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25 / M / Castle In The Sky
Posted 12/22/08 , edited 12/22/08
Hi Everyone I am the Creator of Romance and Comedy Fan Club. You can call me Morrison which is my name or u can call me Morris or Morri nick names by other ppl. Well I am open to new ideas if anyone has. I created this group cus I love how romance and comedy make the greatest combo ever. I noe i'm not the only one who thinks so.


Name ~ Morrison

Nick Names ~ Morri or Morris

Likes ~ Anime <3 who dosn't, reading ( Mangas and Vampire books (TWILIGHT), Sports ( Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, ....) VIDEO GAMES !!!, MUSIC IS AWESOME !!

Dislikes ~ Has none ^__^

Fav Colors ~ Purple, Green, Red, and Blue

Hobbies ~ Drawing, Singing, Stargazing, Sleeping, Spending Time with Family and Friends, and Dreaming <3

Well thats all thats about me for now if u want to get to noe me more u can buddy me i accept all request i love gettign buddies ^___^
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26 / M / Singapore
Posted 12/24/08
Hi I'm a mod of this great and awesome group and I've been a mod here for quite some time. Just call me ermmmm well soulz will do. Or anything you like, I don't really mind.


Name : Soulzkeeper (I know its my username, lazy to say my real name.)

Likes : Anime, Manga, Fatal Frame Series, Sports (Soccer,Tennis,etc), Guitar Hero/Guitar Hero World Tour, Rockband/Rockband 2, Metal Gear Solid Series, Jap Music.

Dislike : Backstabbers and some other things.

Hobbies : Practically like my likes.

Fav Colors : Red, Blue, Green and White.

I'll accept all buddy request but please do chat with me. Every few months I'll remove some buddy who never ever talk to me or practically only add me to have tonnes of buddies. Btw I give out free candy when u buddy me and whenever you want!!!
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26 / M / seat closest to t...
Posted 1/2/09
Hi! Im also a mod of this awesome group. I joined this group because i felt this group was very useful. You may call me by my username or u can call me Von-kun.

Name: Gevonne aka here4uandme

Nicknames: Von, Vonnie, Geo

Likes: Anime, manga, sports, work, friends, food, helping, friendship, games.

Dislikes: Evil teachers (who doesnt), too much homework, and continuous rainy days.

Hobbies: Writing in journal, watching anime, writing books, poetry, drawing, painting, and playing guitar.

Favorite colors: Black, white, red, purple, blue, and green

Well thats all I can say about myself. Since school is closing in on me I will not be as free, so I apologize in advance. If you want to know more about me ask ok? Also im working on a HUGE extension to the list. So far its a total of 145 different animes then what you see on our magnificent list here. I will post it soon. Bye 4 now!
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25 / M / up on the sky loo...
Posted 1/12/09 , edited 5/31/10
hello boys and girls ^^ I am the mod who upgrade the list and look for new animes. But ever since school started I am having abit trouble doing things.. soo yea lol but don't wry once school ended i am going to updated the group more. I've been here since the group was created soo yea lol


Name: Marc or Brian

Likes: food, music gotta love music lol XD, drawing sometime, Video games, and yea thats about it lol XD

Dislike: HOMEWORK!!! ZOMG -_-", School oh yea one of my dislike, show off people, and well I don't know anymore theres to many ^_^"

hobbies: hanging out with friends, playing video games, drawing if I have nothing to do =P, family ofc ^^, and fudge!!!! XD i love fudge XD

Favourite colours: Blue, white, green, red, and Black ^^

If you have any question plz do ask :] okay don't be shy =P or i'll glare at you until you say something Jokes =P
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25 / M / somewhere
Posted 1/19/09
Well since i hardly come here becuz of some things i should do this lol..ok uhmm..Im a mod here becuz i think romance and comedy is the best combination ^^, ive been here ever since this group was created i think..?? lol


Name: Ralph

Likes: Drawing, listening to music ^^, anime, manga, sports, games, sleeping, and yaah

