puff..puf..ahh!that was sooo tiring!!well i think i lost him...

(suddenly hears some running footsteps)

mikan:gyah!!maybe its the guy again how did he catch up soo fast?
mikan runs away again and bumps to a guy as her age.

mikan:aahhh im sorry!!i didnt mean to spill your juice!!
natsume:damn shut up..
mikan:huh??w-wait your not that guy at all!!!
natsume:shut the hell up!!ur noisy!!
mikan:what did you just say?!?!
natsume:tch!(gets mikan and goes inside a classroom)
mikan:hey!why did you take me here!!
natsume:why wont you just shut the hell up!?!
mikan:because i dont want!!
natsume:tch!(gets mikan and covers her mouth)
natsume:there that will shut you up..

then mikan heard a voice shouting"oi!!!natsume!!go out now!!first it was loud but it became softer and softer and she couldnt hear it anymore..

natsume:lets go of mikans mouth
mikan:why did you do that!!i almost died!!
natsume:if you just shut up i wouldnt do that..
mikan:.....and besides why was that guy chasing you huh!?!
natsume:none of your buisness
mikan:ahh!!i know it your a criminal arent you!!u did something bad and now their going to arest you!!!hey!!!hes here!!!
natsume:gets angry and slams mikan to the door and puts his right hand beside mikans head
natsume:your soo damn noisy!!heh why dont you tell me your alice instead?
natsume:whats the matter why arent you noisy??
natsume:answer my question whats your alice?!?
mikan:(what should i do!! i dont know my alice!)
natsume:why cant you speak??
mikan:w-why the hells hould i tell you!!!
natsume:acting tough??
mikan:no!im not!!
natsume:fine then..if you wont tell me your alice then..
mikan:then what?!
natsume:i'll burn your body alive then.
thats all for now i hope you like it and pls comment!!
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Posted 12/25/08
ok here, chapter 3~~

mikan:what th hell!!!why would i be burnt alive by natsume?!?!?


natsume:its better..u might be alot cuter when your burnt..


camille:maybe your right..


camille:heheh just joking..ok lets continue then...

natsume:i'll burn you alive then.
mikan:a-as if u can do that!!!
natsume:oh..really?wanna try me??

suddenly a ball of fire came out of natsume's left hand

mikan:aa fire!!
natsume:what?not soo tough now??
natsume:why arent you talking anymore?huh?
mikan:g-get away from me!!!(pushes natsume away)
mikan:u know what i bet you dont have a bestfriend!!with your attitude who would want to be your friend!!(runs away)

mikan while running thinking about natsume"who does he think he is?!?!saying hes gonna burn me alive because i wont tell him my alice!!and besides i dont even know whats my alice anyway...he's such spioled brat!!suddenly she saw a blond boy holding a rabbit in his hand standing there...

mikan:hey!!!excuse me!!
ruka:looks at mikan..
mikan:whats your name??
ruka:ahhh in his head(wow she's kinda cute..)
mikan:excuse me!
ruka:ah..my name is ruka...
mikan:wah nice to meet you ruka!!
ruka:ahhh n-nice to meet you too...
mikan:ne ruka can i call u ruka-pyon?
ruka:ahhh why??
mikan:cause its kinda cute!
mikan:ahhh by the way!!where is the waiting room??
ruka:ahh why??
mikan:can u take me there?
ruka:sorry i cant...
ruka:ignores walks toward the forest
mikan:hey wait up!!
ruka:c-can u pls stop following me...
mikan:not until you take me to the waiting room
ruka:so-sorry but i need to do something...
mikan:can u do that later..
mikan:awww pls!!!(puppy dog eye's)
ruka:a sorry(pushes mikan away)

(mikan fell out of balance but got on balance on time but tripped on a rock and fell on top of ruka)


finally their on a position when mikan is on top of ruka and ruka is lying beneath mikan......,suddenly natsume went out of the bushes looking for ruka

natsume:hey ruka(but got shocked when he saw the position of mikan and ruka)

thats all for now :P

hope u like it and pls comment!!!:D

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