Miura Haruma Fan Group Rules
Posted 12/22/08 , edited 12/23/08
1. Read the Rules First!!
Please read the rules first. If you're reading this, then good job, your following the rules.

2. Be nice to all members.
Although there haven't been anything wrong among members, I just want to everyone to get along. If you have a problem with what a member has said, please dont use foul language to get your view across.
But if you do have a big problem about a member, please contact one of the mods or even the creater about it and we'll figure something out.

3. Forum posts
Please do not make a forum that has already been made. If you do, it will be deleted so please dont try and make it again.
Unless posted by the creater or mods, do not create a non Haruma related post ...

4. Quoting in Forums
Please just quote the last quote of the person you are quoting. the forums get too long when only two people are having a longgg conversation.
So please only quote the last quote.

5. Uploading Pictures
Please no repeats on pictures. If you do repeat a picture, it will be deleted so please don't feel bad.
Picture repeat should only be happening if the picuture were to be of higher quality...

Thats it for the Rules. might come back with more.

Enjoy ^^

ps: Dont forget to have fun..

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