Dislikes: Homework -_-, school -_-, my job -_-, theres more but too lazy to put it down lol

Hobbies: Drawing manga(almost done 1 chapter..finally!), watching anime, and mostly everything in my likes

Favourite Colors: Blue, Green, Black, Red

Well thats all i could say...i tried my best lol k soo uhh as a mod i will help my fellow mod members to make this group more popular than it is ^^
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26 / F / In Your Dreams, B...
Posted 2/18/09
Hi, I'm the newest mod.
Username: Yuki-kyo-kira
Name: Yuki/Togi
Gender: Female
Interests: Reading Manga, Watching Anime, and Writting Stories!
Fav. Colors: Red and Orange
Dislikes: the Light
Loves: Darkness and Romance Stories

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25 / M / The World That Ne...
Posted 2/19/09
Well ummm apparently I'm the newest mod, seeing as how I can edit everyone's post and make alot of drastic changes. I wasn't notified of this, but I'll do my best.
Username: kenjiguy
Name: Kadeesh
Gender: male
Age: 16
Interests: Anime, Manga, Video Games, Soccer and Being Random.
Fav. Color: Green, Red and Black
Dislikes: Homework, Doing Dishes and bright lights(They're really annoying)
Likes: Animals (Except Squirrels -_-), Dim to Dark places, Television and Internet

Yuki-kyo-kira, I guess were similar on our views with light and dark lmao

Oh yeah btw it was a mistake making me a mod then just msg me and you can delete this post (I really don't mind being a mod tho lol)
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22 / M / =.= ....... Can't...
Posted 2/20/09
I've actually been a mod here for a month or two ..... but didn't post here XD
anyway .... I'll complete it 2day :P

Name : Rehan

Gendre: Male

Nick Name : Richie ^.^

Age: I'm 13 ..... almost 14 :P

Likes: Drawing, Manga, Anime, Games, Manga, Music, Sports, Animals =3, Being with friends etc etc

Dislikes: errr i'll have to think about this.....

Fav colour: light and dark blue

Well thats what i got ^.^

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23 / F / Sacrmento
Posted 4/23/09
emm...well i am now a mod!hehe!
nickname:bri bri,bri,blang,banana
likes:i like to draw soo much!on ms paint and paper!i luvs to eat a lot but never get any bigger i wonder why!i also like reading and other things!
dislikes:mean people,bad things that happen to me,rude people
ehehe thats it for now bye!
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F / Mars.... Where el...
Posted 4/23/09
...Well im a mod here =D Im always here to help! I love watching Romance And Comedy Animes! There the best combination! I also read some manga so if u want some of my reccommendation just ask me =D

Name: Maryrose but u can call me Sakura or Mrose

Gender: Female

Likes: Anime,Swimming, Singing, LAughing,drawing,Reading, Shopping!!, Looking at the sky, and anything funn <33

Dislikes: Spiders or anything crawling, Doing the laundry and washing dishes, Anoyying little brothers!!

Fav Colors: Midnight Blue, Light Green, Macaroni Orange, Light purple

Hobbies: Music, Acting, Swimming, Reading, Shopping, daydreaming, drawing in the back of my math notebook

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Posted 11/11/09
Name: Nanami Anenokoji

Nick Name: Nana

Fave Animes:Kodocha and Shugo Chara

Fave Colors:Purple,Red,Green,Blue

I love to read and play sports.I love expressing feeling in song,dance,the piano,and my fan fics.
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23 / M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/11/09
I actually became a mod today (Nov. 11 2009)
I've watched a lot of romantic comedies and other genres of anime so feel free to ask if you need any recommendations

Name ~ Anthony

Nick Names ~ none

Likes ~ Anime, music, tennis, computer, reading, sleeping, and strawberry ice cream

Dislikes ~ homework, tests, school, rudeness, people who cuss constantly

Fav Colors ~ blue

Hobbies ~ playing tennis, reading, sleeping, watching anime, procrastinating <(trying to get rid of this hobby lol)

if you want to know more just look in my profile

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