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Posted 5/5/11

Morbidhanson wrote:

I didn't list any changes, I just posted things I liked and disliked.

Now here are changes I would like to see:
-Reduce the control cost of Roaches to 1. Seriously, what's up with SC2? I hardly see units that cost 1 psi/supply/control anymore. Increasing the control cost of Zerg units too much wrecks their economy and weakens their forces by forcing the player to build extra Overlords (which don't even detect anymore...).

-Reduced cost or increased stats for Hydralisks. They cost 25 more minerals and double the gas and control cost for only 2 damage? They also got moved up a tier and no longer have a speed upgrade. Hydralisks right now are horrible. They need reduced cost or increased effectiveness. They are so sluggish and terrible off creep...I'd suggest increasing their HP to 90 and slightly raising their movespeed. +.25 should be okay. +1 more damage might be viable as well. They are simply so bad right now compared to SC1 Hydralisks, both overcosted and ineffective. I daresay they are the worst units in the game right now for their cost.

-Weaken Marauders or increase their cost and/or build time and the cost of Concussive Shells. 50 gas and 50 minerals for the shells is ridiculous. It should be at least 100 gas and 100 minerals. Increasing the build time of Marauders by 5 seconds and decrease their range to 5. An added mineral and/or gas cost may or may not be necessary.

-Increase cost and build time of Siege Tanks. I understand that tanks are supposed to be powerful, but as of now they provide far too much map control and flexibility for their cost. Their mineral and gas costs should be raised by 25 each and their build time increased by 5 seconds, for starters.

-Increase the energy usage of Chrono Boost by 5 or even 10. I am a Protoss player, and I believe this skill is a bit too good right now, especially if one controls multiple expansions.

-Increase the range of Archons to 3, increase their attack speed by 20%, and increase their damage to 35+5 vs biological so that it is more consistent. Archons, like Hydralisks, are currently too expensive for their lousy performance in battle. Giving them abilities such as Maelstrom could be worth considering as well.

-Increase Battlecruiser damage vs air and ground by +1 each. They are very expensive, high tier units, and this would make them better worth the cost as combat units. Carriers are much more economical as attack units than Battlecruisers without Yamato Cannon.

-Increase the range of Immortals from 5 to 6. I find it stupid how almost every ranged armored ground unit outranges the Immortal, which is supposed to be their counter. Granted, the Immortal is still a solid counter, but a slight range buff will help keep it from taking important hits to the shield unnecessarily, especially from smaller units. The Immortal only deals 20 damage per attack against non-armored units, after all, and its attack speed isn't exactly great.

-Remove the Phoenix's damage bonus and make the damage a consistent 7 per shot. Almost all aerial units are armored, making the Phoenix an inferior choice against most fighting air units and almost useless against heavily armored capital ships. I only build Phoenixes if the enemy has air units that can't hit air, or if the enemy is massing Mutalisks.

-Reduce Void Ray damage by 1 during all stages of its attack 'charging.' The Void Ray is slightly too powerful right now, able to melt through all its counters with ease if produced in sufficient numbers.

-Bring back Scourge for Zerg. As of now, they desperately need a reliable anti-air unit that is easier to get than the Corrupter and more mobile than the Hydralisk to chase and eliminate fliers such as Banshees and Void Rays.

-Reduce the Zealot's Charge skill cost to 150 minerals and 150 gas. 200 minerals and gas is extremely overpriced, and I find that Blink is more useful.

-Reduce the upgrade cost for Observers. Come on, they are already 50 minerals and 100 gas each. They're not exactly spammable units, nor is there a reason to produce more than a few of them each game, so why is the cost for upgrading them so steep?

-Allow ground weapon upgrades for all races to affect their defensive structures as well.

-Reduce the cost of Plasma Shield upgrades to make them the same as armor upgrades. I find that almost no player purchases them due to their cost. Shields take full damage from all attacks, so why does upgrading shields cost more than upgrading armor if it's less useful? I know shields affect all Protoss buildings and units, but even with this in mind, Plasma Shield upgrades are, nonetheless, still heavily overpriced.

-Increase the attack speed upgrade of Zerglings to 30% from 20%. They were originally 40% in SC1. Halving the bonus was uncalled for. 20% attack speed boost is pretty small.

-Give Ghosts Ocular Implants (researched at Ghost Academy) to increase their attack range by +1 and sight range by +2. They are snipers, yet they have the same range as a Marauder and fire pretty slowly. Ocular Implants will help the expensive Ghosts stay out of harm's way while allowing them to still contribute to the battle by doing things other than casting their abilities.

-Double the building time and slightly increase cost for Nukes, but slightly increase the radius of the blast.

-Return Lurkers to the game. Lurkers will be very useful against massed light units that tend to appear now, and will allow Zerg to have access to a better siege unit than the Brood Lord if the Seismic Spines upgrade is also included (+3 Lurker attack range). The upgrade should cost at least 100 minerals and 100 gas.

I know what you mean, how could they have screwed up a sequel so bad? XD
Zerg isnt impossible to use, but if you don't pay attention for even a second, you'll be at a dissadvantage (crapload of multi tasking -.-)
Terrans just rush MMMs and the game is usually over. (Fast reapers usually are annoying...)

I usually stick to custom maps or vs AI till all the shinanigans are over lol.
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Posted 5/15/11
I'm loving SC2. It was worth the $60 price tag when it first came out. The campaign was great!

I play Protoss, but I don't do 1v1s a whole lot. I'm not very good, but my friend and I managed to squeeze into Gold League in 2v2 =)
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